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Wah gwaan KK SQUAD, welcome back or welcome to my channel I hope you all enjoy my Shein TRENDY hair accessories haul

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Rhinestone decor knit headband

Solid knit headband

2pcs fluffy headbands

3pcs solid scrunchies scarf

5 pcs leopard pattern scrunchies

2 pcs rhinestone engraved letter hair clips

2 pcs rhinestone engraved dollar hair clips




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Welcome back or welcome to my channel, as you can see by the title, did you all see the title i know y'all did notice to the title: i'm a no one's seen a regular. Today i purchased a couple clips headbands and hair ties. You know little scrunchies for my hair and decided to show y'all. I am not really big on wearing headbands and stuff like that, but i realize when i have braids or when i have styles, that last me for a couple weeks or so and sometimes you see, the edges starts to result off the hairstyle. But the middle is still intact and everything still looks good in the back and you don't want to take it out. That'S how these come in. I'M sorry, i don't have the hairstyle right now to show you guys exactly what i'm talking about. I was hoping i would get these headbands before i took out my knotless braids, because if i had these, while i had my knot, less braids, i would wear my braids longer so yeah. These are just for like bad hair days. Basically, the headbands, the headbands are mostly for bad hair days. Please tell me these are extras, some look or something just drop off. Hopefully it's not off of the you know, comma for the headband, and it's just like extras. If i lose any okay, so it comes with extra little diamonds. You know little, we are called the mirror again. You know what i'm talking about. These are the things on the headbands. It came with like three extras in the back, just in case you lose any, but how cute is this? This is like a off-white. I was hoping it would be. A white white like what i'm wearing what i'm wearing right now is white, but this is an off-white. Let'S see it has like a little knot in the front. I like it, and also i have outfits that could match with these headbands. So if i could find pictures of like outfits that can go with this - that i have here already - i'm gon na put pictures right here, so you could see so next we have this brown. This looks like a corduroy material. Well, it feels like a corduroy material. The first one that i showed you guys felt like sweater like a the knitted sweater like those type of material. This one is like a corduroy, and i have an outfit that i could wear this one with and i'll put it right here somewhere, you get a close-up. This is how this one is. Looking, i don't feel like this is the hairstyle i should be wearing with these headbands, but i don't know. Let me know down in the comment section if this hairstyle works with these headbands, but i hope you guys get the idea what i was trying to explain to you the reason for this headband. So this one. Let me give you a close-up by the way. Did i tell you guys i purchased these from she and i don't know if i said that earlier in the video - and i got all these headbands and clips everything in total was 21 dollars. I feel like that's a good deal. I know you could get headbands at the beauty supply store for a dollar, but the material. This material is worth it and i'm just reading the paper that came in the the packaging, okay, so the first headband that one is called rhinestone decor knit headband and this one is called solid, knit headband all right. We got the name, we got the names all right, we're getting somewhere like i said i won't be wearing these a lot. These are just for like bad hair days and the material. I don't know how i feel about these material with my hair because, as you guys know, cotton dries out your hair and i don't know i don't know. I never wanted to know the feels the feels all right. So these are like uh velvet, all right yeah. It feels like velvet and guess what i have outfits. Listen, i'm gon na be inserting outfits here that i'll wear with these, but look it is velvet. Let me try. This is the color black wait. I'M gon na understand what's going on here, so the one you're bomb kinda too bumpy. I don't know why whiteside they're cute, the material is good and that's all that matters right right and then we have the pink it's pink right. These two are called the fluffy headbands. Oh i'm just gon na be calling it velvet headbands. So this one, i'm gon na insert the outfit right here. The picture is gon na be right here that will match this headband. You know what it's it's starting to grow on me like it just might be for this hairstyle, like i don't like how this one is showing in the camera. I don't know if you guys can see the real deal come on you're, just focusing in on focus. Panna locust come on. Oh yeah, yeah see this is the material for both of them. Let me show you the black again see yeah in this package. What did i get? Oh, these, i'm not gon na really try on because of my huge puff. I don't think this can go over my puff right now, but how cute are these velvet scrunchies with the little bows so cute? If i have like my little ponytail, i could wear it my little buns that i'd be doing sometime. I could wear this three pieces. Came in the pack, so these are the solid scrunchies scarf, so you have the brown mauve and black can't go wrong with black. These are beautiful. These are beautiful. So that's that next we have here, listen. How many came in the pack? Five pieces came in the pack, so this one is called the leopard pattern. Scrunchies you have the black that looks velvet. Sometimes you don't have to wear them in your hair person. You can wear it on your hand like this. With your outfit that it matches, it looks cute like this. Sometimes if you wear it on your hands, leopard print like the brown leopard print cute they're, all like velvet material. Let me show you close up now. We have the pink leopard print, pink, pink, pink, mauve and also the this is like a wine red like burgundy wine, red red wine wine red. So i have a dress that matches this one. So next we have the rhinestone engraved clips leather clips, two come in each pack, queen i'm gon na put star on this side. Then we have boss. These are just dollar signs. I thought they were both boss. Yes girl. Yes, so let's get a close-up on these. So that's it for this little mini haul. It was just a few headbands scrunchies and clips like i said i purchased them from sheen website. I can leave the link down below in the description box for this website and also i'll leave the names down below of these clips scrunchies headbands. So i hope you guys enjoyed this era. Sesame only dropped obvious. How is something i hope you guys enjoyed this small little video, please remember, to subscribe and hit that bell to get notification when i post videos also stay tuned for my next upload bye. You

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible: Hey Krissy This hairstyle definitely works for these headbands. $21 thats it. The material is definitely really good. I gotta check out Shein. Cotton definitely dries out the hair. My favorite head brand is the off white with the gems. You have some nice items. I'm a new subbie hopefully we can stay connected and grow together. Thanks for sharing this video


Sherly Smith: Super cute

Sofia de Avila: Amazing

Dee S: Heyy Are the clips metal or plastic?

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible: Swinging in First

Nikita Patwal: Good

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