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Luke Coutinho, an all-star of TRS. One of my all-time favorite guests and people in the world. This man needs no introduction. One of the top health and fitness coaches in India who has worked relentlessly with Cancer patients all over the world and also mentored some of the top celebrities in Bollywood with health and wellness. Luke has been on the show previously, some of our most loved episodes. We previously spoke about fitness & food habits, drugs & psychedelics, and warrior mentality.

Luke Coutinho on the Evolution of Mushrooms, Psychedelics & where humans stand now. Hope you enjoy this episode.

Luke speaks about the benefits of bone marrow, natural ways to build strong bones, stem cells, and more.

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TRS Clips is a collection of SHORT CLIPS from The Ranveer Show podcast. The Ranveer Show by Ranveer Allahbadia has grown to become India's biggest and smartest English Podcast on audio platforms. Hope you enjoy our latest knowledge-fueled videos from the BeerBiceps team.

Happiness through curiosity on the runway show welcome to trs clips genuinely one of the best mental health exercises that i did for myself in my recent past was taking up yoga classes like just understanding the abcs of it right and understanding how stress is also stored in The body, but also understanding the power of your own bones and what's inside, and this is something i feel people aren't aware of. I actually think you told me about this. The last time you were recording off camera, something about the bone marrow and the powers that it holds. Oh yeah for your mind, as well as the recovery of your body. Absolutely you want to shed some light on that sure you're born. So so let me break down, so i do integrative medicine, integrative, medicine and oncology is very important when it comes to your bone marrow, because when we talk about immunity, immunity has been thrown around because of the pandemic. Some people think immunity is more gilloy, more turmeric. More garlic, it's far from that, your bones: your bone marrow produces something called stem cells. You have the right number of stem cells and quality of stem cells. You have a fantastic immune system, doesn't mean you won't fall sick. You can fall sick, but your recovery will be a breeze like we've seen two populations, people who get covert and suffer miserably and take months to heal - and you say people who get covered 24 hours later, they're back asymptomatic, everything's, fine. What'S the difference, the immune system, nothing else, mitochondrial dysfunction, so stem cells is everything and that's why stem cell treatments today bone marrow transplants is your ultimate when it comes to certain cancers, if you can get the bone to produce stem cells, your body's intelligence, heals you! How do you trigger it? Is it through stretching so many beautiful things stretching food sleep again? So when you look at burn victims, there's a grade burn grades, one two, three four! So one treatable, two treatable three, it's scar, the bones, they're, probably between a three and four they're, going to put you in a unit where it's completely sealed, not even dust can get in because you have no immune system, your bones damaged. You can't produce stem cells you're literally without an immune system, which means most of those bone burn. Patients will die of infection, not because of the burn, my god. So that is the importance of bone of bones. Now, when we look at bone again, building muscle, better bone health, less preservatives better bone health, it's not about calcium, that's the biggest myth, more calcium means better bones. We need calcium, k2, magnesium and d3 in a matrix for better bones, walking one of the best exercises for bone health, yoga yeah. That'S what all of this you know a lot of these uh yoga practitioners that i meet often have radiant skin look way younger than they are a great hair, and i put you in that same bracket. Oh, you know like when you meet certain people. They glow even more in person like the camera, sometimes doesn't catch the glow correctly, but sometimes you just meet someone and there's so much peace on their face, and it's often because of some high level of yoga or a bunch of lifestyle factors that they're doing uh. You know together, but specifically when we're talking about yoga. What i've understood is that your bones are not brittle. That'S what people think bones are people think bones are like. You know something hard, it's not glass, but it's something you can't bend. Bones are actually meant to bend slightly yeah, there's a slight flexibility in it and that's what yoga brings back. It brings flexibility of your muscles, like of your connective tissue, but also your bones and that's why yoga also true yoga will also allow your asana not to look instagram perfect. Can you explain this yeah? So if you look on instagram, every asana is perfect, so it makes people think yoga is difficult, but a real yoga teacher, even if i'm unable to do that. Asana doesn't look right, but i'm moving into that. I'M stimulating my bones. My cartilage is my it's about getting into the pores: it's not about reaching that perfect pose. There are many people who will never reach that perfect pose, but because they're doing it consistently it's working for them. So again, people think you guys will be that perfect instantly. Wait, you know most people putting up their poses have probably clicked 10. 15. 20 pictures. You should be so proud to put up the first picture of your asana, no matter how funny it looks and send a message to the world that i'm in the journey of maybe reaching there. But this is the real me it's you know, that's how it is. Yeah um: do you think, like this great skin and hair, that we see it's like people like yourself or yoga practitioners? Is it down to your bones, producing more stem cells which actually go and heal pimples faster, take away uh pigmentation of your skin faster? It can play a very small role, but there's a lot more. It'S also it's it's also, i i know a lot of people who eat junk food don't have the best lifestyles, but yet they glow. So while i would like to say that yes, nutrition is everything and stuff see, think of it as you and i we have a candle inside everyone, it's your spirit when your spirit is nurtured, you are going to glow, irrespective even someone who's darker skinned. You will see a glow in them, it's that inner candle, which is your spirit when the spirit is clouded like you may say, i'm glowing right now, but if i start to think negative thoughts and bad thoughts and bad intentions, the glow, you will see the glow Disappear in front of you, i'm diminishing my own spirit, you know, so it's not always food and bone. It plays a huge role because again, more stem cells, lesser inflammation, what's the fastest thing that ages, people inflammation chronic inflammation, so the the more trained my immune system to switch off inflammation, the younger you are gon na be you're, not gon na reverse aging, but you're Gon na slow it down and most people today are aging way before their age way. Before so now i can sit and meditate for four hours. In a day it doesn't mean i'm gon na slow down aging. I have to meditate, but i also have to take the essence of my meditation. It can't just be good thoughts and clarity in that one hour of meditation. How do i move it into my day? How do i move it into a life situation into a relationship and that's what keeps the spirit alive? Thank you for watching this clip. If you want to learn more about this topic, we've curated a playlist just for you and here's a link to the whole episode. You

