The Worst Avatar Editor Update! 1 Hair Accessory Only? [How To Fix It] (Roblox)

How’s it going guys, SharkBlox here,

This hair updated on the Roblox avatar is so weird. There seems to be a new message that players without Roblox plugins are getting. It says, “Failed to save: A maximum of 1 Hair Accessories is allowed.” You can fix this error by using a Roblox plugin/extension. RoPro, BTROBLOX, RoGold, should all fix this weird new error/glitch/update.

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What is ROBLOX? ROBLOX is an online virtual playground and workshop, where people of all ages can safely interact, create, have fun, and learn. It’s unique in that practically everything on ROBLOX is designed and constructed by members of the community. ROBLOX is designed for 8 to 18 year olds, but it is open to people of all ages. Each player starts by choosing an avatar and giving it an identity. They can then explore ROBLOX — interacting with others by chatting, playing games, or collaborating on creative projects. Each player is also given their own piece of undeveloped real estate along with a virtual toolbox with which to design and build anything — be it a navigable skyscraper, a working helicopter, a giant pinball machine, a multiplayer “Capture the Flag” game or some other, yet­to­be­dreamed-up creation. There is no cost for this first plot of virtual land. By participating and by building cool stuff, ROBLOX members can earn specialty badges as well as ROBLOX dollars (“ROBUX”). In turn, they can shop the online catalog to purchase avatar clothing and accessories as well as premium building materials, interactive components, and working mechanisms.

