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I love designing something on paper and watching it come to life in the form of a physical product. The *NEW* 'Hold It Together' hair clip collection consists of 2 sizes of alligator hair clips in packs of 4 that are:

♡ Eco friendly

♡ Stain Resistant

♡ Extra Strong

The Crown (large size) are cream and The Hairline Halo (small size) are the cutest blush/pink color. We're also launching the 'Ride Or Die' comb to help carve out sections, work with color, and be that essential tool you never put down!


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Foreign, hello, you guys welcome back to my channel, so today's video is very exciting because we are releasing two new products here at jay-z styles, co. So over the last few months we've been working on so many fun things and you guys have seen sneak peeks of some of them and two of the things are finally here and there are more to come. So i officially want to introduce you guys to the hold it together, hair clips. These are amazing, i'm so excited for you guys to try them. I'Ve been working on these for so long and i wanted them to be perfect for you. It'S been months of trial and error, sampling, different colors, different logos, packaging, all of it - and it's so cool to see something i like designed on paper come to life. So it's really really fun. We have more clips coming soon, but this is what we have to start. So i'm going to walk you guys through each of the clips and then show you what they can do. So this is the hold it together, hair clip and it's the crown. These are large hair clips, so i'm going to take them out and show you first of all, packaging is so cute love it. So in this one you get four hair clips. They come on like a little plastic thing, so they're all together, and then you just take them off individually um. The coolest thing about these clips is that they are eco-friendly, so it's really good material to use and because of this they're also stain resistant. So i know when you work with colors like this in the salon they're so cute, but it's like. Oh, i don't want them to stain and then they're just going to be ruined, and so we made these stain resistant. So, even if you're doing like a 3n - and you use these you're going to be able to get that 3n off and they're still going to be this color, which is awesome so they're super cute they're like a little beigey, um color and they have our little Logo on them, so you get four of them and another thing i love about these clips that i wanted to make sure is that they are so strong. They can hold up the thickest longest hair. They can hold up hair extensions, which you all know we use a ton of hair extensions around here, so that was a necessity. So these clips were designed to be so so so so strong because there's nothing worse than like doing extensions or even foiling, like really thick hair, and you have to do like two or three clips to hold the hair up. So these are going to be your best friend. These are the they are the crown clips because they're for, like the crown area of your head - and it is four in one package like i said, and i'm so so excited okay, the the next clips that are launching are the hold it together, hair clips, and These are the hairline halo clips. These are so so cute they're, pink super cute packaging, it's smaller because these are small clips comes with four in them, and the reason i wanted to do small clips is because, as a blonding and color specialist, i feel like when you're doing like hairline detailing and Detail work around the face and like underneath those are smaller sections, you're working with usually, and you need really precise tools and i felt like clips this size were too bulky because sometimes i'm working with like super fine sections around the hairline - and these were just too Bulky for that so because of that i wanted to have clips were a little smaller, but just as strong for that area. So basically, these are the same clips just in a smaller version, they're more glossy, whereas these ones were more matte. These ones are more glossy, whereas the big ones are more matte and they're like the cutest little blushy. Coral pink has our logo on it and they're just as strong. So these little guys are gon na be super strong. It'S gon na hold up a ton of hair, but it's really meant for like smaller sections um. So that's why we called it the hairline halo, because we call the hairline area the halo. We teach that in all of our classes, so these clips are gon na. Be perfect for that, so we have both of these launching and they launch on wednesday september 29th. I'M so so so excited for you guys to try them. I will put a link in the description box below so you can sign up for the waiting list and you will be notified when they launch these are a game changer. You guys. I can't wait for you to try them out. We do have more things coming soon, more clips, color, brushes, whisk spoils so many things. So i'm gon na insert some footage of me using these clips, so you guys can see the benefits of them, but i just kind of wanted to go over them with you. Right now run to the website and grab them once they are live. You won't regret it. Another exciting thing we have launching is this new pink comb? This is the rider die comb. This is a plastic comb, but it's also eco-friendly and it's super super sturdy and because of that, it's so nice to use for both color services and extension services. It'S a long point - and it's pointed at the end, so it's really easy to like carve out sections. So this is my go-to comb. Typically in the past, i've done like one comb for extensions one for color. Now i use this for everything, so i'm also going to show you guys me using this, so you can see it in action. Bye. Your friend said that you left me, i'm glad that's what you believe. Ladies all, my ladies who got a brother that doesn't treat them right, put your finger right in this face and tell that man, okay, you guys. So those are the products that are launching in just two days and if you're watching this after um the launch, then you can shop them in the description box below so excited for you guys to try them. I hope you love them. If you order them make sure you tag us on instagram, so we can see you using them. We would love to see that, thank you so much for watching and have a great day.

ellebangs: Looooove your dark hair!!

Janae Marie Hair: The clips are SO SO good! They are my new favorite and a staple in my kit now!

Oscar Hermosillo: What advice would you give for someone looking for a good hair supplier?

Bela Walton: Nice clips!!!! Sorry you have a bit of sore throat and that hat is your signature. Love it!!

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