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Earth and sustainability: As a yoga teacher I always was little shy to put photo out as it's not perfect but this video really gives me the confidence as it aligns with the real value of yoga

Pruthvirajsinh Thakor: It is very old topic which is very appreciable that shared by luke cutino sir That IN OUR AYURVEDA there are Seven body constituents (धातु) which which hold or sustain our body in which 6th dhatu is MAJJA DHATU= BONE MARROW AND it's before 5th dhatu is ASTHI DHATU= BONES and their METABOLIC PRODUCTS (उपधातु) are respectively for MAJJA UPDHATU = EYE SECRETIONS AND SKIN SECRETIONS LIKE SWEAT AND ALL. and ASTHI UPDHATU = HAIRS OF THE WHOLE BODY means this metabolic depends on their core dhatu or bones and bone marrow how their skin lustre eye lustre which give you a glow and hairs of body by the bones which is REFRENCE FROM चरक संहिता सूत्रस्थान १५/२० THANK YOU for sharing RANVEER BRO for this knowledge to peoples

Neelam Chauhan: This is one of the most helpful and best info on yoga I have come across. Inspiring too. Thanks Ranvir for making this video.

Dr. Shikha Sharma Rishi: What a wonderful explanation of such a beautiful concept. Loved each and every word of this video

Apoorv M Shukla: I bet that guy has suffered and struggle a lot in his earlier life and took that as a learning thus result is how perfect and determined he is in his thoughts.

Positive Vibes: Moral:- Yoga, Meditation, Good diet is important. But above all of these the most important thing is the state of inner spirit. What we think we become. We should think positive and be happy always to have good health and good life.

Nili Ghosh: His approach is so pragmatic. Very informative.Thank you. We each have our own light. So no matter what challenges might arise, we must step into the light and move forward.

Bhar Santa: Woow thanks a lot Ranveer.. This is really an eye opener. Thanks for bringing in the guest.., he was so sensible and gave the exact reasons for good health.. Will watch the whole episode. I feel like I have to contact him. Thanks a lot again. Can’t appreciate!! how much this was the need of the hr. Many ppl will benefit from this episode..

manisha rani: When you keep doing yoga your body and soul get connected i tried a 21day yoga program in initial days i couldn't perform but in third week one day i did 2hrs straight yoga and it was so relaxing i can't explain.

