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NEW wig from Ellen Wille, BLISS shown in the color Cinnamon Brown Lighted! This fun short pixie has a lace front and mono crown!

This wig was provided for review by WigStudio1.com!


❗My stats:

Head Circumference: 21 1/4"

Ear to Ear: 12 1/4"

Front to Back: 12 1/2"

Hairline to Bottom of Chin: 9"

Forehead: 2 1/4"

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Hi and welcome back to my channel, I'm Eileen brand new style today, Ellen villa bliss. This is Cinnamon Brown lighted. The color is 6 30 33. This is part of the Ellen Villa changes, collection, and these are heat friendly fibers. So you can style this. They left a little more length on the top of this, so the crown is 3.75 on this one, so they left a little bit of length here in case you wanted to add a little wave into this. You could do that with these heat friendly fibers, But be sure to keep your tool around 250 to 260 degrees, something like that not too hot. So that's what they recommend around 250 260 degrees. So what is this super short pixie right? Spiky, if you like a spiky pixie - and you know I do this - might be right up your alley, and this color is so pretty cinnamon brown lighted foreign. This knife fits really tight to the neck, which I really like. You can move your neck any way, it's not going anywhere. It has that 1.75 inch nape on this one. The front is three inches now it has this three inch. Bang and the sides are three inches so, like I said it has a 3.75 inch Crown. It has a mono Crown, we'll look at that and we'll also look at the inside of the cap, but I want to show you this lace front. Look how well that's done Ellen Villa does such a good job on their lace fronts. It runs to right there. There is my coverage very good coverage now the fit this fit me very snug. I have a 21 and a quarter inch head circumference and this fit me snug. So just so you know that, but I like these short spiky Styles, I do I reviewed so many of them they're easy to wear, there's not a lot of permatease here, even though this is very spiky and you think there might would be there's really not it's Just the way they've designed it and I'm just going to spray it with some plain water like I always do just because I want to spike mine up a little more. I like spiky, hair, so fun. Now, let's talk about this color cinnamon brown lighted. So six, of course, is this dark warm Brown really warm! Then it has these Shades. The 30 and the 33, of course, are Auburn Shades. So it has a medium Auburn and a light Auburn, and these are all Blended together to make this beautiful, beautiful, color, cinnamon brown lighted. I'M going to show it to you in some different lighting scenarios, so you can get a good look at it, indoor and outdoor, but I think the Auburn in this is so pretty it really lights. This up really nice, like I said, being heat friendly, you can add a little wave to this. If you wanted to, you can wear this with a headband. Of course, I wear everything with a headband change it up a little bit like that. Have a couple different ones, I think a headband with a cute short style is so fun. It just changes the whole the whole look of it. Let'S see, I have a little bobby pin here. You know you could sweep this front over more sleek. Put a little pin in it, you know I keep a lot of these just inexpensive hair accessories around that I can just pick up and throw in my hair not that this is in your eyes anyway, or anything it's just for definitely for fun. Just to add something to it, if you would like to again, you can sweep all of this over. I do that a lot too. I kind of like to many times just sweep it all to the side and get that whole side swept look going, Which is popular, leave it kind of spiked, and you can do it that way. You could wear this off your face more, but if you're, it's not going to lay flat. So if that's that this is not going to lay flat really, I don't believe I think you're always going to have this that's going to spike up. So if that's something you enjoy, you will like that in this wig, but I don't think you're going to be able to smooth down this back. I'M pretty pretty sure. Just by doing this, that's about as smooth as you're going to be able to get that. It is really designed to be really spiky, and that is exactly what it is, which is actually right up my alley. Here'S the inside of the cap for Ellen villa bliss. I want you to see it. Has this mono crown and, like I said, there's not a huge amount of permatease here. You would think there would be that, but there's really not. There is some. It'S just not a huge amount. Here'S the lace front, closed ear, taps with stays. Velcro adjusters extended felt nape, it's open wefted here, and there is a good bit of stretch here, but here is Cinnamon Brown lighted thanks for stopping by my Channel today and having a look at this new style Ellen villa bliss. Please follow me over on Instagram. If you haven't already, I do completely different Wing content short wig reviews. I have giveaways. I do a lot of fun things on Instagram, so I look forward to seeing you there please subscribe to this channel. If you haven't hit that notification button, so you never miss an upload thanks for joining me, see you next time.

Crazywiglady: Looking for a fun out of the box style, this is a true throw on and go style and I LOVE this darker shade! xoxo

Twyla 2: Great style and color. Spikey pixies are so cute!

Clara: Cute style she looks fab on you

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