How'S it going guys sharblux here so in this video, i'm going to be talking about a new avatar, editor update, which is honestly one of the worst updates i have ever seen. I'M currently not sure if this is a glitch or an actual roblox update, but i'm going to show you guys what's happening anyway and i'll also show you guys how to fix it in today's video. So you have seen the thumbnail you've seen the title as well. I am talking about roblox hair because apparently roblox did this really unusual update, where we can only wear a maximum of one hair accessory on your avatar. I know that sounds so stupid and at first i honestly thought this was fake, because why would roblox add something like this? That doesn't make any sense whatsoever, but let's check it out anyway. So the first guy to tell me about this was d zed. I read over on twitter. I don't know if that's how you say your name, but this guy was not happy. He said roblox, why? Oh, my god, they are taking hair combos away, broken heart, emoji yeah! This guy's not very happy about this. So he got this error over on his roblox avatar editor and it said it failed to save a maximum of one hair accessories is allowed. So, like i was saying guys at first. I thought this was fake. I don't know this is kind of worded like a bit weird. Surely it would say a maximum of one hair accessory, not hair accessories. I don't know guys. This update is a bit dodgy, but basically what's happening. This guy tried to equip multiple hairs on his roblox avatar, but he didn't let him. Instead, he can only use one. The same guy also said shark blocks. You may need to make a video about this. You can't even add another hair. Now i did reply to this guy and i said i think your roblox has gone wrong because for me personally i had no trouble with this whatsoever, so the same bloke replied yet again and he said yeah but so like add one other hair. If you didn't ready, derpy was the one that saw this first when he tried adding another hair, and, i said, must be a glitch, because there is no way roblox would make something like this a real thing. I tried it with lead clothing, hat accessories. I was wearing so many avatar hairs and i could not get this error. I was so confused, so i thought. Okay, maybe that guy's tweet was fake or something like that. I don't know a lot of people do send me fake tweets to try and get in videos, even though you probably shouldn't do that. However, then i got this tweet from detective puppet and he said yes, the fruity lead clothing is now out on roblox. Here'S the bad news: when i go to the advanced options, i can't equip two hair accessories. At the same time and again guys this guy got the same error and he was actually using the advanced button to like select multiple hairs yeah. This is proper, strange and then again guys. I got a tweet from this guy called joe and joe here had exactly the same problem. Roblox did a new update where you can't put on more than one hair. So what the heck is this this update is so bizarre. Let me show you what happens if i try and do this on my roblox avatar editor. If i go to characters creations lets me wear something random, maybe like this lead, clothing, girl, avatar. I think this will be quite a good demonstration and then guys if i go to body and go to hair, i can literally wear as many hairs as i want, and i will never get this error. I did notice with these guys over on twitter as soon as they selected one of these hairs. All of the other hair would be like taken off, so they could only wear like one at the same time, if that makes sense, and yes, i was super confused, because i was trying loads of different hairs. I was using like hat combinations as well, so, like i said, i was wearing hats. At the same time, i also went into body scale r6. My lead clothing disappeared, but i still didn't have any problem with wearing like as many hairs as i wanted to. However, guys there is one different thing between me and to the people that were getting this error, the people that were getting this error did not have the better roblox plug-in or the rope pro plug-in. I guess quite a few of these guys were on roblox mobile, so guys look at this, i'm on a fresh browser with no plugins or anything like that. This is actually a firefox browser and, as you can see, each hair i wear on my avatar. One of them gets unselected and what's even more crazy if i go into body and hair and then click on advanced, if i paste in another id. So, let's paste in the pals hair id and then if i go ahead and save this, then click on save. It will actually give me the error and, as you can see guys, hopefully you saw that. Let me try that again failed to save a maximum of one hair, only so yeah. What the heck is this that is so strange, and i also went over to my phone and tried this, and it was exactly the same over on my robux mobile app. I could only wear one hair at the same time, this update sucks. Well guys. I have some good news for you, pc users. If you use a roblox plugin like rogold, better roblox rowpro, any of them should be okay. If you actually install this, so let me go ahead and add this to my firefox and if i just click on add here, i can now equip as many heads as i want over on my avatar. So let me go ahead and press f5 on my keyboard to refresh the page here and, as you guys can now see, i can wear as many hair as i want. So i'm really hoping this is like a roblox glitch, but to be fair, you probably should have a roblox plug-in anyway. I did find one cool trick, though. If you want multiple hairs on mobile, what i did guys is, i went to characters and creations. I clicked on create new outfits, call it whatever you want. It doesn't really matter, then go ahead and click on create, as you can see, hair test, which i made before i started. Recording this video i selected this over on my mobile select the robux mobile app and yes, it worked. So that's like a trick around it. You use a plugin on your pc, you create a costume, then you should be able to successfully equip this on your mobile app and yes, i just want to say guys. This also works on rowpro. So if i go to body, then it would be hair, as you guys can clearly see. I can literally wear as many hairs as i want to so yeah. This update is really strange. To be honest, i don't really understand it. It'S proper weird, i'm really hoping this is a glitch, because roblox is all about creating custom, avatars and stuff like that, and if you can't wear multiple hairs at the same time. Well, what's the point of roblox that just wouldn't make any sense, and so there we have it guys, that's the strange kind of like roblox hair update. I don't even know what to call this thing, but that's what's happening and that's how you go about fixing it. If you guys enjoyed this video as always make sure to leave a like and subscribe, thank you so much for watching, and i will see you guys in the next one.

Amber: Roblox literally never fails to make their game worse. They're taking away everything that made roblox in the first place. Honestly if their whole goal is to get people to stop playing they're doing amazing. They're limiting the imagination of kids and taking away a lot of features for games, avatars, community's, etc. It's so sad.

Ghost: Roblox is really doing a great job at getting their fanbase to hate their guts. I also love how roblox allows “glue” t-shirts and inappropriate things to the game but then also deletes layered hair

tomato: I just figured this out, after buying new hairs for my avatar (I wanted a hair combo), which really sucked. I can't understand why roblox would make this an update. It's not like anybody was "abusing" this hair combo feature, so there was really no point in making this an update. Thank you for saving me though lol

Banana Banana: This video helped me out a lot. I was so confused and amidst this I completely forgot about the extensions. Thanks for reminding me! Roblox is entering an era of disappointing the community I'm here to believe.

