I Tried Every Haircut; Here Are The 5 Best

I tried every haircut, here are the 5 best ones.

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Welcome to the haircut Showdown, I tried every single haircut out there here are the five best haircuts are one of the quickest and most incredible way. To give yourself a completely fresh look in under an hour. They can be completely transformative and if you go with the bangs or a very edgy haircut, they can completely transform the face. If you want to elongate your face, if you want to round it out, if you want to decrease the visibility of your forehead, they just have such an incredible transformative effect that they are the top contender in any hair transformation. While there are trickier and more challenging haircuts out there here are the five that I think are an absolute must try at least once in your life foreign, we're back. You guys actually love this series so much and it really warms my heart because it's nice to see kind of different hair, colors and haircuts celebrated, and also you guys, just love the drama. Also, someone posted a comment last time that seeing all of these, like compilation or Montage Style videos made you guys think that I was leaving YouTube, I'm not if anything, we're gearing up. Last time I reviewed the five worst haircuts that I tried in my personal opinion. So today it is only fair that we tried the five best ones. I tried every single haircut out there here are the top five best haircuts that I tried speaking exclusively from my personal opinion aimed to Aid. You guys make a decision when it comes to your next haircut. This isn't a blanket fit all conversation. This is more of a here's how it went for me. Maybe it might go with like that, for you we're going to be ranking these with three different rating factors that is going to determine how good or bad the haircut is. They'Re all good, but styleability manageability and the grow out period. Number five, the pixie cut. I'Ve been obsessed with this cut for quite a few years. This time last year was the very first time that I went for it, and it is the current stage that my hair is at. Under this way, there was a big fascination with the Peaks it caught. Quite a few years ago, where literally every single actress went for it think Shailene Woodley Jennifer Lawrence Scarlett Johansson Miley Cyrus, everyone went for the gorgeous pixie cut. Since then it's kind of calmed down a bit. People are more into their long hair, but last year I decided that I wanted to try every single short haircut out there and the pixie cut is one of the ones that I routinely love in 2020. I actually created a wig for it, which is what led me to make the decision to cut my own hair into a pixie cut. First of all, the style ability of this haircut is incredible in the sense that there's very little that you have to do for most people's hair. No matter where the hair Falls, the pixie cut is kind of cut in a way that you have length on the top and it is considerably shorter along the sides. That means that, for the most part, there's very little hair that you do actually have to style and whatever hair, that is, it tends to be just a very little amount on the top. Don'T get me wrong, you do need to style it, especially if you go to bed with your hair wet like I do. It tends to stick up in the morning, but it is so quick to style and it always looks Chic when it comes to manageability. Then again, it is incredibly easy to manage. It doesn't really budge, because it's too short and if you apply the tiniest bit of product like a wax, stick or spray, it doesn't do anything. And if you go for a side parting, which is what I recommend it just looks fun, it looks polished, it looks classy and if you go for a striking color like black, it just further amplifies a very fun thing. It was a hair length that was short enough, that I didn't have to do much for it, but it was long enough on the top that you could still play with it. You could still create a tremendous amount of hairstyles and you can really play around with it, especially if you change color the grow out period of this, then was the best ever. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed having such a cut, because I genuinely had to do nothing most short haircuts. You do tend to need to have to trim or maintain or style every few weeks or so, but this one it just it grew. I did just it kept its shape. There wasn't anything, you could start with a very short back and throw it out, and it's fine. You don't have to do anything if you're looking for a short haircut that is stylish and requires a minimum styling. This is the one for you number four. This is actually a haircut that I personally never tried on myself and I'm kind of kicking myself for it, but the fourth best haircut to try is the wolf cut, also known as the butterfly cut, also known as the Shaka. It was an incredibly popular haircut back in the 80s, and it's making a comeback now, and I kind of wish it made it sooner. The entire premise of the wolf cut is that all of the hair is just cut by bringing the hair forward and just cutting. So if you bring all the hair forward, it just forms a very nice 90 degree cut, but the way it falls then is an incredibly beautifully layered cut. In my previous video, there were quite a few cuts on there that featured layers, and one thing that I didn't like about them is that they, just it looked boring or it was hard to style. The wolf cut, however, is nothing but layers, and that is what makes it incredible. It does work better on longer