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200% Density Water Wave 26inch 4*4 Lace closure Wig

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Hey, let's go freedom nah, but like she's, like really freaking cool, hey guys, I received a package from bgm girls and it's a hair package, of course - and I am so excited about this because on the airtime, no, I get some accessories with it. So this is to go flower Stingray, no, no longer people's birthday and the photo shoot after that and um the card Menace the upon it long to screenshot it. If you want it answer them. Give me a green color day. The brush for your edges, yeah, brush, comfy, edges and also one wig cap, when you could give me two minutes like all right, the air is a wig and I'm so excited because they raised a 200 density, 200 density water wave here. This is the texture and 26 inch 200 in Steel. This is what we are with for a long time, sick here we're almost the density. We mean the thickness of the hair and trust me long time away upon this. So, as we say, it's water wave, the length is 26 inches and look at those curls already. This is literally how it come straight out of the package. Look at the curl pattern shows the lace, so this is a four by four lace. Guys like look at this and by the way, Mega Senator fetish for beauty fetish. My Instagram photo, obviously because you know she angle of the Year romantic Cinema, Combs and also it's something for peanuts. We don't know where that name. Look! Look at buddy! Look up! Oh, my God, look at the curls all right get into it, so I'm gon na catch on my ear. Obviously, can you know me lazy man, hey, hey, hey, move fire big leg, so um come back from traditional and this is how it's looking. I do. A center part, and also the baby hairs are now cut, so I may have to do now. Go do no glue glue, don't look! Okay! Oh my God! Clueless look! So this we just need for cut off the list. Thank you, beautiful Jesus. You never come to the rescue. So no, oh, my god, look how thick it's women never even believe. We never believed to say they're gon na really take like 200 density. Trust me. Royalty they've never lie Panda. When I got somebody, that's my name earphones, you know, but this could believe it like look how much here it's so thick voluptuous, it's giving buddy. So I remember this is finish cutting and this is what it's looking like slap it down, but look Jesus. Look how much in here that's something like it. I love some people. Some little teen areas see like how big I make them under nobody, and I, like that, um what I hear you're really thick for true clip it back, I'm ready for doodle. Oh no! I know that somebody take some concealer and just oh another angle, brush I'm a makeup to them and just do the most people haven't seen people find YouTube. You say my God follow um put the concealer for blend in the layers to your scalp. You really can't even see right there, so looking at the mirror, looking at the mirror, looking at the mirror and for now I wonder what I might, if I'm a fears before it, don't worry about it. Somebody licked me all right number forward, anyways, I'm gon na finish with that, because I did find the part a little bit more jam. It jacket, Juke it. I are one minute: oh mother, narrow before me lotion as always, and also they here, we call it the edge brush glue it down. So let's just take some foamy lotion. I read our mousse, whichever them call it. I just tell the baby here: it's quick swoop. It as Mr Beauty fetish already pre-do it for me, because I'm saying it's where of course, Shadow guard pan here, Elena girl, I should not listen anyway, so take some leave. Show me something mushrooms, Argan Oil leave in conditioner, hey, it's like not leaving condition. I know in there a watermel full of Indiana table living conditioner that run a long time, so there's water in there anyway, so I'm gon na go wet it and Toad is here, is so thick I'm full about it like I had to do this in sections. Like four sections Kentucky but yeah brush through um wet it Crush my color, not crushing me. I do crunchy what put some more of the the moose in it a moose yeah but yeah, I'm gon na. Do it, and I said, oh, my god, look on them juicy curly. Do it in a sections make sure everything wet so we can Define the curls in this wig as it's so thick. The flat iron is not on. She is very light, meaning for sure. Okay, let me add the something again. Look. Look up buddy, look at the curls close up. Look at somebody puncher up in our Ferry. I won't really um somebody punched me for you. Look at the curls like what I don't know thin hair around here when I deal with that. So when I do with light company M girls, this here is amazing. Y'All set me up foreign, this nice hey. So I really love this here. As I say, it's a 5x5 closure water wave, 26 inches and it's 200 density. Bye love! You hey! Let'S go freedom! Freedom, what bye have a great time

Titanya Thompson: I absolutely love this wig, the density, the curl pattern it's giving exactly what it's supposed to give.

Ammorian.n: Girl this 200% density hair is giving me life , looks really good on you, I love this ❤️

Annica Stewart: This hair is giving everything that it is suppose to be giving…it’s bouncy, it’s full…it looks lovely on you ♥️♥️♥️ that density plus the curls

Mia Don: I love how easy it is to install definitely beginner friendly❤️ love it!