𝔅𝔢𝔢: 3 months later and this still isn’t “patched”

kyn: if this was an update it's so stupid, roblox never fails to disappoint their community edit ; yes i'm aware it's actually an update, please stop replying

-Local Idiot-: Yes, thank you! That plug-in instantly fixed the “update”! Thank god there’s a working method to reverse it, because the limitations on avatar customization is already annoying. This update was borderline stupid! Thanks again!

•.ℓєαнѕωσяℓ∂.•: Thank you so much! this was so helpful; I installed the extension, and I could not believe it, it actually worked, Thank you again!

madi m: can we start a petition to get this feature removed? because honextly when Roblox finds out how people do things on there, they always end up messing it up for all of us. its always so unfair. I feel like they don't even truly care about what WE want as the players and users of their platform

Flyingpiggles10: Never understood why roblox is on this neverending crusade against having multiple hairs at once. All it does is limit what you're able to do and i cant possibly think of a good reason to exclude the feature

Lx Shiriga: Roblox: "Powering Your Imagination" Also Roblox: *Limiting your imagination and creativity*

Brynn Marie #roadto100: Roblox HAD to do this “update”. Yes, it’s frustrating, and I just cried a lot because when I tried, hoping it was fixed, it wasn’t. But, the reason this was done is because people were getting lagged out of Roblox because of the glitch. Then, they couldn’t get back in Roblox. So, basically this banned them. How do I know this? It happened to me. I was wearing abt 3-4 hairs, and I just got logged out. Luckily, I was on my alt, but I’m still very upset because I had transferred my super super happy face onto the account. /: Also, this happened to two of my friends. So it’s not really Roblox’s fault. It was a need to prevent this lag/glitch.


Godspeed: Undeniably trash update. Thanks for the fix man, when this happened to me I thought I'd never be able to do hair combos again. You're a lifesaver.

BrotherOfGod: Im pretty sure roblox is aware that alot of people are buying hair for hair combos so its very stupid and necessary for them to add ot

Hameleosha De Hoga: Out of all the updates I think this update must be undone, it just limits imagination and creativity, wasn't Roblox about those things all along?

SuchDoggo64: This genuinely pisses me off bc exploit scripts usually use multiple accessories, mostly hair to replace with the scripts features. I tried to use extendo limbs, and it only works when it comes to flinging players. You need multiple hairs to use the extendo limbs, and roblox pretty much fucked it.

Po3BaTb: I know why actually. It's because of hacks. People was equipping a lot of hairs and making scripts with them

NicholasJ: The only way to have more than one accessory is to have a saved character. Luckily I do ‍♂️ Edit: Didn’t see the whole video

Theonenoobgamer1000: THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS WORKS :D I’m crying right now I’m so happy. Roblox just likes to ruin everything but it’s fine now I solved something :)

Namu: The thing is, if you have a costume saved, you can still equip more than 1 hair (s)

Rafael Foschiera: Man, you saved my day. I bought a whole set of accessories and when i went to equip, i only could equip one of each body part. and i was scared because it cost a lot of robux. but with this app it made possible to equip everything :D

Silence: You have saved another pc. I was just about to smash the screen. Thank you so much for showing us the fix. I am now enjoying roblox right now with multiple hairs. Roblox even looks way better than before with this plug in. Thank you.

Moonlight Stars: Through out the years Roblox never failed to make the game worse and disappointing

𝔗𝔬𝔪𝔧: Tutorial starts at 3:21

DHitkill194: I hope Roblox notices how many people are bummed about this ridiculous feature so they are forced to fix it, because of they choose to ignore this, this is gonna make everyone want to give up on Roblox even more. I can only imagine people (like myself) who spent lots of robux on three or more hairs to make good hair combos, suffering with this stupid update.

J Man: Thanks for linking them because now I can use hair combos once again. Also I don't know why they removed hair combos to add layered clothing. Ps: It's been 3 months since this video was made and it still works.

SketchCat And Sterling The DoodleKitty: Thanks for the plugin, works like a charm. Fixing yet another thing roblox messed up.

