The Cutiest Hair Accessories For Little Girls Haul

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Hi guys, my name is Nick and welcome back to my channel and today, I'm gon na be showing all the hair accessories that I have for my little girl and new hair products. So basically, it's gon na be a hair says to me ha and I got a little help with my little girl and let's get before we get started. I watch how to hit that, like button hit that subscribe, button, hit them bail and share my video okay. So let's get started okay, so the first one is the boom ponytail holders. We got big blue, like there, you got all the pretty colors okay. Thank you all my helper yeah. I got rainbow. I got four of these okay, another rainbow. Okay and my daughter, favorite color, is pink okay, another one another rainbow another one. These are the silver ones, the silver ones another rainbow. It'S a more silver may be difficult, and some green boughs Pete in the little white bows some more little white bulbs. The big white bows some clear ones and some more silver bowls. Thank you. Now, let's start with the Blitz she's a good little helper, okay, GUP! You me boy, the cute barrettes cameo in the gold barrettes give each one down the yellow. These are the same ones that I had with this. So like two of everything cuz, you never know who you'll run ya, hear me: no okay and the flower wrote the flower barrettes and I the flower, NetFlow, the arm bulb Rex. I have walked loud, whether it's a little baby flower barrettes. Thank you yeah these these, these so have a lot of little girl cute stuff and on the shade of the boughs that I have for her is Jojo see my balls need some more Jojo, see wobbles and some more Jojo cui bono, Jojo see bubbles, okay and Then I got some hair products, so I've got these hair products from honey made. Then I got them home. I got it off the hair line and this is the kids line, and this is the chocolate detangler conditioner cream and then the juice is the curl defining cream, and this smells really really good. And this one is the strawberry, the strawberry foam cleanser, and this one is the banana dream leap in styler? Okay, so I have more hair accessories. Now this box is from Princess Di. Yes, I love her channel. You guys cuz she be showing all the cute hairstyles for for her um for little girls like they're so cute, so this was this was my daughter handed me is her butter that she do it, how do handmade and all right smell to them? Smokey? Oh, my god, it's the bomb, wait, don't lie my daughter. They got the two little girls on there they're too cute and they got beautiful hair that they got beautiful here, slide, that's it so I got low beans and some more. These are the heart ponytails. I haven't had these, you know I haven't. Had these so they'll be my first time using those yeah. I got the clear barrettes, some more clear Brits, some more clay bricks end up on the Oh God. You got ta bring four barrettes more ponytails, more ponytail holders. These are different shape, they're like does she okay and more bricks? Hmm, okay, so my daughter just hand me a handful, so some more barrettes - and these are the ABC barrettes hold on and dark. The navy blue Brits hold on more navy blue okay. These are the beads, the boat, with the bow bees I never had it before so should I be a father hold on do some more bows, and these are the ABC bricks. It'S a more you jump in the goodies girl I'll, be dropping him dummy droppin. I have the brown one, the brown barrettes in bows and I'm more Brown ones here, the Blues in more brown ones in orange and white. So that's it for this video. I want to shy hick this, like hit the like button hit. The Super's hit the subscribe button hit that Bell and what I need to do share my video bye MA.

Princess Divas Styles: She is going to be too cute with all them hair accessories. She is just the cutest helping her momma out. Thank you so much for ordering. I hope you like the butter. I love watching your videos.

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