Diamond Bailey: Serving EVERYTHING!!!! Love this hair review and the hair looks amazing on you

Yanieki: Love how easy the installation process looks or Atleast beginners friendly ❤️

Alicia Amor: It’s always the voice overs for me love the curl pattern of this hair and the fullness is definitely giving 200%. Love it baby hair was giving…

Kyra Mills: Love this hair it’s full and fits you well love when you do wig reviews. Very honest and reliable ❤️

Trudy-Ann Bailey: The curl pattern is amazing! I love how you do your reviews, makes me wanna buy it! Density A++ and looks true to it

Meg Vaccianna: This hair looks amazing❤️❤️, the body on this wig is heavenly not to mention the waves10/10. Your prevention of the wig was phenomenal, made me wonna go purchase it right away ❤️❤️

Island Girl Ken: This 200% density is giving me life I love the fact that it is so thick and fully of body ❤️❤️

Bella Wil: Absolutely love this hair and patiently waiting for patio part 3

alayha hylton: This is one of the best installs you have done ❤️

Kristal Chambers: The curl pattern is everything tbh you angle this !

iamkristina._: Im in loveee with the curls and how long it is. And additionally its so thick. I can see this hair is of great quality and you advertised it well. A chance to rock it would be fab.

Quinn Nyra: I'm in love with this wig ❤️.. I'll definitely be purchasing one

Jonnise Richards: I really enjoy watching your videos the hair density and curls is everything

Moesha Nelson: One thing for sure and two things for certain, your reviews are 100% accurate

Jada Beauty Lifestyle: This wig is amazing, I love it


natasha thorpe: The presentation is everything. Talk about the density of this baby. I'd love the chance to rock this baby ❤❤❤. You did a superb job with this vlog.

Mon Mon: Your videos literally taught me how to install my wigs and where i can also purchase them love your fits btw ....200% Now thats thick...#fluffy

lamoya rose: is it me or every time she does a wig review she makes it look so flawless❤ so girl fi wear wig, wig no fi wear girl

Orneilla Stewart: If i love your content one more time.. The hair is so nice and fluffy definitely 200% density.. I love the fact that you can help your self with everything you really nuh need people to do much for you keep it up my role model

Daneal Garnette: Always come on your page to get outfit inspos and when am sad just to get a lil laughter. You are absolutely the bomb Chinee. The hair is giving what it's meant to give

Oniela Bogle: This density is giving what its suppose to love love this hair on you❤❤

McLean Daesha: This wig is nice and it fits you as well ❤. It also looks good in its natural state that it comes in , and it also looks good when you apply water to it. And I also like the fact that it has body .

Marlena Lloyd: I loveeeeeee this, the quality is bomb and so full Any wig you wear fits you!!

Thando Lee: Lol it’s the voice over for me! I can actually watch the entire video and not get bored. Love this wig! Quality looks great ‍♀️

The Elle Effect: Every hairstyle you do it’s amazing , love love love you in braiding styles but I love how you look in wigs too definitely can’t choose.

Khalilah Scott: I bought Brazilian water wave once. I was traumatized damn thing was so knotted after a few wears. But this … talk about faith restored lol. Chenel you’re beautiful!❤

Sherona Latoy: Wow beautiful wig .. I love this hair Quality on point, well bouncy and at 200% density love it Then girl you slayed it .. hair look very nice

Ammorian.n: I love the thickness of the wig and shedding don’t even look like something that’s persistent with this wig, they told no lies with this

Jessica Grant: This hair is everything girl it’s giving life, while you add life to it ❤️❤️.

Authentically Angie: One thing Chinee put effort in all her videos and I really love that…..❤️❤️

dxniesha: The hair is full and the curls are beautiful

Akeyra Bailey: This wig is giving soft life❤❤❤ . This wig is everything . It's definitely worth the wait .