hair. So this isn't one that I would recommend for anything shorter than boob length, because otherwise it can look dated in a not cute way. It can look a bit toddler-like, but if you have longer hair and if you really want to play it up - and you want something that is fun, this is definitely one that I would recommend. I even tried it on earlier wig and I loved it. I ended up wearing it for quite a few days, and it was. It was just so fun if you wanted it down great. You had this very cool, rocker, chick aesthetic, but at the same time, very hassle free. If you wanted them to just pull it out of your face, you can just grab a clip and up you go that is it. It needed nothing and style. Ability was amazing: if you want some products, you can put products or if you want to keep it just fun product free, really fresh, really clean you could. The manageability of it, then, was incredible if you have a specially curly textured wavy hair. This is amazing because the layers are so short, the curls are just going to bounce up on themselves, but you're still keeping that length that you have from the back. The grow up period of this is then, obviously incredible again, I didn't try it myself, but the premise will still hold your Delirious is just growing further down, but they're still gon na be there. It'S still going to look amazing if you want something really fun really. Boho, and also something that keeps your hair length, but just removes bulk from it. This one might be something fun for you to try number three: the bus cut. I am so incredibly happy that I can put this on the list in the sense that I've tried it and I can put it on the list in case you missed it. I shaved off my head last summer and it was the best decision that I could have taken genuinely the whole premise behind. It was that I wanted to try it once in my life so that I can take it off the list and then I can use my experience to guide people on whether or not it was a good idea. I can add that to my experience list, a lot of you might think that I hated the basket because I ended up shaving off my hair, which is the 80 of my personality. You will be dead wrong. First of all, the celebrity of the basket does not come in the styling of the haircut itself. The cerebellancy of the bus cut comes in what you can paint onto the bus cut. I ended up trying a whole load of different designs, practically every two weeks or so on my buzz cut, because once you shave off all of your head, your head stops being something that you view as a 2d kind of flat thing, and it becomes something that You can paint on directly, and I took full advantage of that. I literally I was like I can paint whatever, and it was the most fun incredible thing ever if you want to feel liberated in a way that few haircuts allow try the bus cut, it makes you completely rethink how we look at Beauty and how we look At hair, because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone and try new things, painting directly on your head is gon na, be one of those things that I would highly recommend you try. The manageability of this, then, is even better than the style ability of this, because there's nothing that you have to do to your hair, because there is nothing that you can do to it. I cannot tell you how happy I was to wake up every morning In The Heat Of Summer and not have to do anything. I didn't have to pull up my hair when I went and did workouts when I did yoga, I just did it. I had nothing to worry about and when I wanted to go swimming, my first thought wasn't immediately. No, I can't go swimming because I just got my hair style. My first thought was heck. Yes, let's go. It took me until I shaved off my hair to realize how much especially we women tend to be chained to our hair routines. Whenever we go to the sun on a river, we do it ourselves or whenever we just had wash day, we will now say for the next four days. We are not getting into a spot, we're not getting into a pool we're not going out into the rain and we're not going to let anything touch our hair, because we associate time and effort with this maintenance. When you shave off your head, you ultimately shave off that weird baggage. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to not have to think about that once the girl then obviously, is a grow out. I mean you can either do like. I did have it for a few weeks and then start your workout period or else every two weeks or so you just shave your own head and, yes, you can absolutely do it yourself by the second time or third, you are going to be a pro and It'S difficult to mess it up. The one tip that I would always give is to start longer than you think you need, because a super short brush cut. Isn'T that fun one centimeter or half an inch is my recommendation. If you want something that is the incredibly liberating as a haircut, I cannot recommend the bus cut number two. This will come as no surprise but the curtain Banks. I had to put this on the list I had to I had to in my worst haircuts video. I put the very hard straight bangs as one of the worst haircuts that you can try, because of how difficult they are to maintain, but worse how difficult they are to grow out and number two. However, at the best haircuts that you can try list, I will definitely put the curtain bags. There is no bag that is more fun and more easy than this. First of all, styleability wise. It is incredibly Chic every time we see a curtain bag on anyone any face, shape any hair type, any aesthetic. It is always going to look amazing. There is nothing that could go wrong and