Ultimate Hair Accessories Shopee Haul | Trendy Hairclips, Barrettes, Headbands, Scrunchies & More!

DISCLAIMER: This video is made for the sole purpose of helping my fellow hair accessory lovers out there! I meant no bragging. :)

I never realized how many #HairAccessories I got until I made this video. So, I didn't anticipate that there would be too many links as well, that's why I put all of them in one Google Form instead of putting them here individually (it wouldn't fit). Here is the link to the GForm so that you can access the #Shopee links: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI...

What is your favorite from the collection? Is this helpful to you? Let me know! ;)


0:00 intro

2:26 hairclips & barrettes

7:08 scrunchies & hair ties

8:40 headbands & hair extensions

9:55 hair tools

10:39 little advice chat

12:08 outro

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So, hey guys, it's manny burns welcome or welcome back to my channel. I have no idea what compelled me to do this video, because in the first place i was afraid that people might see this as some sort of bragging which i'm not even trying to do. But this was in my long list of youtube video ideas and i don't exactly know why it was there. But here we are today i'll, be sharing to you guys, my hair accessories collection, basically hair stuff, that i've accumulated since 2019. Well, the first hair clips that i've had were given to me by my mom in 2019, but i didn't start collecting hair accessories until 2020, which was the start of pandemic. Since i've been doing a lot of hair videos on my channel already. I don't think it's a surprise that i'm into hair accessories, but actually there's still a lot of hair stuff that i haven't shown in any of my videos yet or even i haven't used them. Yet. I don't know if this is a weird collection, but this just makes me so happy literally, you can give me a hair clip or two on my birthday, then that would instantly make my day anyway, almost all of the stuff that i have are from shoppi. So i'll be putting down the links in the description box below so you can check them out later. If you want to buy them speaking of links, i have three disclaimers in this video important one. First, i am not bragging or even trying to brag about these stuffs. I am doing this for the purpose of helping you guys out, especially if you're into hair accessories like me, or who's, looking for inspirations on what they like what to buy, where to buy blah blah blah second, is some of the stuffs that i bought before were Already, either sold out unlisted or their shops were unavailable, so i searched for other shops that are selling the exact same products, so those are the links that i will be putting down below and finally, third disclaimer, to my dismay, this video is not sponsored. There will be timestamps on this video classified into categories, namely hair clips and barrettes scrunchies and hair ties, headbands and hair extensions and hair tools. Before we start don't forget to subscribe, like comment and share: let's go so. These were the first clips that i've had, which were given by my mom. I haven't used them in a very while now. These clips are actually a set according to their color, but i separated them put them together as to their type. Also, please don't mind me in my weird dance moves. I had too much fun filming while one direction was hyping me up in the background as my music, if you notice, i bought every color in the rainbow, because when i go out, i like my hair accessory to match with the color that i'm wearing so yeah And yes, i bought more colored bobby pins and then there's these paired star and heart clips. The other pair for the heart got lost so she's alone. Now i haven't really used these things for a while, too i got these set of different colored hair clips as well. I actually don't remember why i bought them, but i got ta blame it on the cuteness. Now these things i do remember why i bought it. It'S because it trended on tick, tock and pinterest, and i remember i wanted it so bad and honestly they were worth it in this big red box. I got my first drawer where i put my fancy barrettes. Whenever i buy something pearly or shiny, i put them in that section. These pearl clips were also one of the pioneers of my collection, they're old, but still look trendy and cute this little guy about. It is an extra that time. I was into these types of clips. You know, with the square, shape resin kind of design. I don't know what you call that, but it just looks so fancy and girly. I love them next, so these ones. I call true beauty clips because they are inspired by that hair clip chain will give to mungayon in the series. Okay, this big guy here was like my go-to hair clip before when i had no idea what to wear. This was instantly the clip. I grabbed these ribbon clips were also like my go-to. I'Ve used them a lot of times now all right. These barrettes, i bought them as a set of nine pieces, but i lost one of them. I never really got to show these in public, as often as i get like the other ones, maybe because there was no occasion that i was invited to that would have perfectly suited these types of accessories. I have another drawer from the big red that contains other stuff, which i like to call the trendy, slash, colorful, slash, y2k, vibes kind of hair clips. Little guy here has never been worn ever i bought it for a video which i never got to do. Next. Are these mini transparent, bow clips that i've never worn before until this video? Oh, this one is one of my favorite pair clips. Ever they look freaking cute, i don't care if i look like a child wearing them these pair. I also bought it for a video that i never filmed, which was supposed to be an olivia rodrigo, hairstyle recreation, okay. I was debating to buy this one, but it turned out to be one of my favs. It'S so freaking hella cute. I want to buy the other pair of animals now. Next we have the embroidered butterfly hair, clip that i used in my encounter inspired hairstyles video. Oh, these ones are