Worth $100? Mermaze Mermaidz Salon & Spa Playset Review!

Hey hey! This was a impulse buy! Say it with me now! Anyways, today we’re looking at probably the coolest doll playset from 2022. The fish girls really ate with this one.

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Okay, oh this is not a smart idea, guys, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. The audio is going to be very messy for this first portion of the video but anyways guys today we're going to be looking at the mermaids and mermaids fashion, cool color change salon. Now I found this at Walmart today it was 98, it's very expensive, and I was very intrigued by it because I haven't really seen anyone review it yet and I love playsets I'm a place at. I also bought it because it reminded me of the Monster High hydration station that came out like 12 11 years ago, so it's my time to shine. It'S really really big, though guys. This box is like 10 pounds, I believe, but it feels like 20, but then again guys. I have noodle arms so like everything's, very heavy to me so um yeah, but guys before we get into the mermaids color change Salon. Let me roll my intro real quickly and we get started be who you are no there's not gon na, be any zumba's, I'm sorry, but hi, okay, guys so we're looking at the salon today. This is a massive playset. I am going to do the Box portion on the floor. Then we're gon na move it to my little table and look at it in depth. I guess you know what I'm saying but anyways. As I mentioned earlier, I got this at Walmart today it was 98. It is really big: it's the first big playset for mermaids mermaids. They did come out with the color change car earlier this year. I do have that and I have the winter waves mermaids dolls that MGA sent me like a while ago. I feel like it was August or September. I actually got those, but I wanted to review them in winter time so expect those reviews in December. But for this I was really intrigued by it. I needed to review like ASAP, because this is so cool. Is it a little overpriced? Yes, I'm excited to see how it's going to work so, like I mentioned earlier in the middle, it's kind of like a Hydration Station kind of setup, so it's gon na have Bubbles and lights over here, it's just a tub. So your doll can chill in there and you know, color change and also you can actually fill this whole tank with water and do the color change in there as well. But if you just do the bubbles, your doll won't be wet. So I think that's actually pretty cool and I guess there's a shower that actually works. If it's anything like the rainbow high one, it's probably not going to work, but on the top it says mermaids, mermaids and it says it in a bunch of different languages. Right here it comes with 19 accessories and on the bottom you can see. Shikoshi is just vibing down there she's trying to sit because, like we all know, mermaid dolls can't say which I still want them to fix. On the side, you can see that picture of kashiko again just vibing at the station and then right here we have some more shots from the little pool and Salon this girl's new. We haven't seen her. We haven't even gotten the leaks for this girl. Actually, she's really really pretty. It looks like she's going for a spa or a slumber party line, so very excited for her to come out because she is gorgeous and it says we're gon na need four double a batteries and if you are looking for this set here is a park code. I am dying right now because this is super heavy okay, guys now that we pretty much looked at the box, it's time to get the salon and spa set out of its box and yeah. Do I have space for this? Probably not, but I'm probably gon na. Try to using it for other dolls, let's get this open and see if it's worth 100 dollars, foreign, okay guys. So I finally assembled everything I love how Cleo's, just in the background like looking like a ghost but anyways guys, it was kind of difficult to build, but then again it's because I have all these studio lights and everything and I have such crowded space at the Moment so uh it'll probably be easier for you. Before we move on to the big playset, I'm going to show you every little individual thing this came with, then we can move on to the big guys. So let me move this off my desk and let's look at the Small Things. What'S everyone doing so the first item we're going to be looking at is this weird face mask it is made of a fabric material. It almost kind of feels like a cotton ball, but not really, and in the same bag was this little towel. It has a rainbow ombre on it and it also has an embroidered M for mermaids mermaids, and that is purple. Next is the accessory card. There'S a total of 17 accessories and this little plastic tray itself. So let me open it and we can look at all of them. The first accessory is this a little eyeshadow palette. It is a silver color. It says mermaid Madre, it says mermaids on it, along with an m and a painted pink triangle and there's just another M on the back. It does open to reveal for a little shades of eyeshadow and the sticker is holographic and there is a mirror - and you can kind of see me in it. Next we have a pink Drink. It'S in this very interesting little glass made of a transparent, pink plastic inside it kind of looks like yogurt or a smoothie in a way it's purple and has some pink chunks in it, along with a yellow, lemon slice. The next drink is in this clear cup and you can see kind of the liquids in it pink and it has some white ice cubes in it, a purple straw and an orange honestly. The ice cubes in this kind of look like cheese, so um. It'S kind of not appetizing to look at by the way this drink actually has a little nub for the doll's thumb. Next, we get this wide tooth comb, it's silver and it has mermaids on the top our next accessory. Is this loafer? It'S on a stick. Of course it's a silver base and it has a purple loaf on it. Next we have a handheld little comb, it's white and it has an M for mermaid kind of looks like the one that aura came with, and it does actually have some bristles next. We have this bottle of lotion, it is a pink bottle and it has a silver cap. Next we have what seems to be shampoo, it's in a transparent, pink bottle, and it looks very geometric and it also kind of looks like there is liquid inside of it. Judging by the little sparkles that they added in it, I think that's actually a really cool detail that they did now. I don't know what this is. I think it's supposed to be like one of those Dyson like hair blow dryers. I don't know it's kind of funky, but it's you know silver and it has a m from her maze. Top is pink and it's a triangle. The next item we have is this hair crimper. I think this is super cute. It'S a silver color. By the way, this is my favorite accessory pair of scissors and they're silver and they actually open. So you can actually pretend you're cutting things. Next, we have this makeup brush, it is pink, it has purple bristles and some silver right here. Next, we have this jar and it is pink, it has a silver lid and it does open. Next we have a lipstick, it has a silver bottom and a light pink top and it does open to reveal a pink lipstick. Next, we have the mascara, it has a hot, pink bottom and a light pink top and it does open. We have a nail polish, it's in a clear tube and again it has that Glitter in there it's over top and it does open to reveal some pink nail. Polish and our last accessory is this tube and it looks like it's supposed to be lip gloss and it does open to reveal its little applicator. All in all, I think the accessories it came with are super cute, and I can't wait to put these into the salon. Okay guys so now we're going to look at the playset fully. This is pretty heavy, and especially once you add water to it, it's just gon na get a lot more heavier so make sure you find the spot you want this to be in and it should be fine now. One thing I am going to warn you about is storing water. In this I have the Laguna Hydration Station. My think, a lot of us did - and I noticed when I kept water into the glass gimmicky thing where the motor runs it kind of just like deteriorated. The motor I mean over time the motor is gon na just give out eventually and then the lights will only work. But for the moment, if you want your little station to look really nice, I would just dump the water out every time you're done using it. Rather than keeping the water into its little case now you could do it for the top portion, but then that would mean you would want your doll to be completely wet all the time, which would not be a good thing. That'S just my food for thought. Now. I don't have the exact measurements on me, but I will be putting them on the screen right here, not gon na lie. I expected this to be a lot bigger, but it is actually a perfect size and I'm not mad at it. I don't know where I'm gon na put it, but I am very happy that I have it but anyways, let's start from corner to corner because there's a lot to cover here, so we're going to start with the shower side. It has this clear, transparent, hot, pink plastic that is pointing upward and that kind of frames this entire wall and on the inside for the physical wall. It is purple and it has a three-dimensional kind of star print all around it honestly, this place. It really reminds me of that original brat salon, one playset that came out in the 2000s. I think it was 2002, don't quote me, but it is a very, very cute. It also kind of reminds me of the snow Lounge that came out from Moxie girls and there's also this little cutout right here, which is another sink on the back now, if you want the shower to work, they want you to pour water into here until it Fills up the little tube and then this button will spray it out. I'M going to show you how that works after I just wanted to mention it now, by the way, there's nothing on the back. It'S just purple, as I mentioned, because this is a shower. There is this really nice chromed out shower head, really really nice and it will spray water out. It has four actual holes. Now when I have the rainbow High House, mine never worked, so I had to get a replacement from MGA and that one did work. A little better, but I'm not