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The My Closet series is a series that steps into my closet one collection at a time. I thought it would be appropriate to start with hats because I have quite a few. I hope you enjoy this series.

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Hey guys, it's broken, I'm back for another YouTube, video Ashley, the worst forever. I just want to get straight into the video I want to. Let you guys know. I am starting a new series where I show you guys collections that are from my closet or like anything that has to do with fashion, and I thought where better, to start than with hats, because I have so many. And so, if this is the type of video that you would like to see, go ahead and comment down below what you would like to see next shoes, jackets, glasses and accessories. Anything like that and I will go ahead and do that. I'M excited because I've been really inspired to get my youtube started back up. So thank you guys for being patient with me and without further ado. Let'S go ahead and get straight into the video okay, so I definitely I don't think I have like more hats than anybody else out there. I'M sure there are more hats or there are people who, of course, never head. There are people with more hats than me in the world, but I do have a lot of hats to go through in this video hats and hair accessories and other special things that I want to show you at the end or they didn't technically fall into. Like the hair accessory section, but I want to show you guys anyways, so, let's start off with: let's drop with beanies, the first beanie. I don't know how to pronounce. That is the car heart car heart card. It'S the car heart beanie. My boyfriend bought this. For me, because I'm very influenced by the people from Bethel and I'm not joking - all of them have this and I was like: oh that's, so cool, so he got it for me and yeah. I wear this beanie all the time. No surprise I work for the gas company, so I have a couple of these beanies in here. This is my current favorite beanie right now, it's a short beanie it'll, probably look dumb. Ah, but it's a short beanie, and so I like it, so it doesn't have all that like folded over and so it's currently my favourite beanie. I really like the short beanies a lot and it was on sale at Urban Outfitters for like $ 14, another beanie. These are just beanies of different colors. I have the green color. I have another gas company beanie because we work outside so it gets cold, so they give us beanies. I have this one from shop trends. It'S a store. It'S a store, buy my house called trends. So he was like hey: do you want a beanie and I was like heck yeah, so it says shop trends on the front another just plain like tan, beanie, blue same exact, one and blue. I got home forever, 21 for cheap another one in red and finally, the last beanie is by Brixton. I got it from a lids, I think, a long time ago and yeah. I think it's pretty cute. I really wear this one anymore. Cuz, it's hard to wear blue with everything thinking about it. Now it match with this, but too much huh inside to wear blue. I don't really wear blue, so this one's been hard to wear next, I will just show you guys my scrunchies. Let'S go for it right here I have all of these scrunchies. It came in a pack, they're, really cute, all different colors. I love them. This one's really cute. It'S like a floral one. If you can really tell on that, then they have all these different colors. This is a different texture, yeah, so they're all really cute love them. But of course my favorite one has to be this gem right here. I got it cuz I was like this is gorgeous it like turns like different, colors and stuff. I thought it was so beautiful if you want this. I believe I got all of these. Oh no, this one is from Urban Outfitters and the other ones were from forever 21, but this one was from Urban Outfitters. It is velvet and has like this two-toned. What does that called sequence on it? So I think it is so gorgeous. I'Ve used it a couple times and I absolutely love it. 10 out of 10 would recommend this scrunchie. It is just absolutely amazing. I love this. I love scrunchies, they look so cute. I love all of these. You guys need them. I have all of my hats. Let'S just go ahead and get started one by one. I have the forgiving hat. That is very cute. It'S by the brand forgiving, which is a Christian band, Christian band. It'S a Christian brand, possibly a Christian band, who knows maybe I'm prophetically speaking but Christian brand Christian brand. This is the Hat. I have this hat, which is so cute. It says babe on it and it just like a denim. I think it's really cute. I don't wear it anymore, I don't think cause it. Like makes my hat my my head look weird, so I don't tend to wear this one very much. I think it's so cute. I have this devil one. My empty me. I think it's cute because it's pink, I wear this one all the time I like the way it makes my head look. I have this hat. It is in L, a hat, which I also wear all the time, because I like the way it makes my hand look. It reminds me of the monsters University hat from Disneyland, which I used to love, and then my dogs ate it up so that one's gone, but this one reminds me of that. The only only struggle with this hat is, I actually don't watch the Dodgers. So I remember I would go into work in people's like ah Dodgers, you catch the game last night and it's like no all right. I tried to play it off like oh yeah. Oh, my gosh, those Dodgers so good, but I didn't know anything so I just kept it vague and that would run off to my seat, because I was ashamed that I didn't know what the heck I was talking about. But that is the danger. If you don't watch sports, if you don't watch sports and you have a Dodgers had the same thing, I had a Lakers beanie and people were like. Oh, the Lakers, did you catch that trade and I was like did new and so people yeah will come up to you and ask you about that. So beware, speaking of that, I have a Lakers hat and yeah people do come up to me and ask me about games and trades and stuff, and I have no idea. I just they are my team, because this is where I'm from, but I might not really watch the games and stuff my boyfriend does, but not me, I have another forgiving hat great cute. Has the little prayer hands on it, which is really people say, is a high-five, but you know what we call it the prayer hands at this hat, I got from San Diego when I was out at a house. They sauna - and this is the Hat. It'S really cute, I love it love San Diego. By the way, it's great have this hat from cotton on United States of America ding. I have a lot of red white and blue stuff on going on today, huh, but it's cute. He has that. I guess you can only really wear this during fourth of July or, if you're very patriotic throughout other times of the year, and you can wear this but yeah. I really only worried during like 4th of July. Finally, I have another favorite hat of mine. I don't even know what team this is. I stole it from my brother. Well, I actually stole it from my mom who stole it from my brother. So it's just like a hat. That'S making its way through my house, who knows maybe my dad will have it in a month, but I love this hat. It makes my head look great. I appreciate when hats look good on my head. That'S why some of these get used more than others simply for making my head look nice well spell: hey will do okay! I have this hat. I figure out what these are called like some, like some type of Fedora. I have it gets more use during the summer looks ugly and this hairstyle, but it definitely gets more use during the summer. I need a black one, because I I love black. I love these in black, but I and I had one but I'm not very like nice to my clothes so like I just leave them on the floor and it got all janky and all wrinkled and stuff so that one, the black one is gone. So I need to buy a new one, and then I also have this hat, which it looks so much. All of these hats look so much cuter when my hair is down, but just so you guys can get it. I look like like good like a newsboy or like something like what do they say like oh yeah, yeah extra extra read all about it. That'S how you feel like I look at this. Like tickets, just get the local newspaper, 50 cents, 50 cents. I don't know how much place only newspaper before back in the day, but this is what I feel like that makes me look like with my hair up, but with my hair down I look fabulous and cute so yeah. I really like this hat. They are all the rage right now: they're called fisherman's hat. I fishermen, fishermen, hats. I got mine from Urban Outfitters, it is Brixton. Last but not least, I have something that is technically it's a hair accessory but kind of not. It could also fall under beauty, but I definitely use them in my hair and I think they're super beautiful. They are the hair glitters. A four of them are from lemonhead. They are these ones. I will swatch them for you guys they are so beautiful. I have one in this color. I have it in this color this color and this color love them they're, so cute the packaging is so cute. Let me just open one for you guys, so you can see what it looks like this is the space paste there's space glitter and space paste the space paste. The glitter is a little bit more intense, it's more thick and I think it's just super beautiful and show you guys a space glitter, it's just a little bit thinner. You can see they're all very intense. I absolutely love them. I will show you guys the colors that I have and then I finally I'm not gon na lie. I have not tried this yet, but I think these are pretty expensive, depending on which one you get. They could range anywhere between thirty to thirty-five dollars. Unless you get it in a bundle which I I think I did and either way it's expensive, I did save up for those. So this is a lot cheaper and it could be a cheaper alternative. It is a glitter up babe. I got it all tough. I have not tried it yet, but it looks very beautiful. I seen a video of it on Instagram and it looks super beautiful. So I can't wait to crack into this. Okay so now to show you how I store my hats. They are all up here. Um. I have my beanies and stuff right here. One stand alone hat. I have all of my hats hanging on this thing right here. I actually got this thing. Do you guys remember when Christian bookstore was the thing well, yeah they all shut down, and so I bought this off of them for, like 50 cents they were selling all their shelving and stuff. So I bought one of these. I don't know what it used to both. You guys have any idea you guys can put that down, but now I use it to hang my hats. I got a little innovative and my bend Anna's are on here. I'M gon na have more hats on this side and all my scrunchies and yeah. So here are all my hats. How I store them. I have one hat that is hanging up there and then finally, I think I have some hair accessories in here. It'S just one of those things that you put on your head and then, finally, all my glitter is right here on display and then the one from Ulta is right there so yeah. That is it! That'S how I store all my hat stuff - maybe not very efficient, but I I like the way it looks I'm on and yeah that is it um. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. I hope you guys will enjoy this series um. I really want to get back into this YouTube game. I'Ve so missed it. I sold my camera because I'd literally thought I was never going to vlog again I felt like a failure, and so I stopped vlogging and I thought I was never gon na vlog in and then I sold my camera. It was just like I quit, because I was just really lacking inspiration and yeah. That was that, but I really missed it, and I've been really just going in a season in my life where I've been really inspired. So I'm starting up again, I've been using my brother's camera right now, but I'm gon na buy my own again and I'm just really thankful for all of you. Guys'S support. Yes, if you've made it all the way to the end of this video, the EP is coming out this month and I am so pumped so stay tuned for that within the next coming weeks. It'S gon na, be so great, I'm so excited excited. Everything sounds so good right now, we're just working in graphics and promo. Isn'T right now and finishing the masters but yeah. So stick around guys. There are more videos to come. Let me know of any videos that you guys want to see, even if it's not for this series and then any videos that you guys would like to see in this series and if you guys have made it all the way to the end, you guys are Great, please comment something for everybody who made it all the way to the end comment a monkey or like a monkey emoji or the word monkey or anything that has to do with monkey. If you made it all the way to the end, give this video a like, and thank you guys so much, I'm so happy to be back. I will see you guys later goodbye yeah

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