it makes sense in every setting. The curtain bank is framing the face at the same time, opening up the face. It kind of creates this like weird inverse heart, shape kind of bringing the attention to her face, but in a very pristine way in a very Carefree manner. It is also an incredibly good haircut if you want to hide your forehead or you want to kind of frame it a bit gently. It is amazing it just kind of it opens up and it frames her face like a curtain. It is incredible. The manageability is that you do have to style them every once in a while, but for the most part the curtain Bank does tend to retain its style. That'S because why some of it is a bit shorter. Most of it tends to be longer, and also, if you wear glosses like I do, and the curtain Banks kind of frame around the glasses, they will eventually retain the shape of it going around the specs of your glasses and automatically just style themselves. In fact, this was one of the things that I used to do when I didn't feel like styling it. I would just brush it it put in my glasses, and it would automatically dry in a manner where it would just immediately hold the shape. My favorite way to wear this, however, I used to be with a bun and it just falling down my face. I cannot think of a better solution. The girls obviously is like any bangs it'll get longer, but because of the genuinely soft nature of the haircut and because it already has like a longer Edge, it isn't that difficult to blend in your own hair. Eventually, it stops being banged and it just starts becoming face framing layers. You can either do it yourself or go to a professional, but it's really not that difficult to try. I'Ve got a couple tutorials that you can follow number one. In my humble opinion, the best haircut that you can try is the one length pop A-line Bop this one. I keep going back to this haircut. It is the one haircut that I am missing so so so much first of all, a Haley Bieber just did it. It looks amazing on her the style ability of this is that it is always forever without fail, a classy haircut, no matter, if you have it quite short, like I had it quite a few years ago, or it's grown out a bit or you have it in Kind of a bubble setting it is not going to look not close, it is going to look fun, it is going to look Chic and it is going to look expensive, and that is because it has no layering. It is just hair. In essence, even if your hair is super thick or it is super thin, this effect of it being so thick is just it is going to episode Style, luxury class, etiquette, elitism, there's something so so pristine about hair. That is just all one leg. There is nothing framing the face: there's no layering at the back, there's nothing anywhere, there's not even Point cutting air, but there's something so phenomenally good about it that you can't go wrong with it. My personal favorite way to style it used to be super dead straight or else kind of in a bubble formation. It used to be very, very easy. You get like a blow dryer big hairbrush and off you go, but you can definitely play around with waves with this. You can definitely play around with accessories. You can even flick. It outwards it's still long enough to play around with, but it is at such a good length that it is not going to take up all of your time. The manageability of this, then, is even better because it is long enough that it is going to fall nicely, even if your hair is wavy. Even if your hair is textured, it's just going to fall, it's going to dry, but it's not going to tangle. It is not going to weigh you down. It is not going to be a problem if, if you get wet or something because it's not long enough to cause trouble, it tends to look good most hair colors. I can say this with pure confidence. However, my personal favorite was Bubble Witch. That is me. The growth of this then, is impeccable. Whenever I go for this haircut, which is usually around the winter time, I get it and then I don't touch it for months months. There is literally nothing that you have to do to this haircut. I'Ve even cut it on myself a few times, and it has always without fail, been such a fun thing to cut. Oh, my God, the one thing I will tell you to point out to either yourself or your stylist is to make sure that it is a line that means that it is not fully straight. It is slightly descending from the back to the front, so it kind of follows the shape of your jaw. In fact, that is probably one of my favorite things to say is: have it be parallel to your job? It is incredibly flattering. I cannot recommend it enough if you want to go for the classiest easiest and more most breathtakingly fantastic haircut. The one length form is my recommendation. I'Ll tell you this much. It was difficult rounding it up to five haircuts because there were some that definitely deserved to be here, but these are definitely five that I feel like no matter what your hair type is. No matter what your hair length, there is gon na be one that is going to resonate with you that is going to fit you. I would love to hear if there's any other haircut, that you absolutely love trying, because I'd love to try something new, probably on a wig. But I always love to hear your recommendations and your suggestions, if you haven't already subscribed to this channel, join the Stellar film. Let'S learn a thing or two together and let me know down below if there's any other things you want to see maybe best hairstyles to try. Let me know I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope you'll give it a go and I will see you in my next video bye babies.

