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This is my official everyday wig! Try the liner hack and let me know how it works.

Wig Name : Hyperrealism Kinky Edge HD Lace Frontal Ventilated Wig

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Get this same lightweight brow pen and I Freckle the hairline. What'S going to happen? Is it's going to blur that line between the lace and your hair hi everyone? I am back with what I hope is gon na be a good one, because kinky edges wigs they're on Trend right now. They are trending hard and I had some reservations when I like hair wanted to sponsor this wig, because the hairline is Kinky Curly, the hair itself is kinky straight. Basically, it looks like a sweated out, silk press, but I have hope that I'm gon na make something beautiful happen. I'Ve seen some people look really good with this, and I have played with this idea or concept before, but not with straight hair, so the wig itself and I'm gon na need a mannequin. This one comes pre-parted down the middle, I'm Gon na Keep the middle part. I want that supermodel straight look and you will see when I put it on that the hairline comes forward a bit. So if you have a low hairline, that's perfect for you and if you're just like me, you know you can always cut it to customize and work with your hair flip it over, and I've already bleached the knots I'm going to go over that with you. I have so much parting space, it's one of those true 13x4 units, because you can actually go back here. You don't have that little piece of hairline only on the sides. So there's a lot. You can do here lots of room to work with a comb in the front Combs on each side, a comb in the back, because they're not right on the hairline. I don't feel like. I need to cut them I'll, just leave them right there and a place for the adjustable elastic band. This is the elastic band, I'll use it. If I need it, and everything comes in this super cute drawstring bag. It'S perfect for travel, perfect for storing your wig, and I have let's see I am what you have been waiting for. I am this card is actually for customers, you can uh, take a selfie and they'll, give you a discount, or whatever I have an even better discount down in the description box for Black Friday, so definitely check it out and we'll talk about that more later, but Also inside the bag, I have wig caps. I also have a comb. I'M gon na need that for styling and a cute little toiletries bag. I love it and they also sent some hair clips edges brush and a little frosted hair clip that says I like on it. So let's go through the process. I started by bleaching the knots using Simone cherise's tutorial because I am so clueless when it comes to these things and it was very helpful, I'll link it down below and basically you have to make sure that the bleach and developer are thick like toothpaste and don't Apply too much pressure when applying the mixture on so that you can avoid hot Roots, you don't want to have Amber roots and black hair. Unlike her tutorial, I have my wig curving outward and around the mannequin to make things easier for me and I'm gently applying the mixture and maintaining a steady hand, so that nothing seeps through bleaching. The knots, especially around the hairline is going to make the wig look more natural, and I honestly do not remember how long it took to process the knots but I'll say about 20 minutes max anyway. It'S time to wash this out, and one thing I cannot stand is brassy knots, so I decided to use a violet toner to neutralize the color and improve the makeup application for when I wear the wig. So here we are uh. I'M gon na use the Wonder, lace, Bond, adhesive spray and it's going to behave like a primer for my makeup and I'm using my Fenty 450 powder just tap it all in. We are good and tinted and I'm gon na flip over. Let me go ahead and put this on and I'm gon na probably need to clip the hair back, so I can see properly. This is what I was talking about when I was saying it has a low hairline. You can see it comes forward quite a bit. This is gon na have to go back a bit. I'M gon na use some mousse and it's gon na help me out a little bit small amount and I do have some chalk, so I'm just gon na mark it to remind me of where I need to cut, looks like it comes far. Even here. It comes far so I'm gon na have to cut this out and make it so that it comes around my ear and really it shouldn't matter too much, because it's literally right here by The Sideburns, you can mess this up and still have a good wig experience. Now, if you mess up up here, you know where people are going to actually see that might be a problem, but with kinky uh edges, wigs, it's not too big of a deal because you can always blend it out with your edges. I'Ve done the ear tabs and now I'm just going to cut the rest of the lace. I'M going to take this off. You guys win points, because this actually looks really good. I really like the density of the ventilation in the middle part, because sometimes the wig looks too Wiggy when it's so thick, starting at the hairline. I don't like that at all. My natural hairline is thin compared to the rest of my hair, and I prefer that with a wig. So that's one less thing. I have to worry about no plucking or any of that nonsense. It looks hyper realistic, like they say, and I like that, and this is the side can we can we can we appreciate this? Can we appreciate the gluelessness of it all like seriously guys I'm gon na get some moose on here and brush it out, so that it's a little bit more? That'S a lot! That'S too much, but that's okay, because I'm straightening the hair it's good for now, but I need to straighten this hair and I'm going to section It Off. Thank you. Thank you. Foreign I've already pinned one side. I'M going to go ahead and pin the other side grab a bobby, pin and stick it under there. That'S going to keep things down and I'm just going to comb the hair out, because it's a bit long and trim it back a bit all right. So what usually happens with this situation, even though it's pinned down is you might see the edges of the lace, and we don't want that. So I grabbed one of these. What is this? The Nyx eyebrow brow tint pen, it's not like an eyeliner which is striking. It'S very faint - and this is in the color black black or gray. Black will work. That'S what I use on my eyebrows and just kind of tap it in to add more Darkness to the Sideburn area, which is kind of how my sideburns are. My sideburns are darker than the rest of my hairline, so this is perfect in terms of trying to make things more natural, and you can also add some back here. What'S going to happen, is it's going to blur that line between the lace and your hair, and you won't be able to tell the difference so much so I'm gon na do this side as well just tap it in this is what we're looking like and just Right above because there is a little bit of a gap, I'm gon na use some got to be glued and just right here, press it in okay. So basically I am done and the last thing I do - and I do this in the mirror, because uh I can't do this in front of the camera, but I get this same lightweight brow pen and I Freckle the hairline right where the demarcation line is that Way, you can't really tell it creates this optical illusion. I'Ve just put little dots like and then tap tap tap tap tap and then it looks so much better. It'S hard to tell where the line is, and that's all here. I have this simple basic, not trying too hard look and my wig is not flapping everything looks natural perfect. I try not to flat iron it too sleek, so that you know the kinky edges would kind of go with the hair I'm done here. This is it for me. I like a simple look. You can do like a half up half down situation or tie your hair up if you're one of those people. I am not one of those people I like to keep it basic on and off every single day with my wigs, but I have seen some really nice tutorials by other YouTubers, who have had wigs like this, and they did the half up half down thing. It'S gorgeous gorgeous. You should definitely check them out I'll link a couple down in my description box and I'm also going to link down my coupon for I, like hair. They have a sale right now for Black Friday. Everybody has one and my discount is bigger than any discount out there, so definitely check out the description box. Thank you so much for watching. As always, and I will catch up with you soon.

Coily Diaries: Wow! Kinky edges? Must have been living under a rock to not know this! Love it!

MekaHall1078: Love this wig and you are Beautiful! ❤❤❤❤❤

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