Rohan chauhan: What a communicator he is Absolutely mind blowing

Nandini Dambhare: Oooh my god how confident and how beautifully you explained this thing loved your comunication skill you are damn good at this ❤️

Rajat Thakur: He is right about the part that chronic inflammation fastens aging cause of constant flight and fight response. It's psychosomatic. Infact poor skin and hair due to depression ir anxiety fall under psychosomatic issues .Depression can also cause joint issues cause the down trodden mental state over triggers immune system and hence imune system needs something to compensate. Our body is like a synthesis and symbiotic organism . No one particular cause. There are Sadhus living on one meal a day diet but healthy dreadlocks. Why ? Cause their chronic inflammation is low . They may have pakodas or jalebis fir survival but their internal system is so pure and balanced cause of stable harmonious mindset and intermittent fasting in a week that the whole internal and external system remains in harmony. Whereas look at bodybuilders , they have the best diets they can afford , still losing hair.

Esoteria Healing: My skin became worse recently. Acne, marks, dullness. Don't ignore the signs of your body. I have started with intermittent fasting. The meals I take are well thought to ensure a balanced diet. Not to forget exercise and meditation. I'm feeling better already, I'm sure I'm going to look better too in a few weeks. Edit: watch Dr. Berg's videos on this.

Shruti Tiwari: Thank you for bringing the sea of knowledge to us with just some clicks away Ranveer! I wanted to recommend you on inviting Shreans Daga and his brother, Varun Daga for your podcast. You might enjoy learning from their 2-3 decades of experience on learning and practicing spirituality with a scientific approach too! So, I attended their "free" 28 days Workshop in September, ever since then, my YouTube algorithm introduced me to you! So there's a link, you see!

Sara: Man, this guy is not a scientist, engineer, or a Docter, but HELL!!! knowledge, can't miss any of the podcasts Luke

Sajid Ali Saiyad: Just wonderful, how this guy clarifies the concept. The positive energy matters , this is my take away !! ☝

beyond borders: He really explained beautifully, one can see his brightened sprit

Nirmala Nemmani: Great video! Pls do many more such videos which help people educate on being happy, healthy and live long

Apurva Patel: Hey ranveer i just watched few of your videos and they were just awesome. In many of them you talk about meditation. Would you suggest some teachers or courses that you follow for mediation ? Because from past few months in my to-do list the one of thing is meditation . Kindly respond

JEET JOSHI: The spirit candle thing is really on point. Often I felt my glow to be at a low level, whenever there are clouds of negative thoughts, sadness, anger, etc. in myself. Replace it with lifeward thoughts, optimistic approach and execution mentality, the difference will be significant.

Cross V: Yoga is Amrit for me I was overweight had low immunitl was lazy and very poor in studies, but I started doing yoga and even started following vegetarian diet then the miracle happened I got my bmi below 30 now I live a very healthy and happy life

父༺{ΔĐΔŘŞĦ ƤŘΔβĦỮ}༻父: Always you come with good brave people who help us in day- today life Thanks once again Bro. All the very Best for your future, Anuradha Prabhu from Bangalore

Hv: He is somewhere near bt things are better explained in ayurved where it is called majja dhatu on which are strength, skin texture, eyesight everything is dependent and ultimate is veerya dhatu (semen) and oj dhatu for immunity, strength etc. So traditionally we focused on increasing semen by eating ghee, milk rather than increasing maans dhatu (muscle tissue) by eating meat. It doesn't give u bigger size bt gives lot of strength. @BeerBiceps u better bring some ayurvedic practitioners to discuss this topics with clarity. Dr Arun Mishra or Dr Rupali Jain can be an option bcoz they run a youtube channel and they talk about true ayurved and not modern mixed ayurved.

Priyanka Nayak: That's true about yoga. I had severe back pain. It started after I rode into a pothole and since then the pain suddenly emerges and just wouldn't stop unless I take any pain killer. I tried physiotherapy, saw an orthopedic but nothing worked. I gave yoga a try and my pain has disappeared. But please do it through an instructor.

Rohith KN: He is absolutely right positive thoughts and spirit brings glowness on face always think good be generous , humble , kindness actually it brings Life in a good direction with a positive mindset best examples are PM Modiji , actors like Ajith Kumar , Mahesh Babu , Yash, Tamanna , Virat Kholi , Hrithik Roshan , Jaya Kishori there face shines like marbles

Suja Radhakrishnan: So profound and eloquent... He's a great doctor..

