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This week we're celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the launch of our Wire Headbands. I talk about adding new products to your Etsy shop and seeing how thing sell over time. Plus, a simple tutorial.


Wire Headbands:


Burn Mustard Dot Wire Headband (what I'm wearing in this video):


How to Launch a New Product on Etsy:


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Hi guys it's Olivia, I'm so happy to be back here today. I was checking my time hop app on my iPhone this morning and I realized today's the one-year anniversary of the launch of our wire headbands. I don't know why that really like it just means a lot to me, because the wire headbands are one of the first products. We added to her website that weren't the hair ties, and it was something we prototyped from the beginning and really worked her butts off to make. I just made a video about how to make a new handmade product and I'll link that wherever those little card pops up. But it was just a huge accomplishment for me and personally and just for me a message and generally feel like because it just signified. Like a shift and how I was thinking about business and adding new hair accessories to my product line, I am personally really obsessed with the wire headbands and I wear them religiously. This is my personal burnt mustard headband that I wear multiple times a week. If you know me in real life, you know that I'm not lying about that. I definitely rely on the wire headbands to kind of conceal my dirty long hair, when I am too lazy to wash it on a regular basis which is kind of TMI. But it's true story and true life as a self-employed person. He works from home, there's not as much motivation to do that, but this is my personal headband that I wear all the time. Basically I sell them online and I sell them well um. I, like the headbands, definitely sell online great, but at the craft fairs they sell like hotcakes, and I think that's mostly because I can demo them in real life with people, and I can put, I can have people try them on. I can show them different ways to wear it. You know when it's just a photo on the website, if you're not familiar with the fact that there's actually wire running through the headbands, it's kind of lost in translation a little bit. So I thought that in honor of the anniversary that the headbands I'd do a little tutorial about how I just wear my headband, the most basic way on a regular basis. Today I just have two long braids, which is just how I decided to my hair this morning, but normally, like I said I'll, be wearing a top knot and I'll just kind of do this. I call this the turban style just to conceal all of that like you'll, see like even when I just take off this right now like just both. You know, I have all this little like you know: flyaway hairs, frizz, and this definitely conceals it a bunch. So this is kind of what it looks like right. When I take it off, you can see that the wire is running through the headband in this little pocket. That runs on the top side of it. We sew the pocket in there and so the wire will not be you know it's not leaving this little area it's staying up here which keeps it from getting you know all tangled up in there. Basically, we make our headband super wide to kind of have that vintage scarf feel. That'S something that's really important to me. I made a video recently about how to you know, create a new handmade product, and this you know the the want to make it feel like a vintage scarf for that, I'm going to use bobby pins or a bunch of folding techniques to do it was kind Of like the catalyst for the creation of this, so basically to do is I take the wire. It was a pocket and face it up towards the top of my head. When I do it - and I just you know, wrap it around the nape of my neck and then I I can't see myself so all of you find her, but you just twist it once around like that, and then you would take the tips you can leave Them out some people really like to leave them out or leaving cockeyed um. I think that's it's super cute, but it's not my personal style, so I just take the tips and I tuck them under the top, underneath the wire and kind of stick them under like that, and this is pretty loose on my head right now, which sometimes I Like to do it tighter, but nice loose right now, but you can see, I got ta kind of keep it on the top of my ears to kind of how'd it that feel. But it's um it's on there, it's not going anywhere. That'S literally, all you have to do is just twist it once and then tuck the tips in, and then you have that styled and yeah. It will stay all day. It'S super comfortable, it's great for, if you're running around, if it's hot outside you want to keep the hair off the back of your neck. Things like that. I think that, with my look today, it kind of gives it another little. You know Flair, I'm kind of in a funkier mood today did my makeup a little bolder than usual, which is silly because literally I'm just gon na be sitting here. Making hair ties all day, but life is short, and so you might as well have fun with there right um. Now, I'm just rambling. I apologize, but basically that's how you use one of our wire headbands doing the turban. Look. I can do other videos. I kind of do the other styles: it's not complicated, mostly people just wear it with like the twist in the back. So it looks like a handkerchief type thing and you can also keep the bunny ears out or make a little rosette type thing super easy and they come. We make them in all different colors, tie-dye, neutrals brains. All things like that I'll leave a link for that. As well, I hope you having a great day, please let me know if you any questions. Comments are really appreciated. I'Ve having such a great time doing these videos have a whole list of like real videos to be making I'm just a little swamped at the holiday rush right now, so bear with me I'll try to get little fun things up, though I mean again, and I Think I'm nearing 100 subscribers and that means so much to me. I remember when I started back in whatever month. It was I I just I don't it's such a like. It'S not a huge number, but it really means a lot, especially something I haven't really talking about it publicly on my social media stuff. So thank you guys so much. It really means a lot hope. You have a great day, bye,

Viki Bagley: My hair tends to get flat and I always want to cut it short but I usually regret that because the growing phases are not pretty... I'm glad I can wear something that doesn't slide off my like elastic ones. It adds some excitement to my appearance.

Cynthia: It's very cute! It never fails when I look like a slob someone shows up at my door! lol

Fay Turner: Hi Olivia love the wire headbands and would love to see other ways to tie them please.....just out of interest you mention that you sell more when you can demo them......could you add a video on your website / Etsy with how you could wear them?

jennifer h: How do you wash these with the wire in them

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