sure if this one's going to do the same, and it is pretty much connected to this clear tube that goes all the way down, and that is how you're going to spray water out at your doll, there's also a chromed out. Little holder up here, so you can just snap it back in if we move down here, is what's supposed to look like when you're. Turning on your faucet and there's also another clip right here in case, you wanted to put the shower head down there like. So I think, that's cool to give you options, but the tube is always going to be in the way. There'S no, really hiding it and if you do put it behind here, it's kind of just going to make the bowl look a little weird. So I'm definitely going to keep this on the top. It also has a light purple border down here now. This is the tub that this small comes with. It is made of a clear, transparent plastic. It has a light blue tint to it to look like a pool, and it's kind of reminding me of the rainbow high pool that came out earlier this year. I do have a review on that by the way and I'll link it down below. If I remember, this isn't obviously necessary, if you don't want it in your display - and this looks like it will comfortably fit one doll and it depends on their fin size, because the mermaid dolls have different fins and all that jazz. You never know which one's not going to fit. Now we have to move on to the little tank in the center, I'm calling it The Hydration Station, because that is what it is. Basically, it's just mga's version and it's not like the Monster High one that had a lid right here that opens so you could put your doll inside instead, it's just one whole chamber, so the plastic here is clear, but on the sides here you can see it Has some holographic little glitter streaks all around and then the back panel is clear again and it has an M for mermaids. This comes off kind of flexible, so that's good and it is just hot, pink and translucent, and it just goes on the top. If I lift it more, it says mermaids mermaids in the center and on the bottom, you can see where all the lights and motors are gon na, be I'm very excited to see what this is going to look like with dolls in it. Of course, I'm gon na put some mermaids dolls in this, so just stay tuned. So now, if we move on to the salon section of this playset, it kind of is almost like a separate piece. It'S like a little vanity. It is mainly a purple plastic and it has a little fake sink right here, along with a chromed out faucet. This does not spray water, it's just for decoration. There is a real mirror and you can actually see me through it. So um hi it has a darker transparent purple around it, which is a cool contrast for these and then on the side. There is a chromed out towel hanger, where you could put that towel. I mentioned earlier and then right here we have kind of a two in one kind of thing, so this is where you're gon na house all the accessories that it came with. It has two shells right here that do actually come out and you could put them back in Easy Peasy. The shelves are made of a hot, pink, transparent plastic. Now this this also works. As a chair for your mermaid's doll. Now you may be wondering Jay. How are they going to sit if they can barely sit in general good question? So, as you can see here, there is a clip right here and this transparent thing right here. This slips up to kind of be the back of the chair, and then this down here is where you're going to put the mermaids - I guess ankles if they had one and they kind of just lean on it, it's kind of funky but um. I guess it works for what it's supposed to be. The last thing really to look at is the hair dryer. Now this is a light pink piece of plastic and it does actually Bend all the way around and spin. It is great, so you can actually pose it and put it over your mermaid's doll's head now. This part right here does come off and it also works as the funnel, which I thought was really creative, but before we do that, it's a transparent, geometric, hair dryer and it has some embedded glitter in there pop it off from here. As you can see, there is a hole right here and all you got to do is put in the funnel aka, the hair dryer and It just fits snugly in there and now you're good to go for filling up the water. Now before I fill this up with water, there are four spots for water on this playset. There is the front right here here where you're going to see all the bubbles happen, the main tank - if you wanted to do some color change, dunking the sink for the shower to work and, of course, the pool as well. I am going to show you real quickly on how to work the lights and Bubbles so on the way bottom of the place that you're going to see it on and off switch. Currently, it is on the off switch, and all you got to do is to turn it on is flip it over, and you can already hear it's making its bubble sounds now. I definitely expected like a button or something not just an on and off switch. I'M going to turn my lights off real quickly, I'm going to show you what it looks like without the water in there has blue purple and pink lights. This current