Doll Hair Accessories Diy For Your American Girl Doll/ 18Inch Doll

Learn how to make adorable mini scrunchies, doll hair accessories for your dolls. Scrunchies are from the '90s most popular hair accessories. These are easy and quick to make for beginners! Make your doll really stand out with these fun hair accessories.


Measurements for scrunchies:

Long scrunchie- 32cm * 5,5cm(12,5 inch * 2,5 inch)

elastic- 0.9 * 13cm(0.5inch * 5 inch)

Short scrunchie- 24cm * 5,5cm (9,5 inch * 2,5 inch)

elastic- 0,5*13cm (0.3 inch * 5 inch)

You can use whatever elastic you want/ or what you have.



Cotton fabric


Thread/ Needle

Safety pin

Sewing machine


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Bensound - Cute

Do do so so do do do do do so. Do you

Brenda: Great idea! I’ve made several of these. So cute!

D. Dragonfly: Cute and easy project. I will try a matching set for my neice and her dolls. Thank you

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