Summer Hair Accessories 2020- Best Of Summer Hair Accessories For 2020

Summer hair accessories 2020- Best of Summer hair accessories for 2020

Affordable Summer hair accessories from Amazon for 2020

See below for links to my Summer hair accessories 2020

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Summer hair accessories:

1.) blue and pink faux pearl headbands:

2.) nude velvet headband pack:

3.) designer inspired headband pack:

4.) clips:

5.) satin scrunchies:


1.) Forever 21 graphic t- sold out, but other cute options here: and here:

2.) jean shorts:

3.) studded sandals:


1.) Amazon comfy dress:

2.) $10 Leopard shoes:


1.) eyelet dress:

2.) heels:


1.) swing dress:

2.) brown block heels:

3.) $4 necklace:

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Welcome back to my channel once again my name is Mary. I am a lifestyle blogger here in Austin Texas, here on my youtube channel, I like to talk about a little bit of everything, so you're gon na see a lot of fashion. Related videos Travel beauty therapy because I do work at the occupational therapist as well. So you're, just gon na see a little bit of everything, and I hope that you all will love all of it and stick around. I'M excited for this video because I'm going to share with y'all House, you elevate your hair game for those summer, outfits that you'll be wearing whether that means adding a little headband or a hair clip I've got lots of cute things to share with you. So accessorize thing is your thing or even if it's not your thing, it might be at the end of today's video umm, so yeah, I'm gon na share with you all some really cute options that will just help you step up your outfit game this summer and Just add a little something extra to it, and I think that y'all will love these pieces. Also each of them are under $ 15, so you can't beat that love me some Amazon. It'S always super affordable, so stay tuned for this video and let's get into it. Okay, so the first thing I have is this adorable headband. Obviously I was wearing this in the intro part. It is so adorable. Also it's like a pink color, and it has these faux pearl tee tailings. It actually comes with this one and then a blue color in the pack, and I absolutely love these headbands. You can wear them with like a cute white dress, a monochromatic look and add the headband in for just a pop of color and a pop of detail to the outfit, because I really think that the Fokker'ls just set this headband off. So let me share it. I'Ll close picture with y'all on what the blue one looks like it is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love this one. So much I'm a big fan of the pink one. I obviously Pink's my favorite color y'all, know that so I will be wearing this one: a ton. Okay, the next one I wanted to share with you all is another headband. It'S another really really cute option for spring and summer, though I actually bought this one, probably like three years ago, y'all and I have received so many compliments on it. I just love this one it'll go with just about anything, so you can't go wrong with this one. I did see that on Amazon. They don't have this exact one, but I'm sure it's probably the exact same thing from a different seller and they're super affordable. It comes in like a pack of three with different colors. How pretty is this, though? It'S like a velvety detail with the faux white pearls on this one, so yeah I've worn this one quite a bit, and I really really love it. So there is a designer. I believe how to pronounce it is Li Li Sidhu. He I'm not sure if I'm saying that right, I hope I am but those headbands that kind of look identical to this. One y'all are like a hundred and fifty dollars, and I'm like what like how. Why would somebody pay one $ 40 for one headband when you can get a pack of three on Amazon? That literally looks so similar for, like twelve bucks for three so yeah? Definitely not spending $ 100 on one hit me on one. You can get a pack of three for that sheet. The next thing I wanted to talk about are these pack three designer inspired Gucci headbands, so on the Gucci website, you will not see what headbands like this, but I do love how they incorporated similar elements of the design such as the B and then the stripe Detailing to create this logo, these actually come in a pack of three and you can see I'm wearing the pink one right now. You can see that one, it's really really fun you'll and they also come with the blue and red. As you can see here, and then the detailing of the B is like a yellow gold color. I love this one as well, so this one is black as the base and then it has the green and red stripes with the yellow golden B. So yeah super cute option. I think that y'all will love this pack. So another cute thing that I ordered were these pack of 20 clips and they're so cute. Oh, they have a variety of different designs, just different features to them. So let me show you what I'm talking about so I'm actually wearing the purl one in my hair right now, and this is a clip kind, so you can kind of easily clip an on clip and then they have ones like this. That'S the style of these and you can kind of just slide it right on so with these. I think that these are really cute. If you layer them like this, so you can put them like in your hair. Is there just two options that come in this pack? I mean there are tons of different styles. I believe there's 20 that come in this pack. So, for instance, this comes in the pack. They have glitter ones in case you're into that. So there's like a black glitter and then a gold glitter and then just some colorful ones like this. Here'S, the gold glitter one, I'm like a super big fan of this one, it's so cute, and then they just have some regular gold ones. So I feel like there's something for everybody in this pack like, even if you're, not a big fan of glitter or pearls, there's some plain gold ones. I mean for under $ 15. You really can't be another, so what cute y'all and then this just adds a little extra class to your hair to your summer outfit. I think that these are perfect pieces to just dress up an outfit a little bit. So if you're, just having one of those days where you just don't feel like dressing up outfit wise, you can always wear super casual outfit and then add a clip to your hair or a headband to dress it up a little bit and it'll. Look like you tried and put effort into the outfit. I tend to do that, a lot that just neat okay, so I got in these package and scrunchies. Oh my gosh yo. I'Ve literally had to film this a million times because I cannot say scrunchie. I don't know why I don't know why so are but okay, so I got this pack of scrunchies from Amazon a pack of five for $ 7.99. I believe so I will say it is a little misleading in the description it does say: silk they're, not silk. So I was led to believe that these result scrunchies. I was like wow. That'S a good deal because the slip one I don't know if y'all are familiar with slip, but they make this silk pillowcase and also some silk scrunchies and they're super expensive. So when I saw that these were $ 7.99, I was like oh my gosh that is so cheap, so I get this in and they're definitely satin, so just FYI, but the reviews are great. So that's why I went ahead and purchased them and I haven't regretted it honestly. I feel like they are very, very soft and I wear these sometimes at night, and I wear these throughout the day. Honestly, I've switched over and this is really all I've been wearing. Lately so that being said, they are satin skirt, jeez, they're, super soft and they're, pretty stretchy, as you can see. So this is what it looks like once it is on your hair. This is just another cute way that you can wear that's crunchy. I just did a little side braid and I kind of pulled apart the braid a little bit just to allow for like a bigger breather. Look. I hope you liked today's video it's a little bit different, but I had fun putting this together, because these are just some hair pieces that I bought and loved. So I figured, I would show you all the goods now, if you did like this video make sure to hit that thumbs up button hit that subscribe button and also that notification bell and that way anytime, I release a new video. You will be alerted and thanks again for watching y'all y'all have a great rest of your day.

Saskia K: I LOVE hair accesories. Probably my favorite part of getting dressed. Maybe I'll have to make a video showing off my hair embellishments and get at least one of those, haven't picked a favorite yet but probably the clips

Tiy's Ties: Nice! ✌

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