immro: I recently cut my hair in the one length bob thanks to you. I have to say, everyone says it looks so good on me. I feel lighter, younger and stylish without even trying ❤

Tanja: Last time I got my hair cut, I got the one length bob above shoulder length. I got so many compliments from women, quite a few compliments from nordic men, but international men just asked me "why did you cut it?" I was super happy with it, and it has been really easy to grow out, with it still looking nice.

4typesofpenguins: I was the person who was worried about you leaving Youtube. Great to hear that you're not

Cindy Bowen: I've had everything but the wolf cut. My husband loves my very long curly hair, but I wear it up all the time. I am sooo bored with it. Seeing you with the dark, curly version makes me want to run to the salon this minute!! You are gorgeous and all the styles are stunning!

Riomy13: I'd personally love some advice on what kind of haircuts/styles would fit to specific types of hair. As someone with rather long but fine hair, I for example struggle with having zero volume unless I put a ton of products in, which I'd like to avoid. And I'm pretty sure people with very voluminous hair have similar struggles on how to work with it. I know you've done similar ones to that before but a nice compilation would be great. ~

Ariana Rose Plays: Hi Stella I loved this video, and for me the best hair cuts I've tried have to be, 5- the buzzcut ( the grow out was hard for me) , 4-pixie cut (I miss it) , 3-butterfly cut ( I have it rn), 2-long with face framing and a bit of layers(I haven't had in 5 years I kinda am aiming for it now), 1- one length bob /chin length bob (my go to because I love it at start and when it reaches shoulder length I love it and even when it gets longer) I do love those hairstyles alot and they can be a lead to each others (buzzcut -> pixie -> chin length - > butterfly - > long with layers) I actually didn't want the butterfly cut but I had to do it because I was growing out straight thick bangs but it became one of my favs :)

bebe kex: I cut my own hair last week (butterfly cut).. I was preparing myself mentally for it for weeks, but it turned out great! And as you said, I started with underboob length, so it gave me enough room to play around with it.

peperlover99: What I love about wigs is that they allow me to try any of all of those styles! Plus if they have bangs they never grow out. Thanks for the suggestions and yeah I've rocked both pixie and a line bob wigs, they are gorgeous!

W. Bedrosian: I felt in love with the butterfly hair cut. My hair was long (mid-back). In december, i told my hairdresser i wanted to try it. I am so happy. I still have my lengths so i can tie my hair into a ponytail. I think it's a versatile haircut. I like wearing them naturally curled.

Jlo$good: Hey Stella, one of my favorite colors, on you and I have mentioned before is the red hair color. I have always loved them on you. It for some reason just matches your skin-tone. Love your videos and can't wait to see more. ❤️

yesmissjane: the pixie and the bob are my happiest hair experiences bar none. My husband likes it longer, so I alternate between growing it out and keeping it how I like it... It's as long as I've ever had it rn (mid back) and it is SUCH A PAIN to keep looking good. If I really go all out it can look amazing, obvs, and yes I *can* do all sorts of things with it, but day in day out it is inferior to those classic short cuts in every way. Aaaaaaargh. The things we do for love (and vanity).

Moon Child: Thank you so much for this video. I've been struggling to choose something different and fun to do with my hair and this definitely helped me out. You're amazing btw, love ya

Susan Ruby: I love the one length bob and always try some other hair style and end up going back to the bob. I have thin, fine hair and it just works well for me. I love how this style is always in fashion and is easy to wear.

M5FTZ: 4:50 I have this type of haircut and omds it does a miracle. It made my hair much more voluminous and for me it doesn’t require much styling

Oonagh72: I want to disagree with you that the shag doesn’t look good on medium length hair. I used to think that too, but I’ve see so many people styling medium and even short shags in so many different ways. I think it has to do with the layering. They have to be “perfectly” connected. I especially see this in thick curly hair. That weight is released. Hair can hold a style longer and it can move!! I agree that the classic a line Bob is my favorite haircut too. It is youthful no matter your age.

Lenka Sagi: I absolutely loved the video! Could you maybe consider doing a video of best haircuts for thick hair and for thin hair?

RudaRed: Hi @Stella_Cini I really like all your hair transformation journey <3 Few months after you buzzcut your hair I did that too and I don't regret it :D I have only one question to you. As a short hair girl, how do you cope with standing/messy hair after waking up. This is currently my least favourite part of the hair growth so maybe you have some tips how to quickly take care of your hair in the morning. ~All the best!

