#Elfinhair Review Details Installing Ginger Color Wig! 13X4 Lace Wig Beginner Friendly

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Hello, everyone welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, Shan and today I'm coming back with another Vlog. This Vlog is gon na, be all over the place because in the last month December and as well as this month January, I've been doing I've been vlogging sporadically. So I'm gon na have a bit of clips from everything. That'S why it's not a weekly Vlog, it's uh just a vlog, but I really hope you enjoyed this video. I look crazy right now because I'm about to install this hair, but hopefully by the time I'm done - I'm gon na look good. I wanted to try this color. This hair was actually gifted to me from elephant hair. I'M gon na have all the details of the wig and everything in the in the description box so yeah. If you're new to my Channel, please remember to subscribe and watch my other videos. I make a lot of Lifestyle, content, Beauty, content and just different things with that being said, let's get into the installation. This is not a tutorial um, like literally a beginner when it comes to installing wigs. So I'm not going to be speaking but you're, just gon na see how I'm gon na go from Zero to Hero, we hope and yeah. Let'S get into this installation everybody please thank you so um this is the big reveal. The edges have been done. Hair done. Let me just I have my hot comb just to like really flatten out the top and it's been heating up, so I feel like it'll, be good um. When I started the lace was looking kind of scary. I feel like this wig has like really thick lace for some reason, but I did finesse it and as much as I could, I finished it and tried to get it to my complexion, Purp um, so I'm going to dress up get ready to go. I have like a family thing that I'm going to as I'm changing. I do want to insert some footage of me in December, like really late December, when I actually want gorilla trekking, it was so fun so fun. So I do want to insert those clips here while I'm changing so go ahead and watch that

Wellness By Maami: You look absolutely gorgeous This is to encourage anyone out there going through any form of life challenges You are not alone The universe is rooting for you I am rooting for you The rainbow will smile on you soonest Keep staying strong Is all love from here My warm hugs to you ❤ Remain Bless Peace #wellnessbymaami

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