Protective Hair Style For Toddler Kids Rubber Band Method For Girls Or Boys

Hi everyone this is a next simple rubber band method hair style I also show 2 ways you can use the rubber In your child hair

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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel. Thank you all so much for joining me for next video. So today i'll be sharing with you guys how i do this simple, protected rubber band updo in my baby boy here! Yes, this is my son he's four years old. I know sometime you've been mistaken for a girl, but this is my son yeah, but before i jump in the video, if you like my videos, please give me a thumbs up and if you're not yet subscribed, i'm maxine please subscribe. So this is his here. Freshly washed - i already the tangle, is here a lot of you know that i like this section, is here, especially after i finish wash so it's more easier for me i'll, be using this sulfur eat mix with the jamaican, castor oil in is here, and this is Always looking when i mix it so um, as i said, he's very tender hit it as it is in a lot of video and i'll be using this super stretchy rubber band in his hair, and it's not easy to burst guys um. My son is very tender. Edited you do not like when a conroe is here. I don't know why guys i don't know when i use the rubber band and is here you do not cry a lot, but when i'm conroy is here guys, i'm used to saying cane roll conroe sounds so funny to me, but um yeah. He doesn't like when a conroe is here he likes when i use the rubber band in his hair and as what i say guys, my son is very tender headed, so i have to make sure my detangle is here properly so yeah, i'm just going to go Ahead and show you guys how i'm going to show you guys two different ways how you can do the rubber band in your child here um. I know a lot of my parents seen that when they use the rubber band, the rubber banner burst they're hexing. If it's because they're using too much oil, no guys um, it all depends on the rubber band that you're using um. I used to use different rubber band in my kids here, and i've been doing rubber band metal in my kids here for years and there's a lot of rubber band i use, and by the time, even sometime before i use them. I couldn't stretch them like this. They just pop, but this one guys it does not eat it does not pop easily. But i'm going to show you guys if you having that problem, i'm going to show you guys a way that you can do it um, i'm going to show you two different way. I'M going to show you with this row this row that i'm going to do and then i'm going to show you guys in the next row um. Sometimes you can go ahead and oil your bag, but because i put a lot of oil in my case here. I do not have to do that, but if you want you could go ahead and put some oil on your rubber band, okay guys. So whenever i'm doing my kids here, i always make sure after i put rubber band in, i always pull it back to make sure it's not too tight at the front or at their hedges. So this is what i'm talking about i've. Never did it like this. On camera and show you guys, but i'm showing you guys, two ways that you can do this rubber band method, um. First, i go ahead and i did them separately. Then i go ahead and put them together. Um. I never did this before on camera, but this is the next way you can do it. Then i go ahead and pull the twist out and make sure it's well detangled and twisted back doing it. This way it looks more slimmer and you get it lay more flatter. So this is where some of my appearances have been the problem where the rubber band is getting burst. So you guys see the hair is getting a little thicker. So this is where i go in and use one more rubber band, so i'm using two rubber band for this part, because i'm going back because it's getting thicker because you had it more here, so i use two rubber band. So the rubber band do not burst easily if it do burst, one burst leave one and guys i have this here. Stalin is here for a week and a half and none of his rubber band bursts and his hair is still look fresh. If you guys want me to do a video pulling out his hair and how his hair is looking within two weeks, you guys just leave the comments down below and i'll go ahead, and do that video for you guys to show you guys that two weeks i Have the rubber band is here, and all i did was just oil is here and that's it as what i say guys if you guys want to go ahead and put your rubber band in a container. You can do that and put some oil in it, but you will see i put a lot of oil in my kids here, so i do not have to do that. Okay, so this is the next um technique, i'm showing you guys. So i did put this one rubber band at the front. You guys see what the first one i did them separately this one, i'm gon na do a different time. Guys, please check to make sure it's not too tight. Pull it back is remember each time you're going back, you pull in the rubber band, so you don't want to. You know, pull in your child here so guys you see this one that i'm doing. Remember the frost. The first row that i did. I did them separately this one you guys can see. I did one, then i put it with the next one that i did and also i'm going to do the same thing with each row as the hair get thicker. I'M gon na use two rubber band in it. So let me let you guys watch the video. This is a very simple protective hairstyle. You guys leave the comments down below. If you guys want me to do the take down two weeks take down of his hair. Oh decided, oh across the sky. Oh such oh sunshine, across the sky. My timeline sell your pictures. Oh decided across the decided uh you

KiHB's natural World: Omg.. your son's hair is gorgeous so long and strong. The hairstyle is absolutely beautiful and neat. Will try it on my girls


BeautifulMind0169: His hair is so full and healthy. I would love to see the take down. How old was he when you started using the sulfur 8 mixture?

M.Billions: Alternative to cornrows. It’s Nice!

Juanita Croft: cute...u could just connect the hair to the 2nd rubberband with out adding a second rubberband could save u some time but other than that its very nice

Missy johann: Nice

Jermaine Beason: Did you blow dry his hair beforehand?

Tamasha saakie: He is so cute

Nahradia Powell: Nice but I hope it’s tight.

Shardinay Divine: Yes do it mama

Blackbarbie: its cute but it look like your pulling his hair

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