KiloKJBusiness: Thank you very much for giving the word out about this extension!

StrangerAxolotl: the extension is very good, there is just a little "mistake" in it. If I want to change my background on roblox with stylish I can't because of the better roblox extension. It just keeps going on staying white :/ if you know how to actually fix this, please let me know!

radanju3: Glad I'm not the only one just noticing this. I'm absolutely livid about this and I wish to wear multiple hair combos! There is literally no point in this horrid update to make it so you can only wear one hair accessory! I'm with everyone here, this update should be undone ASAP!!!

Geovanny Vasquez: They just patched it, I've been using this for a while and it just suddenly stoped. I can only equip 2 hairs so this kinda sucks.

ariana juliet: i was truly upset when i figured out i couldn't wear multiple hairs at once. it seems like many people want this update to be undone, and if roblox wants to have players, it better be undone before many people quit. yes, it is an outrageous reason to quit, but many people were angry, as i was. but i'm not letting my anger take over. i'm simply waiting for them to undo it, and if they don't there'll be a problem.

soulemissary: I’m disappointed in roblox, because now iOS players can’t even have cute hairs

Noah C brown: They never fail to be a disappointment

Andor Kollar: Thanks man, this really helped! :)



Creati_Lo: Seriously, thanks so much, I was very confused and about to cry, subscribing.

matsu: “Powering imagination” *removes one of the biggest ways for players to express themselves and let their imagination and creativity flow*. What bugs me the most is the fact they didn’t even say anything and most people only found when they wasted robux on clothes they thought they could wear.

DanaThePanda: It Works! Thank You.

Adrian: OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH :) I was really sad that everyone else could but not I can too :D

Sevo Gloxnovat: man, thank you so much I thought you would clickbait or something but it actually works, I cannot tell how thankful I am rn

AbbyVEVO: Absolute life saver! thank you

Airplane: Imagine after this people would just make hairs in the hat categories

𝘾𝙝𝙤𝙘𝙘𝙮: i hope they fix this, i have so many dream outfits that require multiple accessories of one category and im not able to use them do to this update! im really upset about this. please fix it Roblox. or your gonna pull your community away from their own imagination.

candysp5: tyy!! i now came to the point where i had enough from the update and i happy that i ran into this cause it helped so much! (btw the update sucks but lets hope it doesnt get any worse than this lol)

Ayax°: Thanks bro, it really helped me out!

Sky Drivers: Thank you so much SharkBlox. I just bought a new avatar 5 mins ago and that had a hair combo and i wasnt able to wear it. And then i saw your video and it helped me a lot. Thank you so much!

Ununique Gamer: Roblox really loves to make horrible updates.

Itzaleena: Roblox used to be awesome! And now it's like they're trying to make their game worse, seriously

sugar cupcape light: The problem with me is that the “add to chrome” button isn’t the same for me, for me it shows “available on chrome” and when I click that button It doesn’t give me multiple hair

TheWhisperingWolf: Oh my gosh this is a life saver i didnt know about this until now and thank you so much!!!

• blvsh •: Thank you! *Checks all saved outfits* *Saw a saved outfit with 2 hairs* Oh ok nevermind.

L e i: Im fine with the jackets but removing the hair slots is just too much.

𝙍𝙚𝙣.: tysm it did work! I was regretting buying too much hairs and i was about to cry because i worked hard on getting the robux. This helped me a lot and relieved me so many times. Roblox sure is making they're game worst though.

Jamie Rudolph: I swear roblox always does this like they come up with a genius update and *almost* everyone likes it including me. But then they go ahead and remove the ability to wear more then 1 hair. Whats next??? removing the roblox avatars and replacing them with real people?


Lem: Worked. Thanks a bunch man, have a good one

rrehmatt: truly, i HATE all of roblox's plans for a "NEW"" roblox. i dislike the jackets and the fact that we cant even wear more than one hair now. i like the roblox we have now. if this is roblox's future, i might quit lol.

