7 Hairstyles For Flexi Rod Set Or Roller Set!



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You guys loved my IG sneak peak so much so I wanted to share all these quick easy hairstyles with you! It's perfect if your roller set is ind of wearing out but you're too lazy to wash your hair yet lol - or is that just me?

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Hey guys, it's Kat and welcome back to my channel today, I'm showing you these seven really easy hairstyles you can do with either an old washing go or a roller set. I just did a flexi rod set, and I thought these Styles look so cute with these bouncy curls. So I shared a quick video on my Instagram app. I did this flexi rod set. So if you want to see that the link is below, but let me know in the comments, if you want a full youtube video instead, so I'm just gon na separate the curls to get more volume and then pick and fluff it out always use oil when Doing this to help prevent frizz, I mean frizz is inevitable, but it'll help. So once you get the desired volume, you're all set for look number 1, some bouncy juicy curls for look number 2, we're gon na pull some hair to the side and create a few twists. You can do one two or three twists whatever you prefer. I did two and just secure them with bobby pins. That'S a look in itself, but if you want to add a little something extra get some cute little hair, cuff accessories and clip them on to the twist for like three we're gon na create some full bangs. So just grab some hair in the front. Pull it back a little like this, pin it down with a couple bobby pins and then bring the hair back to the front for look for we're, leaving the bangs by putting the rest of the hair up into a high loose and messy bun. This is a really cute everyday hairstyle, but actually looks like you. Try then throw a headband, wrap or bandana on and it's a whole nother vibe for look five we're gon na do a half up, half down style but letting the bangs out and pulling them to the side, secure them edges. So it doesn't look too messy and pin and fluff where needed. Look. Six is pretty much the same just with the bangs in the front, so do the same process and pin them back, and it gives you a whole new look and it kind of gives me Salina, vibes, right, alright and then look number seven is as simple as It gets just a regular ponytail with the front bangs and remember with any of these looks, you can add, hair accessories or wraps to play around with it. So these are just some fun easy looks to do when you're getting sick of your hair. I hope you guys like this video, if you did please make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe. If you haven't already - and I will see you in the next one - the bust

Stacy Karwafodi: Love ALL the styles!

steph: They look so flourishing

Vanity: love them im going to try them out this week !

Daughter of Zion: New subscriber!☺️ would love to see a video on how you do the flex rods.

Taylor Yvonne: How long do the flexi rod curls last on your hair ?

Tisha Logan: Please full video on flexi rod set how to! Love this video!

Christa Anne Vinson: just found your channel and subbed within the first 5 sec. You are so gorgeous!

Miriam Stover: Hi! Love your hair . What size flexi rod did you use ???

UrbanRomance: Cute af! Thanks chica!

Eva Kelley: Thank you for this video my sister love these quick styles your hair is so beautiful, God bless!

Amazing J: Yes do q Video on the Flex Rods & how you used them. I have wanted to purchase them, but just haven't really decided on it.

Brittany: Love it! Do You have layers in your hair...? It looks like you do, if so how many? I'm debating on getting some layers to give my hair a better shape. But in always terrified on doing drastic changes/cuts when it comes to my hair...

Amber Sims: Just chopped 4 inches of dead ends can’t wait to try this!

frank janvari: hello looks gorgeous please kindly film a roller set video using magnetic rollers pretty please thank you very much.

Amber Ivy: What size rods are you using?

Amor Antasia: Can you tell me what camera and lens you use? I love your quality!

Your favorite Oompa Loompa: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️the bangs helped. I never even knew about it

Rosario Lopez: So cute

Juliana Howell: Can we get a flexirod tutorial

Flowersita: Can you do a video on what type of hair cut or how you cut your hair , please

Avril Day: 1:15 1:47

Anel Cervantes: Whats the name of the song you did on your intagram video? :O

Seante Allen: her hair is gorgous

Marady Mon: It gives me Ciara vibes.

Your favorite Oompa Loompa: So cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Shan: Notification gang gang

Bethel Kibru: Hey beautiful

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