How To Crochet A Hair Clip

This video teaches how to Crochet a Hair Clip.

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Hello everyone. This is me: sharon welcome back to my channel and for today's video, i'm gon na show you how to make this very simple design of hairpin. Do do all right so for this project we're going to use the canon crochet thread, which is fine weight. Yarn and then we're gon na be using a number two crochet hole and then we will be needing some clips or a hairpin and then we're going to be using some small yarn needle to leave in the ends later and then, of course, scissors all right. So when i started this one, i worked single crochets around this clip first, so that is what we're going to do and then on the second round, we're gon na work the ruffles around. So this is just a two round project, so it's very easy do do so once we get to the other side, we're going to work a chain one in between the single crochet, so we're gon na work, one single crochet and then we're gon na work chain. One and then we're going to work a single crochet and then chain one and then, and then after that, going to work one single crochet until we get here all right. So once we get here now we're going to chain one again and work, one single crochet chain, one one single crochet chain, one and one more single crochet there chain one and then we're gon na repeat working on this side, all right. So once we finish that next step is we're going to slip stitch into the first there so round, two we're going to chain four. This will count as one treble then we're gon na work two more into the same stitch so there so now we're going to work three trebles into every stitch around, so just keep on working three trebles into each stitch around. So once you get back around we're going to work a slip stitch on top of the first treble, which is the chain four, so we're going to work, a slip, stitch and then we're going to chain we're going to cut off the yarn and then we're just Going to weave in the inch and this one i have used the multi-colored yarn using the monaco brand. You

Gayatri Bhatt: Beautiful weavy pattern with shaded colour looking very nice

Claudia Pavon: Excelente idea gracias por la enseñanza...

Betty Adkisson: Yes thank you for your video. I just found the bigger hair clips. And smaller clips for children .

Katrina E.: Sorry I’m new at this but the clips are so cute and I wanna try to make them.

Khin Q Win:

Katrina E.: Can I use the artiste crochet thread or do I have to use a specific size of yarn?

valerina anthony: Hi Good Evening. How many times did you do single crochet n the clip & then how many times did you do the ruffles skso

HjimiCrochet: thank you for your video

MR & MRS MIR: good

Luz Clarita Carlit: What hair clip size do tou recommend?

sarithas garden vlogs: Nice

Katrina E.: Does the crochet thread have to be size 8? Can I use size 10? It’s hard for me to find a size 8 crochet thread. I’m using artiste thread 10.

Katrina E.: Can I use the the artiste crochet thread ?

Ganchilyo ni Tart: Cute..

Lorridale Serioso: Cute

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