Amazon Baby Girl Hair Accessories Faves | Bows, Headbands, + Turbans | Cute + Affordable!

Sharing my fave baby girl hair accessories (all purchased on Amazon)! I love that each of these come with 5-10 per set. Not to mention, they are super affordable and comfortable on a tender-headed little one.

Leave a comment below and let me know which ones are your faves!


XO, Jade


Products featured:

- California Tot (alligator clips):

- Bow Headbands:

- Baby Turbans / Head-wraps :


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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, I'm Jade and you're watching Jade sha online, and this is Naiya and today I'm gon na be sharing with you, her top three or really my top 3 favorite hair accessories for her all you like it too, but I found On Amazon, keep watching ok, so these three items she's really had from being a newborn all the way till now she's about to be 13 months, and what I love about. All of them is that they are friendly for babies that don't like stuff on their heads. They'Re great, if your baby has long hair or is growing hair in different patches at different speeds, moms of newborns know what I mean like your girl, might have here right here right here and none on the other side and that's okay, if they're cute though, but These are my favorite accessory packages or sets from different brands that I found via Amazon, so the first bunch of Clips I'm going to show you is from a brand. I found on Amazon called California top yeah, California top. What I love about them is all of their clips are alligator clips and they're soft on a child's hair. She loves these things, they're soft, on a child's hair and what I love about. California. Etat is they're super stylish, so there was a set that I bought around the holidays and I really wanted it because it had this really cute silver sparkly bow, but a set also came with this brown leather bow. This gray leather bow this red plaid bow, which is perfect for the holidays, and this leopard bow. You want to show them that matches your dress and this leopard bow fees are really easy if your baby has two strands of hair or 200, and they all have this soft alligator clip really easy to open and doesn't pinch like you can put it on your Own hair and feel it does not pinch, and it's really easy when you just want to get out the door. Sometimes we just let her hair roam free and we just clip it wherever it. It looks good where it might fall well boom. How cute is this baby? Show them they'll put your little curls, so cute so easy. This is my favorite clip for holiday pictures. She got to meet Santa with this on an iconic moment and it also came with a black, faux leather clip which I can't find right now. It'S probably one of the diaper bags, but I just wanted to show you all and I'll link this set below again. These are really great. If you have a baby, but has a tender head, do you have a tender head or do you have a strong head now really great if you have a baby with a tender head? I really just want to leave this one here, but I'm going to unclip and show y'all the next set, so the next set literally came with like 15. I want to say it had to at least have been 10 of these colorful bows. Now, if you've ever been in the sports world - or you know someone that's played sports, you probably remember: what's called pre-wrap, it's the thing that you wrap your arms with, and it's really soft and stretchy. That'S literally what these feel like here and I love it because we did have some other bows that were either given to us as a gift or we bought, and it had more like a hair type material, and it was just way too tight on her head. But what I love about this one is literally look. This could fit both our head at the same time girl. This is so big. It comes in so many different, colors and honestly they're so light and weight. You could just have a ziploc or like a clutch of these and just put them all and just put them all in the diaper bag. So I love these. I'M going to show you how easy it is to put on, and what was great, was as her hair was kind of growing at different speeds like she had great hair for a man bun, but the side of her hair wasn't growing. Yet we were able to put these on her and kind of like place her hair, in a way where you couldn't tell that the size of her hair wasn't growing. Yet. So if you have a baby who has a lot of hair at the top and not a ton on the sides or even a baby that doesn't have much hair at all, this is a great option. Show that baby say hi. Can you show them your hair? You show them the bozo okay. Well, I'm sure you guys will be at why I'm showing you guys this next one okay, so these next items are seriously like the most popular thing that you've seen on Instagram. I'M so glad that I put them on our baby registry and thank you Kristin thank you say thank you. Auntie Kristin, we're buying these for us because until her head or her her head got too big or her hair got too long. We were using these as a staple in her monthly milestone picture. They are these little head wraps these little baby turbans and they are the best. It was super, affordable again just throw it on your baby registry and it's so cute. They come in a bunch of different colors, black white, pink red purple and I just loved how they looked over her little head I'll put some of her milestone pictures in here, so you can see they're great for a newborn. That'S not moving too much yet because you can put it on their head and there's a second where they don't really notice. What'S going on, because it's not like a bow, that's clipping on their hair, it's literally just on their whole head. You can capture a few milestone pictures, but this isn't you know gon na be the best for when you're out and about if you do have a baby that doesn't like stuff on their head. So I will keep it a hundred about that. You can do great Mommy and Me pictures with these. Again. All of these are available on Amazon. I'M going to put the links below in the description box thanks so much for watching if you're new. Here I would love for you to subscribe, I'm bringing motherhood and wellness gems every Saturday, and I would love for you to be on the journey with me say thanks for watching yay

Jade Shaw: ❤️❤️❤️ Hi loves! What's your fave hair accessories to see on little ones? Drop a comment below! XO ❤️❤️❤️

Donna Miranda: She's so adorable! Kristin had all the bows especially the elastic bows...she will tell you why later! Lol!

Kristin Miranda: The curls are so defined!!!!! She’s so lucky she has a head full of hair to hold these bows....i was bald FOREVER now look at me hahahhaha

Samantha Inez: Her hair!!! I love it!

Lauren Michelle: Jade what products do you use (if any) on your daughters hair? Mine is 3 months old and hair is growing like crazy but TANGLING so bad in the back. Tempted to use conditioner but don’t want anything too harsh on her. I have done coconut oil for her cradle cap (ty for the tip!!) but it weighs her thin textured curls down and looks really greasy.

Clarissa: she's so cute!!

HeyitsCass: She’s getting so big Miss you guys

Lisa Gonzales: She adorable!

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