Loc&Braided Hair Accessories

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Lifestyle of a crafter, okay y'all, so today, i'm gon na be showcasing two lock and hair braided jewelry accessories, okay, each one of these sets that i'm going to show you come with four pieces of lock jewelry. This first piece that you see is made using brass wire. One of the pieces has a beautiful cowie shell down the bottom and some jasper. Your connectors are made using brass wire set number two is made using copper wire. You have a nice piece of jasper. You also have the word: love down the bottom, a cowy shell and your connectors are made with copper wire. Thank you all. So much for watching

DOYcreations: Gorgeous Joyce :)

Serena Geter: Simply amazing

Slimchelle: Beautiful

Hattie B Jones: Very pretty Queen

Silvia Sista: Nice

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