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In this tutorial, I am sharing how to make this beautiful and classy hair brooch with the ary of golden beads !!! You can make this easy yet beautiful hairbrooch following the steps given in the video.

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Hello, my dear friends, i am chora and welcome back to my channel. Today we are going to make this beautiful, hair accessory, which is the beautiful hair plot. I have made using golden beads in small size as well as big size, so i hope that you will enjoy the tutorial and this hair bird is in golden color. So you we can use that on any outfit of any wedding or any festivals, because golden color is common in almost all festive or ethnic outfits. So do try this beautiful hairdrop at home, and let me know if you enjoyed this tutorial or not. If you found this video, this is cool, do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel. If you haven't done it, it really motivates me a lot and yes, one thing i have to share with you all that you guys are saying lots of love to my channel and you are loving my channel a lot, and this really motivates me and inspired me A lot to bring such amazing content on this platform so do show the same kind of love and support in the future too. Thank you so much and now, let's get started so the material required is small. Golden base. 5 mm pearl beads 30 gauge wire, which is 30 gauge this wire to wrap the brush cutter and plaster. So, first of all, we'll make a stick mark, so we have to make a stigma in any manner. So i'll cut this in little bit. You don't want this much big and we have to make various patterns so i'll first insert three beads and bring it here and then we'll wrap here to form a triangular pattern like this and we'll go on wrapping up to certain limit. Now i'll keep this one free and will insert five beads from this. This is a freestyle brush, so the design is all up to you that how you have to make this brush - and i'm not going to take it here in the end, but rather i will wrap them here, perform a circular flower and we'll go on wrapping till This end now we, i am going to add three beads. So as this is a freestyle broad, it's all up to you that how you have to go for the design, it's all up to you, then i'm going to add this 1 5 mm golden bead in this also, you can choose your length how much bigger how Much small you want again i'm going to add three beads. You can also make uh more of five circular wheels or um. You can add more 5 mm golden bricks, which are the bigger. It'S all up to you, so uh with this. Our main one uh pattern is ready. Likewise, we have to make so many other patterns, so we need to make a whole one brush. We need 15 to 16 uh patterns like this and if you can observe, i have to keep a design in same way, but rather for each and every brush the design is different. In some i have two uh big big golden bears and in one some i have one golden bit so likewise, you have to make a stigma like this. Now we will just simply attach them, wrap them together. So i have taken this wire and what we'll do is we will find its middle by wrapping this by attaching this end, we'll find its middle here and we'll wrap it here and make a circle here, so that this circle will be used as a instrument to Insert a pin, which will which will be helpful to insert in here, okay now, anyhow, you have to wrap this once so i have taken and just spawned wrapping then take the other one. So likewise, we are two companies for all 15 to 16 patterns. So i'll quickly do that and there are lots of videos of beaded jewelry on my channel, so do visit my channel and watch these videos and learn to make this beautiful jewelry. So i wrapped the last pearl um last stigma and you can see it is looking so beautiful. Now i'll, just wrap this wire and we'll make one loop here so that this drawer can be easily inserted in the hair now and cut this one okay. So it is a beautiful broth is ready. Our beautiful hair accessory is ready, isn't it very beautiful and gorgeous hair accessory so do make this hair accessory? And let me know how do you like my video through likes and comments if you like this tutorial, do give the thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell icon for further notification? See you soon in the next video till then this is aishwarya signing off

Guldusta: Excellent……. Such a beautiful hair brooch, you are hardworking n genius, great ideas in sharp brain

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AKILASS SAMAYAL: Wow wow looks amazing Beautiful hair brooch Nice sharing friend

Omkar Mhatre: Your ideas are awesome!!!

Leytenia's Kitchenette: Wow that's great Tutorial

World Of Faryal: Absolutely beautiful Dear friend keep it up

House of Handmade: Wowwww lovely design!!!

Soorya's Kraft Korner: Amazing

abeera's food: Nice shareing Allah bless you and your family

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Jonny Chung's Vlog: 哇哇看起來很棒 美麗的頭髮胸針 很好分享朋友

Kin ơi đi thôi!: great sharing video, have a good day my friend


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