mode is just flashing and nothing else is happening. Foreign, okay guys. So I filled three of the four areas with some water. I didn't put too much water into the pool because it's not really important. In my opinion, I might add a little more after, but at the moment I think the level I have it at is pretty fine give off the illusion what it needs to. I also did not fill the main tank up. We'Re not going to do really any color changing in this video, but I will be using this tank for future mermaids. Color changes because I mean it works perfectly. Fine joining us in the salon is kashiko and Mora. They are both going to test out all of the features. Kashika is probably going to get the most wet, because I mean it's kashiko, so I'm going to be putting Mora into the tank and because mermaids have the tail that makes their stand. There isn't really a clip inside of the tank, so um yeah and there she is. It looks like she's underwater, but she really isn't. As for kashiko, I'm gon na have her sit down into the pool you can kind of see. Kashiko'S tails is already changing, color, which is pretty cool. We are now going to test out the shower and see if it actually works, because this can actually help the tail to change fully. So, as I mentioned, there is a button right there, and all we are going to do is push it. So, let's see if it actually works and yeah, it actually works. Pretty well look at that. That was actually pretty good. I'M actually surprised that it sprays out a lot of water, okay, guys, but now that we have water in the physical wall of the tank, we can actually see what the bubbles are. Gon na look like and the lights with the water. So, let's turn the lights off once more and see how this works. Okay, that is actually really really cool. I may have filled it up just a little bit too much and there is a fill line it's around here. I filled it up just a little bit too much, but it's so cool. It'S almost like a little wave, but this looks so cool, I'm a sucker for this kind of stuff by the way. As for the motor, it isn't too loud. But this is not something you should use as like a night light. Of course I think it's so cool, though let me know your thoughts on the effect down below, but now guys I am going to turn the lights back on. I'M also going to add all the accessories in and pose kashiko to play in the hair salon to show you how that works. Okay, guys, so I have set up the playset. I think it looks super cute. No one is chilling in the pool at the moment, but it's fine. We have kishiko doing her makeup at the vanity and more is still vibing in the tank. I really think this is a really cute playset. One thing you might be wondering is: how do you drain the water? There are three ports in this place it on the back as to where you would drain the water, so the easiest one obviously is going to be. The pool all you have to do is lift this out and you could just dump it in your sink for the sink. There is a port on the bottom, and all you got ta do is pull that and it's to drain all the water from the sink. For the front of the tank, there are two ones for the tank in case you fill it up with water dunk, the doll's tail in for color change and there's the wall that has the bubbles once you unplug, both of them water will come out of both. Obviously make sure to lift the machine while it's drained, and that is all you got to do to let it drain out. I think it was really smart that they added that, instead of just bringing this entire heavy playset to like a sink. I think this playset is really really cool. I think that this is something that is going to be useful for not even just the mermaids dolls. You could use it for your Monster High dollars. You could use it for your Rainbow High dolls. Do I think it's worth the 100 price point? Not really. I think it's a bit expensive totally wait for a sale to get it unless you're very eager, like I was to get this because I think it's actually a really cool playset. I think you get some really pretty photos out of it, and also the tank lighting up is awesome. I think this is going to be in handy for any mermaids reviews. I have to do because I can do the color change easy peasy and I think it just looks so cute. It'S so like nostalgic to me like for the Bratz when they came out back in the day, and I think it comes with a lot of cute little pieces. I mean look at this like oh, and even the mirror, like the mirror being like real, is like iconic, and I really liked how the funnel was the hair dryer. So that's really cool for a double function and the shower actually working for me, but anyways guys. Let me know: what's your thoughts on this playset are, do you want it? Are you planning on waiting to get it on a sale, or do you want it now, but yeah guys? If this is your first time watching my channel hi, my name is Jay and I do doll stuff and I would love you to join the channel and if you aren't following me on Instagram or on Tick Tock at that zombiexcorn as well and guys, I will See you in the next video but for now bye.

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