Npsutopia|| Affordable Jewellery & Hair Accessories Haul 2021||Budget Friendly Haul

Hello My Lovely people,

Today I am sharing my recent stuffs bought from that JWELLERY heaven.

Please watch this video till the end to know about all products and its price range.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Love- npsutopia





Hello guys welcome back to my channel. How is it going at your end? Do let me know to share my recent purchase, my secret. Don'T miss that and please do subscribe to my channel. It is linked here, so this video is going to be a kind of uh, jewelry, haul short mini haul, sorry jewelry, so many i'll be recently shopping and some accessories like mask and all whatever i have bought. I'M going to share that with you, because we are family. We must share the joy the happiness and i am always very happy and joyful whenever i shop hope you are able to start so, are you excited? Let'S get started and open this big dabba and start and start sharing the joy of new items, new accessories, red color, tic, tac tin, this particular tic tac tin is a tic tac mini bowl there. If you are watching this video, i'm sure you are so. This is for you look at this beautiful loops yep. This is going to look somewhat like this. Ah, i should have hold this on to the third i have next. Next up we have, you must be familiar with such mask many similar black colors. Then you will get to know very past egg. Masking now i have bought two more variety in the same range: 50 rupees each we have. I have got this beautiful, hairband yeah they go. This is full of sequin thing and it is like so pretty i loved it. I buy so many stuff and stock it because i love the items to my friends, relatives and my closed one, my dear and dear ones. There is nothing better than that stock and whenever i get a chance to meet my loved ones, i i love to give them some item to islamist and this particular band. I have got it for my niece, my five-year-old niece navi. This is for naveed my baby. If you are watching your masi, you know i love you so much, and this is for you baby hope. You, like it and i'll give this to you very soon. Please come and meet me here. So do you remember this particular thing? I had showed you in that video 350 rupees made 350 it's written over here, 350 rupees, which is seven different, hair accessories key pins military, these beautiful pins. Let me show this clothes, it's beautiful right, look at the beauty online, and this is what i'm going to use all of these very soon. On my short, tiny, minor hair, you can may always use the corset i got to rely on this cute hair accessory. We have this 20 rupees, 20 rupees kitty, the plain one, the plain funny hair ties are: uh are for 10 rupees, and these are for 20 rupees just make it should, i say, bow sort of thing bunny and this one. I have got it for my daughter because she has longer hair right now. She has mine ponies. This is so cute 20 rupees, with few hair accessories only can turn on. I have got like four total four shortage: hottie clutches, like clutcher clutcher band, a pc couple. This is what i have got. Let me show this to you: five rupees, each five rupees yeah. That'S why i have bought few clutches next. I have got these two beautiful hair wristbands, so you could actually wear this as your wristband as somewhat like your bracelet thing and you could flaunt these beautiful style buns and why not? And this costed me 30 rupees, 30 rupees each yay. You have got your bangles ready. Your bracelet ready bullet julia few more exciting things. What do i have? I have got again: hair accessories. I love hair accessories. These queen jockey silver stone me. I was getting it in uh gold. Also gold option pretty, but i've got it in silver thing: i've got this tiny mini cute little thing now. You know what i have got this for my daughter, my seven-year-old and her birthday is coming next month. So i am so excited and i have already started collecting uh certain things, hair accessories, but this is the last one. So last one i have got this fancy one fancy bigger chunky, clip-on jokey up. You could accessorize it like in so many different sort of stuff kind of statement thing or emoji rupees. How could i forget to show you the thing which i am wearing right now, this cutie hair band this one also have got it uh from the same shop. This time or yey, hair, sequin valley, hair band and this i got it on 40 rupees, yes, 40 rupees being emoji billy, jazzy, cutie thingy for my done with the hair accessories. Now, let's move on to my jewelry shopping. Let me show you these two starry things: the christmas valley, vibrant and this you might have seen me wearing in my date night. Wally look! Yes, i wore this already before shooting this video to your manipur, and this was priced at 30 rupees only next up. I have got this big hoop just making baby cow yeah. Why not sorry glam question i've got this. Let me open this first and show you and show that to you for dc close up. Look me up and don't worry, i'm going to wear these items very soon and post pictures or my instagram pepe photos. So if you are still not following me on instagram do follow me there. My instagram handle is nps utopia and i have got these babe. Oh nice right cool loops, and this one can you guess the price 30 rupees guys lovely. So first up, i have got these two beautiful beautiful like so it's so fancy thing. Let me let me pull this out first and show it to you. You keep. Can you hear the sound chunky sound and i am going to rock this junkie like beautiful, you say bowling right. Let me know if you know he is, and this one i have got it in hundred fifty hundred fifty kilometer and lovely earrings, oh god. I so want to wear this right now and just start clicking. My pictures obsession leveler. So this is my first oxidized wally jewelry collection, first item this particular thing, and this is the piece: isn't it beautiful and this one i have got 150 or 200 yeah. So here you have the black thread soft. So it's not going to hurt or pinch you. So this is how it's looking, i'm totally loving it crushing over this here we have. We have got this shell wally earring see this is the beautiful earring and this costed me 30 rupees. Here we have this particular earring. Oh look at the beautiful design and you already guessed this special thing over here. It'S my gunpati, and this is how it's going to look. It'S such a beautiful, zoom key thing like fancy only here this beautiful fashionary, and let me open this. As you know, i love pearl valley. Look though, i have bought this and this costed me 20 rupees. Yes, this was priced at 20. I'Ve got it on 20, so this is 20 rupees pearl here this one, this fashion, one again 30 rupees, look at the beautiful detailing you can rock this earring on any western or indian outfit yeah, it's so lovely here! Next up we have few more to go. This beautiful baby, pink, uh, sort of ethnic one ethnic chunky, yeah, look at this indian map. This one was priced at 200, yes, lovely, pretty pink, so you can rock any pink or white outfit wearing this particular junkie or your body. I will show you i'll, create some fun look book and i'll show you this junkie, styling, because i love this next up. I have this chunky and this one was priced at 100 rupees only. This is like so beautiful white and orange color. Yes, so yeah. This is what i have got hope you liked it yeah look at this beauty. One was priced at 350, rupees yeah, so this costed me 350 rupees, and this you can wear it on indian and ethnic, both um. So here you have got this big chunky: black color key fancy earrings this piece. This is the anchor and it's like so fancy thing right: nice, anklet and this costed me 150 rupees or 100 rupees yeah, 100. Rupees. I'M going to wear this very soon. I have saved the best piece, my one of my most favorite piece for the last, so i'm revealing that, and here comes the showstopper, and this is the showstopper. Isn'T it pretty again? Oxidized silver and my favorite piece is hamari, show stop so this costed me. 300. 300 or 250 lovely right is fully empty last piece: full collection, jewelry and excess, whiskey, hair accessories and few more random accessories. I need to pack all this stuff back up like so many plastic thingy, let's repack these stuff, hey by the way, did you like my makeup today? It'S like full-on glowy thing and the shimmer eyes are like fully shimmery thing and there is no eyeliner today. I just wanted to keep it like bare minimal, with the shimmer going on so tony see, highlighted, hair and on my lips, i'm just wearing i'm just wearing a coffee shade from pac, and the name is coffee and i put on few highlighter and subscribe to my Channel and stay connected for more interesting videos until then take care of bye for now.

ISHA Sharma: Nice collection nidhi

Tanvi Garg: Beautiful mask bhabhiii... How much and from where you get

Tanvi Garg: Beautiful mask bhabhiii... How much and from where you get

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