How To Import Hairs.Etc From China || Money Transfer & Shipping Agents To Recieve Goods In Nigeria

How to Import Hairs From CHINA || Money Transfer & Shipping Agents to recieve Goods in Nigeria

Hi guys in this video i share with you all the information you need on How to start your hair Importation business from scratch.

How to Import Hairs From CHINA, plus how to Transfer money to your vendor and Logistics Agents to help with delivery your parcel in Nigeria.

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Hey youtube family night here welcome back to my channel in this video. Today, i'm going to be telling you guys the process of how to import hair from china. Yes guys. I know a lot of you want to get into the hair industry. You want to start selling here, but you don't know how to go about it and even when you found the hair vendor and difficult most times to send money to your heavenly just because um the cbn policy in nigeria that stipulates that you can't send them foreign Currency to a foreign bank account there are lots of restrictions right now, so most people are just scared of sending hard currency to a foreign bank account. So in this video i'm going to be sharing details on how to go about your process of sending your money to your hair supplier and also how to receive your goods when you order his from china. So guys. If you want to hear all of these details - and please make sure you continue watching this video and be sure to subscribe to my channel if you are not yet subscribed to this channel so guys, let's get right into the details. Yay. The first thing when you are getting into selling here is you need to first get your hair vendor once you've gotten the vendor, which you want to purchase your hairs from then. The next step you want to do is selecting all the hairs. You need to make a list of all of what you want to purchase from this vendor. If you probably want to get closures, you want to get front dogs. You also want to get bondos. You want to get straight hairs because, of course, straight hair is like the most highly demanded hair in nigeria, and then you could just get other textures like wavy and a deep wave kind of style body weight. So you want to just select okay, what length of hair are you getting from 14 inch down to 20 inch or from 14 eight or from 16 minutes up to 30 inch just need to just select all of your orders, write them in at least and send It to the vendor and the vendor is going to put everything in the price list and put invest prices of of each of each of your orders and in some cases the event already sends you it break down all of their prices for bondos and closure. So it's left for you to not impede all of that in the table and send it back to the vendor after you figure out all of what you want to order from this window, then the next thing is the vendor is going to calculate the total cost Of all of your goods and also include the cost of shipping, and in most cases these suppliers are going to have you. I didn't suggest that you use either ghl or fedex, but in most cases, usually dho. Let'S say a audrey hair hairs of about, let's say: 10 kgs or 20 kg 11 30 kgs or even beyond that you have to spend so much for dhl to bring in those hairs for you. So you want to be able to send receive those your hairs at the lowest prices possible and that's why this information, which i'm sharing with you in this video, comes in so now you would need an agent. You need an agent to help. You send the via a cargo down into nigeria and how they do the hair cargo team. Is certain airlines come and sit in connecting flights might go from china to let's say dubai and then from dubai down to nigeria or in some cases there might be some direct airline that goes straight down to china, but in most cases it's very rare. So it's usually like connecting flights, so these agents are able to get in contact with these airlines and get spaces for cargo on the airlines, so they're able to use spaces on the airlines to cargo these um goods to send these goods over down to africa. The various countries in africa people tend to order here is from for this video here the agent which i'm linking you up with. They are nigerian agents. I'M gon na put their details in this video, so you guys can reach out to them and contact them for for for shipping in your goods. So the thing is um when it comes to also sending money. There are also agents that you can use to send your money across to your hair supplier, and some of these head suppliers have nigerian bank accounts, that's mainly for the chinese suppliers. Some of them have nigerian bank accounts so with the ones that have nigerian bank account. You can easily just pay in pay in naira to them and they ship in your goods to you to your preferred agents. When the agents, when you compare your supplier, doesn't have a nigerian bank account, then you have to use the name of the agent which i'm going to put in this. Video can use ogaima. Mr emmanuel is a nigerian agent based in china, so you could contact mr emmanuel and tell him. Oh, i want to send money to this agent in china, this company and whatever so he's going to now give you the exchange rate in which he is he's charging for each dollar. You send so, let's say he might give you an exchange in the bucket dollar to narayanam is, let's see 500 and let's say 510 or 520.. You would now send let's say you're ordering has what um they told you the cost of behavior. We ordered ids. Let'S say two thousand dollars or five thousand dollars. You now put the five thousand dollars. You multiply it by 110 that if, if that's the rate is giving you four, then that's yeah, converting that um dollar rate to the to nara dollars to narrow. It is five things you have to multiply by the customer to talk all the other in dollars. That'S