How To Make 1940'S Hair Accessories

Hello Darlings! Here is a short and sweet video for this week all about making your own 1940's flower hair accessories! If you would like to see more videos like this, feel free to subscribe!

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Hello darlings today, i'm going to be showing you how to make 1940s flower accessories. Her flowers were very popular in the 40s and they even had matching corsages to go with their hairpieces, i'm going to be using hair, combs and little small duckbill clips. It is very simple to take off the flowers from a bunch. You literally just pull off the flower, and you can take off the green cap at the bottom, which allows it to sit flat and nicely on your hair chrome. This is a hair comb that i've already made before with those flowers. So i'm just showing you a couple more of my hair flower pieces that i've already done. It'S really simple, just pulling off the flowers and arranging them onto your hair comb and hot gluing into place. Making your matching flower corsage to go with your hair piece is really simple. You just put on a bit of felt at the back and sew it together. So right through the flower stems and add little safety pins, so you can attach it to your clothing. Now i'm just having a little play around and rearranging where i want my leaves and flowers to go on my hair, chrome and once i'm happy with that, i'm just gon na pull off the green cap from the flower. So this helps it to sit nicely on the hair, chrome and i'm gon na pull off. The other leaves as well. I'M just gon na try and add a little bit of dimension a little bit of color layering and now, once i'm happy with how everything is placed, i can get my hot glue gun ready and going straight in. I put a strip of hot glue onto the back of the leaf and i press that down onto the hair comb - and i just hold that there until it's completely cool - and i know that everything is locked in place. And then i just go ahead and do that with the other leaf, and then i'm going to go ahead and put the flower on as well. But before i do, i just want to show you the leaves fall apart now that we've taken off the cap at the bottom of the flower. So we need to hold those petals in place and i'm just going to put a drop of hot glue between each of the outer leaves and then press that down. And then our flower should be how it was originally. And then we can put that onto the hair comb and again just holding it in place until the glue dries now moving on to our next piece. I'M using the little clips this time and you can just use petals - you don't actually have to use a full flower each time, so i'm just going to arrange the petals. How i want and then glue those together as one piece before i then glue them onto the little clips and then repeating again for the second one. Don'T they look gorgeous and i'm just going ahead and lining the clip with the glue and then pressing that onto the flower? And you want to make sure that the petals are completely covering the clip? Because you don't want the clip to be seen whilst you're wearing the flower in your hair, i thought it might be helpful to see how you can wear the flowers in your hair. There is just an endless amount of ways that you can style these, so hopefully this gives you some ideas. Thanks for watching, see you next week, bye

streetofdreams: Lovely! I've been planning to do this forever, but this gives me the push to actually do it! The tip about removing the green caps was especially helpful, since I wasn't sure. Overall, a very enjoyable viewing experience! I plan to watch again just for the pleasant atmosphere.

Christiana: I’ve been wanting to try this for years!! I used to make fabric flower clips but I wanted to try it with faux flowers on a French comb. Thank you! I love these details and flowers.

Melina Meineke: Thank you for this! I am definitely going to try these out.

Paige Mull: Hey Sage, Those two pansy (I think they’re pansies), are so pretty. I love making my own accessories. You can make it exactly how you want it. Fun stuff! Enjoyed your video. You look lovely as ever. ❤️

Esme: These look so lovely, Sage! The white one gave me Magnolia vibes; not sure if that was the flower or not.

Elizabeth M: I can't believe I haven't seen this before. It's such a good idea. I'll definitely have to give it a go. They look so lovely.

Dorothy Elizabeth: I wonder what they would have used back then without hot glue. Love to simple designs.

ursula thornton: So cool Sage you look gorgeous !! Love all your videos

charlie Remi: Thanks for sharing looks so beautiful can I use super glue instead ?x

Lili Nectar: Those pale/spring colors really look good on you.

Lilli Bailey: love this sage!

Lourdes P: VERY pretty...and so easy.

Clareen Lyngdoh: I love love this video it's so helpful why didn't I think of this I'm so not creative at allll!!

Fabio Ferreira Gomes: .......ESPETACULAR...........INCRÍVEL........

Linda Loo: Adorable!

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