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0:00 intro

0:31 making rings

2:40 making clay charms

7:36 adding charms to rings

8:19 braid charms for straight hair

8:26 braid charms for box braids

8:33 adding charms to snap hair clips

8:42 necklace

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Hey everybody welcome back to my channel. I really hope all of you had a very happy christmas. If you celebrate today, i'm going to show you how i make a lot of the rings that i have and also how to make necklace and charms for braids, and things like that. So if you want to see how i make all these charms, i'm going to show you in this video. So first i take the craft wire and i measure out a piece that fits the length of my finger. Then i cut off the wire now with this piece of wire, i'm going to make about two three or four more pieces of wire that are the same length and i'm going to use my pliers to twist them all together. Then i curve it back into a circle shape. This is going to be the base of the ring. If you're worried about the wire irritating or poking your skin, you can wrap a ribbon around the wire. I just put a little hot glue and then twist the ribbon around the wire spiral. This makes it a lot softer and more cushioned for your skin. Now, i'm just going to take this play-doh and create the rest of the ring. First, i make a heart and then i draw little eyelashes on to it. Next, i roll out a yellow piece of clay and i make five points around the edges to form a star shape. Then i take a brown piece of clay and make it into a circle. Then i use a needle to make another circle and then i add purple frosting. On top the frosting is a mix of glue and acrylic paint. Once the donut is made, then you can add sprinkles. On top, you can take small pieces of pink clay and put them on top as sprinkles or you can just paint on the sprinkles with paint. That'S what i'm doing here with this orange paint. Next, i make a strawberry shape by pinching a sphere of a pink piece of clay. I take my yellow paint and make small strawberry seeds with the needle. Then i shape out leaves for the top of the strawberry. With this green piece of clay, i form an alien's head, and then i paint the eyes with black with three strips of clay. I put them together and then roll them. Once all the clay is formed together, then i can just twist it into a spiral shape. After i twist the three pieces of clay together, then i'm going to roll them into a lollipop shape. Then i take a small strip of white clay and i place it on the back for as a handle for the lollipop. I take two small pieces of black clay and add them to a red circle for the antennas once the antennas are made. I take my needle and press it in the center of the ladybug, and then i draw on the black dots with three more strips of clay. I layer them on top of each other just as before, but this time i'm making a rainbow. I press the center in to form a curve and then i cut off the ends and add clouds with white pieces of clay. Next, i take some brown clay and make two small circles for the ears and attach it to a larger brown circle. I'M using eyeliner to draw a face onto the beard. Next, i make a triangle with a yellow piece of clay, and then i use glue and orange paint to make cheese sauce press my needle into the top of the clay and push it down to make the crust of the pizza. And then i use red paint to make the toppings once all of the shapes are done now. I can turn them into accessories for some i'm going to glue them onto the rings that i made. If you have any other small charms, you can turn them into rings as well: hot glue, the back and hot glue the ends. The rings can also be turned into box. Braid, hair accessories take a section of your hair and braid it and then put the charms on. This is what it looks like on my braids. Now you can glue a hair, clip and add the rest of the charms onto the clips with another small piece of wire. I insert it into one of the play-doh charms and make a necklace you

Legendary Trends: Thank you for being creative and original about your designs! So many videos are of the same looking ring. Keep shining your light!

Thai Thai: You're really cute and i love your style ❤️❤️ Also i love the ring idea❤️❤️

Maria Louise: A little tip;when having cut the ribbon, use a lighter or a candle or something to slightly melt the tails. That'll seal it and keep it from fraying ;)

💖 Pink Princess 💖: AW ! I love your makeup at the intro so dreamy so pastel ❤️ and your rainbow bow is CUTE i have the same exactly but the only difference mine had glitter strip in the middle you look so cute REALLY i loved everything you made especially the charms so adorable ❤️ love love love everything ~ happy new year dear cute friend

Sonia Rossiter: Very pretty charms. They appear simple to make. I love them as rings and as hair clips!

Scarlet: First of all, you are so pretty! Second of all, I am new here and I love your channel Third of all, thank you for this your so pretty and this was so cute and helpful thank you I love kawaii stuff ✨☺️

The Freckle Fairy: Omg I love all of the charms The rainbow colours are so lovely Also you are so pretty girlie!

MOTHER GOOSE: your sooo pretty and ur voice is just soooooo relaxing ✨ tysm!

Kirsten shields: The charms are so cute ☺️

mullato at best: these are great diys!!

SIMN channel: Hi friend, Your crafts are really awesome. Looking forward for more great videos from you

Kirsten shields: I love your makeup you look so beautiful

fujiwara kaori: amazing DIY

Star Alexandra69: So nice design and nice make up keep it up merry Christmas and happy new keep goodwishes this coming yr

vampnell: Cute! ✨

𝙨𝙞𝙢𝙥𝙮: Your so prettyyy- your also VERY cute and aesthetic- I love ur nails and voice please--

Kiwi Orlando : your content us amazing and you're very cute!

Charity Lomocso: Thank u for sharing Ur creations my friend

HRV-Strijelac: Hi ! great video, Big Like!!!❤️

Cycsimi: Hey Snohwflakes! Is it okay if I react to your videos? I will give full credit but I think they are really cool! If not that’s ok. -Hannah

sailor b: Oh wow keep it up sweet girl

Gitti.: Your videos are very good and you are cute too✨❤️

カラ: Your really pretty !

Hayumiiii: pretty good!

KayCreation: Omg your voice is so cute!



Sara and Zara - Official channel: Congratulations on 1K subscribe bestie!

AdorbsxDolly: Aww your so pretty! Your also super underrated!

Sunruta's art gallery: WOW superb

Harry potter fan 😌❤️: WoW Youre beautiful

愛利: omg your so pretty!

#catlami23.: The you Channel Is beautifoul ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Софья Жаринова: ok, all this time I tried to guess what kind of familiar music is playing in the background

SkidTheSpookyKid: Cuteeee

Diya Luthra: Ohh finally u hv 1 k subscribers wow

Unicorn Mystery World: New subscriber✌❤

Wh0sA1k0: Ur so pretty!!

Keiko_ pup: Ur so cute I am biggest fan like I said

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𝑺𝑨𝑴 𝑪𝑨𝑵 𝑮𝑨𝑪𝑯𝑨: Thanks for comment my video✋❤️

yall sucks: istg you're very beautiful girl

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mushroom fairy: Um so rainbow


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