Brittany Gayle: Looks thick and full❤️ Would definitely love to win it

Islandbabe Yashii: it’s giving chine I love how it’s beginner friendly and easily installed. You so damn beautiful #MiWahWinTheWig Girl we need an update on that patio

Jada Ferguson: Once is a wig video…I’m gonna be here for it. Love these ❤️ leave it to Chinee to make me want to buy all the wigs

Tee Buzz Vlogs: this looks so good on you

dimpless: Love the hair and the quality is everything ❤

Diandra Bennett: Your personality is everything!!! The hair is amazingg

ASipof Mari: Love the hair!!! As always

Brown the Brownie: This wig look so beautiful, i like the curl pattern and fullness of it. I surely enjoy watching your videos❤

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love this hair! Density looks amazing! Looks thick Praying I win❤️

Queen Laceyy: This hair is everything girll ♥️ one thing ur hair Videos are always giving

Ahri-Yell: Thanks for this cause some of these pages do lie but this wig is definitely it. ❤️❤️

Christina Daley : I personally love this curl pattern on u well thick and nice✅ True to length compared to others that I’ve seen. Yu angle triangle the install. Nobody cyaa tell yu Ano yu real hair diss

lyfe with azima: I absolutely love this look

Lorniel Prescott: Definitely giving “body oody oody oody” and the fact that it’s glueless and went on that easily? A+++++

Tamika Jolly: Found one video and became stuck!! Thanks for lightening moods and days This hair is bomb!!! I definitely need a learn to put on my own hair- this hairdresser thing for wigs ain’t working well with my pocketo man

Jay S: The density is everything! Let me go add it to my cart right neeooww!!! ‍♀️‍

Tashalee: This hair is everything ❤

I am Ophelia: The fact seh Chinnee doesn’t have on any make up and she looks sooooo amazing. The wig look good on you

Kash: always reviewing the high quality wigs

Shellion Griffiths: The thickness is everything and it looks natural

Kimel’s Journey: this wig is so pretty!

Trissy Says: Its such a beautiful unit! Your personality makes everything even more exciting enuh

Racine Hamilton: Packaging sooo cute…with the 200% density's giving quality, body-adddy-addy & voluptuous curls..and yuh angle triangle the demonstration…keep it up

Gabrielle Lynch: "Jam it, jook it, jeck it!" Lol mi cyah bada! Always vibes with you voice overs but watching you install your wigs is so satifisfying. Fashion stylist and hairstylist yessss I'm all for itafter watching you always mek mi feel like mi can do anybody wig inna Jamaica

Shantee Reid: Really love watching your videos nuh matter if a vlog , hair review you name it , it’s always exciting to watch

It's me, tia: this hair density is top tier

Liyah Orange: found you through the patio makeover and you’re easily my new favorite youtuber whole week i binging these videos

Monii Boo: I live for your wig videos girl look at that density ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Shantel Steadman: Look at body, look at curls!! Love love love it! Nuff fluffy hair fit cute face girls & u rocked it! ❤️

Georgia: This is one of the best wigs I've ever seen ❤❤ this slayeeddd ♥️♥️

𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐃𝐈𝐄𝐃𝐑𝐄: The density don’t disappoint at all the straight one density did nice to‼️❤️

Shantalselena: Always serving and I’m here for it all❤️

Brittany Gayle: Love Love Love! ❤️ You look good in anything. I’d love to get the opportunity to win this wig *fingers crossed ❤️

Sherona Latoy: Love this wig, it’s gorgeous.. like wow and look at the body .. the hair thick and is very nice ..

Christella Watson: I'm enjoying these hair vidoes from the other day❤ Just love how you still make them fun and enjoyable ❤ Love and appreciate them cause mi waah stop guh hairstylist and save some money

kimeko2012: Catching up on your last three videos think this 1 is my favourite hair. It’s the volume for me! ... low-key waiting for the update for the patio (where’s part 3 ?)

Renee Robinson: Love this hair, look really good on you

Keithra Gibson: This wig is very full the quality is amazing i love it and its 200% density to ‍top tier

Michalee Williams: I love this hair. So beautiful

Marion Whyte: This wig is giving life ❤️

shanii mobz: Never disappoint ❤love it And it fits you well

Vanessa Brown: The haiiiir is giving what it’s supposed to be giving sis ! PS: YOU MADE IT 100% MORE PRESENTABLE

Julienne Hall: This hair is everything on you!

Golden krissy: I love this hair, and it's giving what it suppose to give.❤❤❤❤

Sham Denz: The hair looks really nice❤❤‍♀️

Qveen Shan: It’s giving what it’s suppose to give love everything about it

Shauntae Campbell: This wig is everything

life with micky: This wig is so nice

Cody surag: I love this hair on you it’s very much giving ❤️❤️And the quality it so good ❤️❤️❤️

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