actually given by my sister. She bought it in the market and i honestly haven't used them until now. I also got these mini jeweled flower clips. I bought them because of a youtuber mayan. She does hair styling videos and she inspired me to be one as well, and then i have these. Even more mini flower clips, which i have used only once, and that was in my asmr video and here, are the mini butterfly clips again. I bought them because it trended these bow clips were given by my sister as well from the market, and i gave away a pair each to my best friends, because it's too many for me next is this big flower clip that i never remember having. I think my sister had it before and just dumped it on my stuff. Okay, i bought this for christmas and because of the typhoon, i never got to wear them. Then we also have this clip that i purchased for the sole purpose of recreating black pink hairstyles. I also have this big purple bow clip and again i only used it once. I have to use this again. Lastly, for the hair clips and barrettes, i have these claw clips. Black one was from my mom and the transparent one was the one i purchased. This is what i use daily. I switch from scrunchies to this every now and then definitely a must. Have it's a lot of scrunchies. I know i bought every color from the rainbow again, for the same reason got ta be honest. Most of them get lost. All of a sudden, because i keep on switch using them. I also have a purple one like this, but my mom's currently using it. Then i have this crunchy similar to nene of hsmtmts season two and this tie-dye scrunchie. With long tassel. I used to call them scrunchy with tails, shout out to my friend jessa, who gifted me this silk scrunchies. They are so pretty. That'S why i rarely wear them out this cute little bow hair ties. I purchased them from a shop called bagel girl, which is located in small city cebu. I also got the same kind but in color blue, but the blue ones are from a different shop called broadway gems located in ayala mall cebu. Those kinds of shops are my literal happiness guys you can see hearts in my eyes whenever i go there. I also got these small size scrunchies with velvet material, and they have these cute rhinestone gems. They are also from broadway gems. Hair elastics are essentials. They'Re, like the base in your makeup, i have black elastics because i have dark hair, then the colored ones, and then these type. I also got 10 pieces of this hair tie similar to the previous one, but with a flower on it and then this red one said my sister gave me. I don't recall having these too many hair stuffs, but we're almost finished guys don't go. This was the first headband i got, but i didn't buy it. So i don't remember how i came to possess it. This pearl headband was the first one i bought because guess what it trended. I never knew. A houndstooth pattern was really a thing when i bought this one another hair accessory, i bought for christmas, and i actually got to wear this duke church on christmas eve, headbands weren't really my thing back then, because it gives me headache, as i wear glasses. So i avoided them like crazy, but now either i'm learning to love them or i've tolerated the pain behind my ears. That'S why i only got a few and they're still not the first option when i want to buy hair accessories. Okay, next, are these twilly scarves? These are actually for bags, but i use them as head scarves. I mean these three. I use them for head scarves, one of them i tried to my laptop bag. All right, hair extensions were purchased because my mom doesn't let me bleach my hair and color. It purple so i did an alternative she can agree on and then i have this fake bangs extension. Yes, i bought it to prank my family and friends, but now it's actually kind of handy. You mean red butterflies, yes, of course, last, but certainly not least, the rat tail comb that i broke was part of this set and was the only tool i ever used since i bought this. I have an idea on how to use these, but never got to use it. It'S working progress now this one is the tool i've used several times now, it's a five in one hair, curler, five interchangeable, curling rods. Let me tell you it's absolutely worth it, and i also have this type of curler, which is called a crimper. It has three big barrels and honestly, i only asked for it because i was obsessed with the mermaid curls that time, but it still works and gives pretty curls before i end this video, i want to share a little background of why i started doing this collection. I was considered a nerd back in school when i was younger. You know someone who wears glasses and boring ponytail and pale lips, someone who doesn't know how to do french, braid or dutch braid on herself. I was that person. I was a comfort before style kind of girl, but honestly i was all comfort, zero style. So when i was beginning to take care of what i look like it started with my hair. I don't specifically know when and how it happened, but i just started liking to style my hair. Hence this collection emerged. Some of my friends and most of my family were shocked of the changes i mean it was a slow change, but they still noticed it as the changes go. It made me love putting on other accessories like earrings and necklaces, which i never really bothered to do before anyway. The thing that i want to say is don't be afraid to get out of your box before my mindset was, i don't care what i wear or what i look like or what people think about me as long as i'm comfortable, which is not bad by the Way, i still have that mindset now, but with an improved application. If that makes sense, i can really say it's true that when you look good, you feel good about yourself. So if you want to experiment or try new style or a aesthetic go for it, do it for yourself, that's it! That'S all! I want to say that's it for this video guys. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did as usual. Don'T forget to subscribe, like comment and share i'll see you in my next video bye,

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