Dollar Tree Has New Scunci~ Hair Accessories!! 12/15/17

Happy Friday beautiful friends!! I went to pick up more Christmas cards and found a ton of New Scunci hair bands, hair clips and more! Just a heads up if you are looking for cute hair accessories. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like, comment and subscribe!❤

Hi guys it's Heather, I found a bunch of new skunky items and I want to share them because there's just too many just to take pictures of that's what I was gon na do. But there is a lot, so I want to show them in case. You guys want to find them in your store. They have the non-slip grip barrettes, these everyday comfy you get for it looks like you get black gray, this pink and then I guess that's a grade. 2. These are adorable. I haven't seen these before scrunchie girl, bendy clip. How cute are those just gon na take this? I thought these were really cool to tune. One hair and wrist band hit him pack, it up I'll, hold your track or hold your hair, and this is up zing for secure hold. It'S like really pretty like this black bead. I believe it's a clip that this looks like, so they have that one and the regular got YouTube pet clips, and this is the only one that I have seen of this color match. But these are the bands you get 300 and this is for Auburn to match your hair, and then they have these. You get five lend this back and the happiest comfy ones is really super soft, pretty blue. With the gray. I have this gray with a pink burgundy and pink. These are reflective. They have reflective skunky products done. I think it's all they expandable headband down there. They have this double hairband, some tons and tons of products, and I think they had these in the summer, but they brought these back and they have these two. And that's all that I see that's a lot. You guys are looking for this country products. There'S more pretty cool. I wanted to share that. I think these are my favorite these and this, and these I like mom thanks guys, thanks for watching

Luxury Queen: Your store has a lot of great hair accessory collections

TheFourC's YouTube Family Fun: Wow the selection was amazing there! I'm going to have to take the girls there to stock up!!

Luxury Queen: The clips at 1:25 were popular in the 1990s. It’s nice that the dollar tree carries them ❤️

Mars From Michigan: So very cute headbands. Great selection too, Tfs!

Nova Scotia Living: Wow you have such wonderful items at Dollar tree. Blows my mind thanks for sharing

Loving on Yeshua!: I know what store I will be heading to lol...Tfs lovely ✌

It's A Deal: Wow your store had quite the variety!!

leela's insight: 5 headbands for a dollar! That's amazingtfs ❤

Kandy Cos: Have a great weekend!

Burgapoly Publishing: Dollar tree in our area didn’t not many nice collection like that Some of the items you showed, I found it at Walmart and more pricey

Moossey: this video is relaxing

Mary Christo: Thanks for sharing. I will look for these.

My Imperfect Style: great selection, like!

Crayola Skies: TFS Heather.

Only-In-My-Dreams *: Goodies yeah

TheGlitterRose: Very nice items

Kristen Fox: I can’t find scunci at any of my dollar trees.

Grace Elizabeth: your voice is so nice

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