to give you the narrative which you'll be paying to the agent, so once you've done the conversion they need to get a mr emma's account number from him. I'M going to put his phone number in this video, so i guess i'm contacting the phone number which i'm putting in the video is his chinese phone number unpacked, mr manuel, going to send you his account number and you will now make um. Do the transfer to him and he would now credit the money to your hair supplier, which you're trying to send that money to and also to receive your goods. Your hair supplier will also send um your goods to obama is addressed in china. Then oghima would then send your goods down to nigeria to their logistic company that is based in lagos, and the logistic company in lagos is called ozologistics their offices around around the airport area. So once your order comes into nigeria, they're going to send you a text message and let you know: okay, your goods also so kg has arrived. It'S not. You have to pay this amount of money to receive your boots and in most cases, akg of goods usually cost around five thousand. I think five thousand, it's usually around five thousand six thousand error per kg. Initially, it used to be around three thousand euro per kg, but i think right now it's around five thousand six thousand per kg to receive in each kg of hairs. You order. So if you probably ordered hair of - let's say 20 kg, so you don't have to multiply 20 kg by 5 000, which is well that's literally around 100 000 right. So you're gon na have to pay hundred thousand to receive 20 kgs of hair. But if you're using ghs, of course you would you would have to pay more because teacher is expensive, it's not cheap, so that's, basically how it works. I'M going to put um details of orgy ma's phone number his office address in china and also he's contact person in lagos, nigeria. The manager of the office in nigeria is mr andy and he's. My friend is my guy, so he's someone that you can always reach out to when your buddha has arrived, then andy and the other people you work with. If let's say you know in lagos, but you want this good sense, whoever states you are in in nigeria. So he would now rebuild these boots to you through one of the um boss, the travel, the logistic companies that can send it to whatever state you are in. So he will charge you for you, you're, going to then pay for receiving the cost of receiving your goods, your goods to nigeria, and then they will also be added the cost of sending the goods to wherever states you are in outside of lagos and if you're Outside of nigeria, i think there's another logistic company. You can use liberty links, i think liberty links doesn't just receive in lagos. They also receive goods across nigeria, but i'm also going to include details of the battery links um on this video, so that you guys could also maybe check them out and use them if they are available in the part of africa which you are currently in. I'M giving you two agents, information and believer titles. I think they also help in sending money, so you come and reach out to them. I think one of their guys. There is kinsley and one of them my friend kinsley. He would also help you insane. They can also help you send money to china and also help you receive your goods from china to downtown nigeria, and maybe you could also contact them. You know in lagos where your office is not in the states where you are asked. They can review the goods to you and for liberty leagues. They tend to do air cargo and chicago. So you have two options. You can either receive your goods vsc cargo or you can receive your goods by via a cargo and if you're, ordering stuff. That is really really, let's say, like a whole container of goods. Then you probably may need to do mc cargo. So that's where liberty games comes in. So if you have a very large order, you can use um liberty links as your logistics partner, so guys. I hope you found this video helpful, just stay tuned to the end, to see all the videos in which i promised you that's the deals for um, also logistics, and also the details for liberty links so guys. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed this video, if you got value out of this video, please make sure you, like this video subscribe to my channel for more content like this video share with all of your friends who will need this information to strive in their businesses so guys. Thank you so much for watching and i'll see you in my next video and please support enl beauty and our beauty is my makeup brand visit our website to purchase beauty products from ena beauty. All of the products which i'm wearing in this video are from inno beauty, from the eyeshadows down to the eyeliner, to the mascara, to our lipstick and lip liner, and even our eyeshadow brush. Like guys, please support ena beauty as much as i'm giving you free information in this video. Please just you know, find a way to support me. Please will deliver to you so long as you're in nigeria, then, if you're outside of nigeria man, you have to pay for that djoshi period. So it's a bit pricey, but please just support us in any way you can. We would really appreciate you, but then, if you don't want to patronize, you could also choose to support us on patreon. I just opened a patreon account because really doing this hair thing, it's i really enjoy doing hair but having to invest a lot of money in buying various vendors hairs and testing it out, and all of that it requires a lot of money. So if you can support us on patreon, we really appreciate that also so guys. Thank you so much for watching this video i'll, see you in my next one. I love you watch the details which i, which you came here for i'm gon na put it at the end of this video bye, guys you

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