How To Make A Fabric Covered Hairclip Tutorial

Learn how to make a fabric covered hair clip with a button embellishment. There is no glue, only hand sewing.

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Can you tell daddy what we're making today, you don't know, do you remember, what's in your hair chocolate, ah we're gon na make a fabric covered hair clip today. Aren'T we the first step, is to take your piece of fabric and the interfacing and iron, the interfacing onto the fabric, so put your fabric right side down and lay your interfacing on top, but make sure you put the shiny glue side down the bottom facing the Fabric now iron away, so it's nice and flat and stick the two pieces together iron. The two pieces together once you've, done that the two pieces will be stuck together and the fabric nice and stiff, create a template by tracing around the hair clip to make it completely symmetrical mark the halfway point on both sides fold, your piece of paper in half Get your pair of scissors and cut around the template that you drew leaving approximately three millimeters around each of the sides, so your template should be slightly bigger than your hair clip, which leaves some room for the stitches that go around the hair clip. Okay! Next grab! Your piece of fabric fold, it in half, pin your template that you just made onto the two folded layers of fabric, pin it in place and cut around now. We'Ve got two pieces of the fabric. Okay at this point now that you've got your two pieces of fabric, you can either choose to leave them plain on the clip or, if you'd like to embellish it with a button. Now is the time to do it so go ahead and sew the button. So there you have the button sewn on to your piece of fabric, so now that you've got two pieces of fabric one's the front piece one's the back piece take the back piece and center it behind your hair clip. What you need to do now is mark the fabric right in the center, where this middle panel is so, if you can just gauge where that is pop, your needle in there to mark it, because what we need to do now is make a little snip right In that spot that the pin is marking so to make sure that it's centered just fold the piece of fabric nicely in half where that pin is make a tiny little snip. You don't want this cut to be too big, just a very, very tiny one, as you can see there grab your hair clip turn it to the wrong side and feed this bottom part of your clip through that little hole that you've just cut. It might be pretty small, but you can just force it through like that. There you go now that you've inserted that bottom piece through your fabric, you've effectively now created the bottom layer of your hair clip. So what you do now is just take. The other piece lay it on top sew around the edge to enclose the two pieces together. Now, what i find helpful here to hold the pieces of fabric in place is firstly to clip snap. The clip closed get another little clip which you can use to hold. It in place, then we get our needle and thread and we sew all the way around pound it on thread to sew around the edges there. It is your finished fabric covered. If you'd like to make a feature out of your stitching, you could use a contrasting thread. Colour like i've got here and you could change the stitching to a blanket stitch so to do a blanket stitch. Put your needle through wrap the thread around before you pull it out. Do you

Daniel Smith: Loved your tutorial! Very professional and the clips are beautiful! Being a Mom,I loved that you taught your little girl along the way! So sweet and like some of the other comments here,I agree that your English accent and soft voice make this tutorial all the more delightful to watch! Now I am going to go make these with my daughters!

Janice Gougeon: These were so pretty, and your girls are adorable. <3 Thank you for this tutorial, I can't wait to get some barrettes and whip some up for my granddaughters.

Kalpana Desai: You and your daughter are brilliant teacher thanks for sharing

Gerri W.: Excellent tutorial and I am going to make these for my grandgirls to match/wear with the skirts I am making them. Your little girls are adorable and will love making things with Mummy.

K T: Love these. Thank you . I will try it.

Leopard1inSC: ☝Great tutorial ... can't wait to try this!!!

Sarrita McConaghie: Hi, love your tutorial. What size of snap clip are you using & what sort of interfacing are you using. Thanks Sarrita

Erin Rock: Such a great way to use fabric scraps

Susan Ernst: Very cute clips! Little girl is adorable,too!

Simran jha: Wow so much cute and beautiful. The little one is very cute.

A.D.: u did a great job and your voice is so calming. thumbs up

CHARLOTTE ROMERO: I love your tuturial ....

Missy Jay: KUDOS to both of U.... Question where did you the cute mini ironing board?....Thank you

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