Dr Aditi gautam13: Just wow. How beautifully explained. I am a doctor myself and can 100 percent relate to it!

Anupriya: This man made so much sense. It's the spirit that keeps the inner you alive

Ibrahim Mohammad: Thank you Ranveer for bringing out such valuable information.

paraag Kulkarni: Dude.. you are awesome.. Thanks to you tube.. To much learning... Thank you for every beast episodes.. PEACE <3.

Vishnu Bhat: His communication skills are more than a public speaker That voice modulation

Mallikarjun Reddy: With this amount of confidence...this man can sell anything to anyone man! No disrespect intended.

Abhishek Singh: This has been the most eye-opening video on health I saw in my life.

AMIT KUMAR SATPATHI: Ido Portal is one of the most inspirational flexibility and movement coach in recent times. He trained McGregor on his 2015-16 prime years.

Prajwal Jadhav: Sometimes spending time and having a conversation with someone is worth millions!!

Newavy: Thank you ranveer for bringing such videos to audience

Chronicle Tales: I ONLY watched it for Luke and boom he always switch on/trigger/ open portal or something in mehe gives air to my fire and yet calms me down. Thank you so much Luke Coutinho to give spark to my spirit

Amit Kumar: logical n to the point... I knew.. everything inside us...we are a part of mother nature ... just need to believe on ourself...without rush...

shekhar gupta: This is a great video ..... extremely knowledgable .... thank you Ranveer

V-tune: I always thank u Ranveer for this beautiful information I gather naturally without any artificial content

ritesh mishra: You are doing gods work Ranveer.

F: improve your mitochondrial function by increasing sunlight exposure. watch sunset & sunrise, completely dark after sunset to reset your circadian rhythm = the most optimal sleep quality for humans. He is completely right

Komal Chaudhari: Hey yarr i am very much impressed because of your curiosity..... I respect you.... Please keep it up.....i purple you

Linta Binesh: Thanks ranveer for such amazing videos.. god bless you forever

Swati yadav: Hi Ranveer , I like u podcast and I see ur podcast back to back while I am work over night, but sometimes i feel sometimes ur body gesture distracts me to focus on words . So I just listen your podcast . This is my honest feeling and sir I didn't want to disrespect your way , but if I did so then I apologize. Your work is awesome Thanks for your effort towards society.

Jessy Rai: Thanks for the informative the end of the day it's your spirit n your good deeds in this world for good health, skin etc

Abcd Efgh: Thanks to guest for sharing knowledge really helpful and practical knowledge

Bank mock score: First of all digestion is big part played on overall well being I'm struggling nd I know the side effects on my health if ur digestive system strong everything take care of themselves

Aniket Raj: Yeah one of my cousins inspite of having darker tone and eating lots of junk food, his skin glows But he sleeps more

Vineet Gupta: U r so 90’s kid ……ur podcast covers all kind of topics … u

Ritu Gosain: Very well explained Thank you !

Dexter मुरुगन: first of all i understood what everyone is doing and started doing the same thing but in a more different way than anyone else,then to represent it like this that I can be better and different than anyone else I used more spiritual vocabularies which paved the way for me to being unique and better than anyone else on this planet.People are not really aware of these things which I have ascertained these past few days.Iam so good I love myself im just better than anyone ,you guys are just no match for me

Pallavi Ojha: woww,, things the guest has shared about the soul, thoughts, positivity -> glow on skin

Shekhar: great info...only one pointer here. I have seen malicious ppl having glowing skin also. I feel genes play a major role here.

FlyHigh: I was suffering from alopecia for 6 years tried hundred of medicine but of no work then I heard of Brahmacharya and started following it now my hair is black and don't fall no medicine nothing and also finished Physical training without putting moove or volini Spray or any massage oil my pain in bones was recovering fast mental satisfaction fully different world ...feels like God is with you Everytime ❤️ Har Har Mahadev

Nikhil Swatantra: Such a beautiful and eye opening, knowledgeable content

Emcee Shruti Tripathi: I had covid and it lasted for 12 hours it was really painful but it ended in 12 hours fully I have been going yoga since I was 12 years old. And I got my periods at the age of 12 my mother forced me to do yoga because I had it once and for 6 months because of trauma I didn’t as my father hit me a lot on the day I got my periods. Yoga has helped me handle my stress, anxiety and depression and it has taught me how to breathe well and when to breathe how. Try it it’s the best way to live❤

Linta Binesh: Dr. Hedge always points that ayurveda is the best n always speaks out truth.. if

Ashish Chandrakar: Good point. Padmasan is such pose which allows you to deeply medidate as well as put stress on the leg bones.

rizu das: I am going to be a doctor and I will do this job I love to advice people about body health

MenAce: Semen retention will definitely bring back 99% of your skin glow and healthy hair. Once you get glimps of it, there’s no going back. It’s never too late to start!

