Which Of These My Old Hair Accessories Can Be Worn Now In This Day And Age

Write the number on the top right of the design you feel can still be worn in this day and age in the comment section of this video.

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So Fashions do come and go trans come and go, and these are some of my old designs, hair accessory designs that I wore turban cups, hair clips whatever. So I just decided to scroll through some of them and then download them from where I put them up and share them with you and ask which of these. My own hair accessory designs can be worn now, as in this day and age, which one. If you look up, you see numbers attached to them, so you just need to place the numbers in the comments section below all right.

ibukun somuwa: All designs are still very beautiful

Ascertain Crafts: 1,2 and 9

Chinyelugo Cynthia: 1&9

Angela Farley: Number 9

Fiaht_Space: All

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