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Hi guys this is syed if i'ma proverbs. Why calm and I'm doing a quick video of from Peter Fabio in this video is going to be a file on hair accessories. I know I talk a lot about clothes, outfits and just ways of dressing yourself up, so that you look your best and feel your best, but today I'm going to be talking about hair accessories and dressing up your house hairstyle with with hair accessories. I have a lot of different heroes. Us reason. Today I have my hair in a bun. It'S just I'm all caught up in a blunt, and this is a great hairstyle, no matter what what texture of hair you have. You have a curly, but if your curly, hair or a natural, but if you have oily hair or even if you have straight here, you could add on something inside your hair and and create a bun as well. But the thing I like about hairstyles, updos or any kind of hairstyle is that you can add hair accessories or what i like to call hair candy to your hair, to make your hairstyle look even even more fabulous. So i buy these little flowers or little hair clips like this one here, and what these i'm here with these hair clips on the back there's just like a little clip mechanism and the thing about these hair clips is these large ones come with a pin so That you can pin them on your shirt as well, if you wanted to wear them when your shirt, but most times I just wear them in right here and adding that little flower to your hair just adds another dimension to your look. So this is this. Is the big flower and then sometimes I wear these medium sized flowers this one here I get a lot of confidence on this sparkling one here and I put that about right there and you can just wait a little sparkly flour and then the next one is Another medium sized sparkly flower, it's sequined and it's a little bit different and again it does have the clip on the back, where you can actually wear it on your shirt if you want it to, but it's just a smaller size and you could pin down here With your bun and then I have this other sequined one, and this is a young - this one is a silver sequin and then the back - and this is just felt - this is a felt clip and it has some some sequins attached to it. But the back, this one doesn't have the shirt clip, but if you wanted to wear a smaller flower, you could just click that on there - and sometimes I have multiples of these. I have multiples of all of these, except for these big ones, because with the with the medium one sometimes I'll add to, i could have two of these. So I had one here and then one here right beside each other and I could have bought them both up, so you can see, but you get the idea and the same thing with this sequined when I have two of these, so you could add one here And then like one right beside it, the other flowers I have all these smaller ones, and these don't have any shirt attachment on them that I'm a son anything now that look on cookie, but yeah. These don't have any pin on them. Even though I don't wear these on my shirt, but I have four of these - and you could put one here one here - one here and one here and create like a headband effect, if you want it to or you could just go with one flower here on The side, so you have these small ones, and this is also sequin, and then I have these plain ones. I have this one in several colors and it's just like a raw edge cry and if you can see, I don't here we go the same. I don't know if you can see the edges of these are frayed, so it's just like a raw edge, cotton clip and again these smaller ones. Don'T have the pin on to that, but I have multiples of these and you could line them up a cross or just put two over here on the side, and it makes a regular hairstyle look very elegant in the final clip that I want it. Well, not the final clip, but another clip that I want to talk about. Is this one that i ordered recently on amazon on my site? I talked about these peacocks. I don't know if you can see this is supposed to be the peacocks body here and is his feathers on his head and then that's his tail, but this is a very pretty clipping. This is one you could just put here on the side and I'm it clips in just like that, so you clip it in and put it here on the side. I don't want to add these to my hair, because my hair is already done and I don't want to fiddle around with that, but the last clip I want to talk to you about is oil last year. Assess we want to talk to you about. Is this lela rose cliff and I know a lot of people have seen these flecks eclipse already and they're kind of their bendy and they're flexible, and so they can kind of really go around any hairstyle. But you put them on your hair and they can kind of hang in there really elegant. I really like the detail on them. If you have these stones on them and then this one yeah this one is I'm kind of like a silver and that's that so this is the. I think this is like the large or the extra-large flexi clip, and I have one in my hair now one here into that, and I hope you can see it. I think you can't be done yeah. I just put this one in the back of my bun and the little tassel is just timing that I put that in the back and the little tassels just kind of hang down and so, like I said, a lot of these unclips. The flexi clips are the flexi clips are more expensive than these other clips. These ones i get from forever 21 for anywhere between two and three dollars of a dollar. Eighty, these smaller ones are usually a dollar eighty, and then these came from Claire's and these are about to something. And then these are for from forever 21 also, and these are run about two thousand eighty cents or three dollars: oh well, two thousand eight cents, and then these are like three something. These are like three something and this one. These clips on Amazon they're, like two bucks, and so I have the link to i'm, going to put the link down in the comment section. So, if you're interested in going to the forever 21 website and checking out any of these hair clips or if you interested in checking out the lela rose, hair clips I'll have a link for these in the bottom and also, if you're interested in any of the Jewelry that our hair can get came from amazon, i will put the link down in the bottom, for you, that's all i have for you today, thanks for watching my video again subscribe, give me a thumbs up if you liked the video and also be sure to Visit me out of Proverbs wife, calm, that's a proverbs or calm, i'm also on facebook. At a proverbs wife on facebook, i'm on instagram twitter. You can find me you can find all of my social media links down in the description box. Thanks guys have a great day, bye, bye,

TotallyTyra: I have been wanting a flexi 8 clip for the longest time! I decided to hold off and let it be a personal treat for myself when I reach my weight loss goal =)

LivelyTreasures: The size of the flexi clip is printed on the pin of the clip, near the tip. What size is yours? Looks "extra large." I just ordered several flexi clips for the first time and can't wait to receive them.

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