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Happy Curlsmas!! ❤️ I filmed this video a few months ago, but I just got around to editing it! Let me know if you want to see part 2

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Let'S tough Curly's welcome to my channel curly tails on Solis. Thank you for clicking on this video. Today, I'm going to be doing a Claire's haul. I'Ve been going a little bit crazy at Claire's, because at this point in time I have headband obsessed. So I have a bunch of headbands to show you a hat some scrunchies, some clips, a bunch of cute stuff, and I'm also going to include a few things that I purchased at forever. 21, like this headband right here, which I love, and I'm also going to try the headbands off for you guys, so you can see what they look like and see if you would like to purchase them. I purchased the majority of these Claire's products on Claire's calm. They were having a 40 % off sale and I also got an additional 20 % off, because this is my first time purchasing anything from Claire's calm and then, once I purchased a bunch of stuff, my sister saw it. I bought it. She wanted some stuff too, and there was still having their 40 % off sale, so she got her things. I got like one or two more things then, and I got everything shipped to the closest Claire store to my house and then, when you get to the store, you get an additional 20 % off on anything you buy that day and everything in the store is Buy three get three free, so I want a little buckwild is all I'm gon na, say: okay before we get started with this video, I just like to say welcome back to all my subscribers and if you are new to my channel, welcome and make sure you Hit that subscribe button right below this video and if you have a natural channel and I'm not yet subscribed to you - comment that down below and I'll subscribe back. Alright, let's get started. Okay, I'm gon na start this off with the clear stuff and then hopefully, if I'm not too tired, I will also talk about the things that I got from forever 21. If this starts to drag on, I might just make this a two-part video, so we'll see how I'm feeling - okay, okay, let's get into it. This is my bag of Claire's goodies, and the first thing I see is this sparkly headband. It looks like this. It'S like really pretty so pretty, then I got two of them boys. I got one in a darker blue kind of green color and I already have been wearing this one. So no longer has the tag on it, but they were both $ 4.99. So I'm going to try them on and if you guys are wondering this is day seven of my new and improved wet line, extreme wash and go - and I love it so much. But unfortunately, I have to cancel this new wet line extreme, because its first ingredient is sodium hydroxide. I went a little bit more into detail about this in my fabfitfun unboxing. Video definitely check that out. If you haven't seen it already. Okay, this is what the headband looks like on my head. It'S pretty comfortable. I'Ve, worn it out once or twice this week, and it is it's very comfortable. Usually I have a little bit of pain behind my ears when I wear headbands, but I haven't had any kind of problems with this also sometimes have a problem with my headbands cracking right down. The middle, which makes me feel like my head is ginormous. That also has not happened so yay, and then this one is the same, obviously but a different color and I don't even know which one I like more, I like them, both they're, really cute, blue and green - are my favorite colors. So I'm definitely loving this one. Okay, so the next headband that I got, I also got duplicates of. Is this headband right here, and I think is so pretty it has these sparkly blue flowers all around it, and it looks like this. I think it kind of makes me look like a princess boy, so I love it so much. I got three of them. I got one in white and gold and I got one that is an ombre sparkly blue, so these were 399 each. So that's a really good price for some really cute headbands. Let me know down below in the comments which of these three you guys like the best, so the nice accessory that I got was these scrunchies. They actually came in a pack of three, but I gave one of them to my sister. That was a white one and I gave it to her. So I'm not even too sure how much they cost cuz the tag is gone, but if I can find it, I would definitely put it on the screen. These are so cute. They kind of remind me of cheerleading, scrunchies or like holiday tinsel, and I think they'll be really cute in a puff or some kind of ponytail. The next thing that I got was these clips and I have actually already worn these. I wore them in the front of my wash and go and you can you can't really see them, because my hair is pretty dark and they're black, but I still got it ended a nice little. You know possess'd to the wash and go, and these were $ 4.99. Okay. So the next accessory that I got was this headband, which I am in love with it's like denim and then it has a rainbow stripe through it, which is also maybe denim of some kind. I don't know - and this is what it looks like it's so cute and I believe this one was on clearance - I'm not exactly sure, but I think it was which is crazy or it was either on. Clearance are almost sold out so one of those what whoa? What are you talking about man? Okay, so this headband was $ 7.99, but I'm still not sure if it was not clearance or not. I also purchased these clips, which I love. I have worn these as well. I have only one of one of them. Just this one right here and I had it in the front of my washing gold kind of like this - I like it a lot. I love this shape. I'Ve never seen clips that look like this before in these clips were $ 6.99, so nice accessories that I purchased are kind of a pair. I guess they are a pair got a snakeskin headband and a snakeskin scrunchie with a cute little bow on it. Like a six six make, this headband was $ 7.99 and the scrunchie was $ 4.99, originally okay. This is what this headband looks like on and I love it. I hate snakes, so this really makes no sense, but I just thought it was so cute and then also this one definitely said that it was almost sold out, so I had to get it. I'M also gon na try the scrunchie on really quickly too, and this is what it looks like you guys, can see the little ears sticking out which is so cute. I just found another one of these in the bag, so I guess that was actually a pack of four, so even better more bait for my book. I also purchased this scrunchie, which is just so freaking cute. It was $ 4.99 and I don't even wear a lot of scrunchie, so I was not going to buy one until I saw this one. This one was just so pretty I couldn't say no

It’s Beauty Elise: Hey Telisse!! , lol!! The clip insert after to pulled out the blue one just like the clear one! ... they are both cute though!! .. .. that clip again!!! , I like the white one the best! , oooo.. that denim headband would be so cute with a up do !, lol .. these clips got me in tears over here girl!, cute scrunchie!!... aww I was sooo enjoying this haul girl! Can’t wait for part two!!

Naturally Curlysa: I love all things headband! I definitely need to head to Claire’s!!!

Mimi Is Mighty Incredible: Hey Telisse, You definitely went buck wild in Claire's. Those sparkly headbands are so cute. The day 7 wet line wash and go sure is coming through-great combo. The blue floral headband is my favorite. Love the cheerleaders ponytail holders. Yesss, love the jean looking rainbow stripe headband. That snake headband is fire and its sounds weird you dont like snakes but like that snake headband. Nice video.

Healy Means: super cute hair accessories i used to LIVE in claire's. haven't shopped there in a while, but with all those percents off - i may need to put them on my BF 2020 list.

Shirley Ann: You got nice stuff, I haven’t been in Claire’s for years. I think I will check them out.

Ebonie: These accessories are cute. Yes do a part 2

lovely natural: Nice accessories they're beautiful

JackieNaturals: Hey beautiful, buy 3 get 3 free is a great sale. LOL at your head being ginormous. Really cute headbands and $3.99 definitely isn't bad and I really like the white and gold one b/c it's more universal. I don't like snakes either but that headband is cute. LOL. FW

Magikalblackness: Happy curlmas boo

Magikalblackness: Claire's is awesome but I only shop there if theres a huge discount

Magikalblackness: U truly racked up great haul

주여사 ju: 8 like hi my new friend nice to meet you I will spotter your channel too God bless you we're friend now

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