Ayush Godiyal: In ayurved .....asthi dhatu's Mal aur updhatu is our hairs if asthi is good everything is good......and one request to everyone please don't pronounce the wrong way of our terms as foreigners are pronouncing ...example yoga-ayurveda.....please pronounce it in right way ayurved -yog and correct all those Indians or foreigners who are pronouncing it in a wrong way

Annu Rai: What the hell guys do u have any idea what u have just done? This is ground breaking information. Why is this not viral? I'm blown!!!

shonali sharma: People are aging way faster than their actual age, this is actually me I am 30 now and I have been so stressed for the last couple of years that nothing is going right, but the last year has been worst, I have seen my pictures from my 29th birthday and now and I see such a huge difference in myself, like this one year has made me age almost 5 years or something.

Radhu Murlidhar: Muchas gracias guys ! Stay blessed

01_Abhijeet: this man is so high vibration. he is literal sitting influence.

Shivansh Rai: Ranveer bhai don't "hmmmm" It's distracting and irritating. You're doing great work by the way. Keep it up!

Nisha Singh: So unique content.. something new learnt today.

JAI SHREE RAM: He is just too good to be true

Devraj Bhattacharjee: Awesome explanation. You are great

Deepanshu Vashist: Wow, what level of understanding of the body...

Om Learner: He is true about negative things lose glow of skin and all...

harish lodha: what a guy, thanks ranveer for sharing

Aditya Kumar: His attitude and body language ✅

Mahesh Chetariya: This is the most rediculous conversation I have ever seen....about yoga it's correct but about bone marrow as a medical personnel it's much more confusing

rameshkumar penmetsa: Excellent explanation on Yoga Postures.

Ri: I totally agree you that you can override nutrition and lifestyle n slow down aging n change karma 100%.doing it since 25 yrs successfully with cellular regeneration (own invented technique).just come across your site.Good work

Ritu Bhojak: wow what a clarity in thought - thanks for this wonderful insight

rakesh singh: truly informative

gaurav kumar: My mother told me to keep good digestion and you'll always look young I am 37 but hardly people guess I am over 30

Oreo The Champ: This was amazing

Medicine is Love: Best Nurture youtube channel❤️❤️ Thankss for thiss clip❤️

Rakhi Pandit: Fantastic conversation

Siddhant: Well answered

Chicagorusty: That's an amazing picture of yoga, thank you.

Sravani singampalli: Loved this episode!

Shraddha Halder: This was really great. Thanks

ROSHAN PATRO: A wonderful clip ❤️

Tanmay Fadnis: I don't understand why Luke is charging such a heavy amount to consult.

Kishan Kumar Deb: Please bring Rujuta Diwekar on your channel and have a podcast on yoga.

SUBHI: Not bragging or flexing but i often get this compliment that my skin is glowing but i don't exactly know the reason

Om Enterprises: Guy knows more yoga than most of the Indians

nitesh jangir: Luke is amazing

vikram: Thank you ‍♂️

Randhir Singh: And veerya (Semen) is directly related to bone marrow..

Move On Gaming: Bro Can U Plz Make The Videos Available in Hindi

Swayam Tailor: Med student here, this video popped up in my feed and I figured might be worth watching a doctor talk, only turns out it isn't a doctor. You can take this dude's advice as it probably won't do you harm, but kindly do not take his "bone marrow stem cell" BS at all. Grade 3 burn victims are graded that way due to charring of bones? What utter nonsense. Atleast do a decent google search before coming onto a show and spewing whatever comes to your mind. "Stretching activates bone marrow stem cell" well next month onwards that's how I'm gonna ask my faculty to treat pediatric thalassemic and aplastic anaemic children. Nonsense.

DrSneha Lade: Very useful information

shalem raju: He said the truth

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