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Today I will speak and show you Hair Accesoriesor Vintage style! But be free to add them to modern look too!)

P.S. Oh yes, I forgot about Bows!=( Because not using them in most cases, but you can!)))

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Hello, everyone, my name, is Yuri aluminio, welcome to my channel and this will be informational. We do not help you or something like that, but of course we will talk about winter, about winter's hair accessories. That'S not using now in nowadays in modern style, and they was like cotton in some way, and I wanted to discuss this and show with you what I have how using them, and maybe you will add them to your looks to not on the winter. She looks for modern, looks too it will be. You know, like accessories, it's like a spices for the dish and I think, like accessories, making your outfit more special, more beautiful and more interesting. So so so, let's start if, if I'm sitting here now with this flowers in my hair, we'll start talking about flowers, as you can see, I own getting this matching. Color flowers, draw rose and white to my outfit today, I'm in such such dress - and I have you - can see my face, but anyway I can. I have white petticoat under so it's like it's matching amazing and actually also I'm using three colors to 3 colors. In my outfit, not not not more, I mean here I have oh, also like the green leaf, but actually the main white and pink and the shirts will be white and the back will be white. Little little excerpts Express how to mix them. Yes and I wanted to share, I have a big such a big books with different flowers, something some of them. I was bought some of them them. I was made by myself by the way. It'S really not not a problem and not difficult to do. Let'S start reminder: no, maybe I will show you what I was did might be messed up. It will be more interesting to start, I guess the tomato. Oh, yes, so look I create such such flower and the holder is just an ordinary dark milk lips. I was going to this show of the flowers here this one, this one, this one and this Sun, I don't know how they focus in a nun. Doesn'T matter so you need. Of course you need to buy the glue gun is the main thing glue gun that will clips and flowers wherever you want it's very comfortable because you can go to advocate actually in modern shops, we can't buy such flower accessories, so you need to buy them on The internet, or if you have a pusher like if you have for your shop, stone with the shops in your city, we have a problem with this in Ukraine, so I have two ways to buy in Internet and waiting when it will become or just go to The flower shop, where I can buy some flower match in my outfit - if I want to add this to my outfit and just make my by myself - it's very easy. I even don't want to be sharing with you how to do that, because glue gun flowers and type duckbill clips, it's all the teammate. Also. I just want to share with you beautiful that did miss apple blossom. It'S not advertising! I just share with you where, where I was from this very beautiful star, look: oh my gosh. I need tissue. Of course you can see that here a lot of details where which I was made it it was. It was haven't such a lot of details, but I think it's very the comment share with you, and this is - and this is one too and you can use them not only need to your hairstyle, you can only use them like a pin. You know it's very beautiful too, like a pin and I like to use them like a pin on the courts. It'S very cool, it's looking very beautiful because when you have a court like and when you add in some access record or trench or jacket, yeah, it's working very great, it's working right away. Also, I have such big one. This is me Rhonda choice they make. This is like multitasking, a flowers I have over alike another one. There are two on the head. This part can be added to the hats, to their health. They have a cat hats, and also you can do this like using like pins and like a flowers in the head, like Oh huge, huge, big, amazing idea, and they have every one they have like such double click here, but also I have this is by the Way I put in accessories and a shop, I don't know what you have it, where it will long time ago, before retro, by the way I'm already used to their flowers. I don't know why I'm watching nothing to come around watching their anyway, such in Earth bobby pins. They are all different you just need to buy. I advise you to buy, look very beautiful or hit you're, maybe color of your hair, your lips, lipstick with which you are using more often it will be, and look this such accessories with flower. This is rondalee. Swiss love, two parts, two sides very beautiful. Also, don't you I will not use it such things in the modern, modern style but yeah. I think it's very good too, and also I have such on their ups. You can use them when you have a hairstyle with bombs or something like that. This is about flowers, Oh, so I will freak about also about accessories. The next one option this such things they wear. I have two colors black and black and brown, but I want to have more because this is amazing - amazing option to do your hairstyle beautiful. If I won't have here the flower, I could do like that. You know like here, and this is like its hold, your hair. You can create different hairstyles with it and also don't use it in modern styles. This, like it accessory. That was forget, forgotten what that's? How I will I will name my my video? Actually there they may be different, they may be a with Diamonds, they may it could be like with different. I don't know beautiful things I I bought such simple for every day using violet. Also, you can use different beautiful thanks, also the main thinks that was very popular in 40s. This is the harness by the way, this one is winter net from Germany. This is the winter. It'S very beautiful and don't use it. I have a few. I did it. I did already few tutorials. You can find them on my channel how to use and which hairstyle you can do with this hair net as exhaust accessory and it's eggs you can see. This is the black color and my hair is white, but when I am wearing black color outfit, their black color are not mention amazing. On with my outfit you know, so I think it's not a rule to use like and bobby pins. Actually, you need to lose use bobby pins, your color, because they don't need to show to be shown, but the hair nets you can, I think, even you can use the different colors and yes, I have even a snood, but I don't know where it is. So I can't show you: this is the night actually, my color yeah, the snoot is looking like this, like the nut, but it's more foam, they're, more bigger, true, treats and more bigger of different colors, and this is like neat thing to hold your hairstyle, but you Can use the snoot and the nuts in one way you know actually in one way to hold your hairstyle and to make there it's more interesting. You know, and the last rich things that I wanted to speak it's about what scars it's about scars. As you know, of course, you can do the different two bonds, yep two bonds, which was popular started for thirties, but also you can just this curse. I can show you now: okay, but anyway, you understand like to hold your hair and to add in this like accessory. It'S like the main thing it's like accessory and you can choose different. You need to buy the scars, not a square. Yes, like this long scars, they're different, I have a lot of scars and, by the way, friends by buying scars, you need to bind scars because curse, it's a means and accessories for your back for your hair for your neck, like Grace, Kelly was using it like A belt so actually the scar, the scars, it's amazing accessory that will be increase your outfit making it really interesting. So you need definitely collect them. If you saw scarves buy them by then different colors different structures textures this one in little in little old. It'S not to focus it, and this is little horses, you know, and maybe I will do even video how to use such scarves with the right. Actually, if I we don't see, it's looking like that, like a band, I'm saying right and I wanted to show you such beautiful scarves, I found it in a thrift store look. This is with this scarf. You can create 20s, no 20s hairstyle when you will color with them on there all the hat, all the hat and doing here it will be very beautiful. I think I will do what I will do. The video we will show you how to do different, beautiful things with scars not to bonds, it's not to poncho bonnets. Well, you create something like you know. This is like just like a scarf on the hair and with this amazing, 20 style, it's like here. You know I'm so happy this beautiful scars, so actually this is the end of my video. I hope you will enjoy this video and we'll start to using different accessories. And, yes, don't forget about brushes. You can use brushes in your hair like worse, it can use a Brosius too, so just the imagination add in add in the spice to your hairstyles to your outfit and have a busy day. Thank you for watching. Don'T forget to follow me, don't forget to click the like

Britischen Adligen: I'm so happy I found your channel! I followed you on Instagram a while ago, while I was still active on social media lol, and I'm so glad to get back to your cannel again! You have such wonderful energy ❤ keep up the good work! Also, I'm trying out your half poodle hairstyle for an event! Wish me luck

RealSmoothie: I missed your videos ! Good to see you’re back !!!❤️

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Sheer Stitchery: Loving your lipstick! What shade/brand is it?

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Valentina Krasniqi: Great video!!!

Dr GoodWell: You look so pretty vintage blonde girl

soft bread: I just found your YouTube channel today and I have one thing to say your so fricken cute

AutumnOnTuesdays: You are so pretty

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