♡•𝑺𝒚𝒑𝒉𝒆𝒓•♡: As a player on computer and RoPro I didn’t know this, thank you for this info!


᭙ꫀᦔꪀꫀᦓᦔꪖꪗ ꪖᦔᦔꪖꪑᦓ: I DID instal the BRRoblox extension and it works perfectly! It let me add two hairs at a time. I'm sure it would really help people with this problem. Thanks for sharing that bit!

ᴍʀsʜʏ24: I’m so disappointed bc I bought so many hairs for noting. This roblox update is so stupid it makes their community worse.

Lobsters Shot By Cops: I was extremely disappointed when I figured this out in the middle of an avatar edit. Searched up Roblox doing this, and I got right to this video. I couldn't have asked for more, this video represents the issue where it came from and even how to fix it. You deserve my like, I never would have found out the Better Roblox extension and that it could do this without this video. It's a shame it had to be like that, though.

N3KORAT: this helped so much. I recommend this

Castu: thx this really helped since i had a problem with it too

NotEleena: I’ve been searching everywhere trying to get the extension but it never works for ios honestly Roblox should just Bring it back and NOT remove the features that people use A lot

Non_AverageDev: TYSM this BT helps so much it’s so simple and ez to use thanks a lot shark

kix: This is probably an accident, and even if it was intentional, the backlash roblox has and will receive will probably be enough to revert this change. edit: or not

x HUSH x: Thank you I bought a lot of hairs and I couldn’t equip them all but I got btroblox and it helps a lot Ty

Multiple: Thank you so muchh this was a lifesaver because i just bought a hair combo and then I saw the error I searched it up and found this thank you so much!


Fat Girl: thank you so much it helped me a lot

BudgerigarSirenEnthusiast...?: Roblox: "Powering Imagination" Also Roblox: *Deletes hair combos* Everyone: I'm quitting Correction: Powering dog shit, not powering imagination

speedpaint animations: Thanks bro real helpful only took a few seconds first roblox tutorial that actually works

shadow forest: At this point it feels like roblox is purposely trying to disappoint us :/


Blackbird_Moon: THANK YOU, IT HELPS

Ruv, Seriously.: If you're in mobile, just simply install an alternative browser called Kiwi Browser, it supports extensions. Install the BTRoblox extension there then go to the Roblox website, it'll let you equip multiple hairs!

D34DCØRPZE: literally helpful for new players

gaze: tysm! this helped me out a ton!

•♤Yumi♤•: So it happened to me however I was able to somehow wear more then one hair but I had to continue closing roblox and adding one by one hair but it's really weird and hopefully it can get fixed


Kimberly: It’s annoying that they did this but I’m glad we have a way around it at least

Dragunov: omg thank you so much shark, i was trying to make a hair combo and it wouldnt work, thanks to you however i was able to fix it

delano benjamin: Your a live saver. I was never able to figure this out

allen gibbs: thank you so much this helped big time


Cici🌊: Thank you! its so hard to create an avatar when they are taking away things that make it creative! it was stupid update in the first place i see no reason why they thought is was a good idea to add it.

_°Shenhe°_: Thank you for showing me this I have it on chrome on my PC but it doesn’t work on my iPad but thanks anyway

Genshin Klee the terrorist :D: To everyone curious it works :D I tried it and it worked a 100% but only if you have chrome or Firefox:)

SCC: Thank you for the fix

Sonicboom1889: This sucks. I hate it when Roblox kills off features.


Astro: I installed BTR roblox and its really cool actually, never knew about it and it does a little to fix the hair problem, for me it only lets me equip 2 hairs at a time

Najla deiraluna Legawa: Ok ik I'm late to the party but, honestly this update is just so stupid. First they removed adding 2+ hairs, now they removed sleeves for 3d clothing which was 70, what else r u removing roblox?

Aazin Hamad: Thank you so much this works!

Mettel: Ah yes everyone was happy about the new 3d clothing yesterday and now they did another bad update lol


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