Dawn Liphard: I am an old(er) woman with long hair because I've had short hair and hated it , but I LOVE a classic blunt cut A-line Bob. My daughter is hooked on it. Whenever it gets longer, she goes back in to chop it off.

jp: Is there a some kind of hidden way (besides using round brush) to keep bob or curtain bangs from turning outwards/upwards at the ends? It is just killing me after every wash

M P: I was hesitating cutting a bob because I always had long hair. Now I know this will be a good decision. Thank you.

Giulia Maffia: I really want to try curtain bangs on me and watching this video made me want them even more. I have really long hair right now and I would love to put my hair in a bun or half updo with face framing like that. Slowly convincing myself

- Naomi -: The one-length bob is such a cute short look, but it didn't work really well on me when I tried it :'^). I think it's because I have very fine and thin hair, so instead of looking voluminous, it just kinda stuck to my head and looked flat. But I feel tempted to try it again so often!

SuHu62: If I didn't have a *noticeable* flat spot on the upper back of my head, I would love to try the buzz cut.

Ann Repko: Love the Pixie. Had a few bobs in my life too but I think my favorite is the Pixie.

Yume: I'd try curtain bangs with that bun, it looks really cute :c but I still struggle to grow out of my messed up bangs from many years ago. Wanted 1 length hair.

Serenity Goldsborough: I’d love to see a best hairstyles!

E_: Yess! Stella isn’t leaving I’m so happy!❤ I hope you’re here on YouTube for along time.

E S: Since a massive fail at the salon 15 years ago I only have one length hair, from chin lengths almost down to my chest and I still like that best on me. No more layers for me, never again.. Lol

SwitchIt: Unfortunately the one length cut would not work for the thickness of my hair. I could probably do it if I shaved off the bottom layer, but that would be a much more complex grow out. Love it on you and others though

wetcoffeegrounds: respectfully, i have a crush on you in this wig, it looks gorgeous! Elegant but fun at the same time, playful and dreamy, yet so striking

Marti: out of topic but i LOOOVEE the wig of today’s look! can we have the details?

Peter Pan: As a man with long hair, I didn't really like these styles. But as you say, we're all different and that's what makes life interesting.

blessed by cats: maybe next hairstyles to try if you have never really done anything to your hair!! i'm a newbie, and it's always just sort of been the same and i'm kinda scared to change it even though i wanna get some soft bangs done ahahah

M5FTZ: Her with pink ish hair absolutely is a slay

Melissa Muse: Would you ever try a Mohawk? I can’t remember if you tried it while cutting your hair, as a mini moment of trying it

Trinity Alicea: This wig is on Stella!!

Jen Rose (Jenrose): Ah, I had so much curl that a one length bob looked like a mushroom.

H. El-P: #1 Pixie #2 Bob, although I'd prefer it cut to earlobe with an undercut #3 Buzzcut

Rocío Rudolf: I have to say this. In the 5 worst video I defended the not one length bob, I had that haircut while I commented and I loved everything about it. But a week ago I went for the one length bob, N 1 here, and I absolutely hate it. I regret having done it so badly.... Reason? I have wavy hair and it just won't fit. My conclusion? If you have wavy or curly hair, go for layers. If you have straight hair, go for one length.

Pamela Falls: I hate curtain bangs on me anything that covers my face makes it look weird, I prefer to "open" it up

Mehka Weldon: I am a girl of the 90s and this hair style was called a Bob

Hailey Sanders: Haircuts for those of us with short necks and big heads would be great

лунита: I love long hair .. butttt I wish I just shaved it off for working out and all the things we do.. cause washing it, drying it.. tiying it and it being heavy on head.... Don't wanna wear a wig cause I find them uncomfortable so I do have to choose D:

Stella sage: I clicked soo fast!

Aránzazu Arata: i cannot wear a bob at, my hair is straight but wayy to spongy it just looks terrible :( i wish i could tho it looks so good

Rachel Braver: Lol when I tried the one length bob, I look like Dora the explorer

InsomniAir.: I‘ve been waiting for this video thank u

Jen kilchenstein: What's the longest you ever had your hair?

Fee Parker: I've had all of these

Mika Wright: Sorry that ,I missed your video today ,, But I love your pink/peachy wig . You're wearing now

Had Bak: I want a video on how to install wigs, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease

B.G.D: The curtain bang is not for everyone... Trust me. My face is round and it gives my head a lot of volume, not really something I'd like to achieve.

kkdksokekekskskekejee: What about best color mixes

Linde Anna Vroegop: Unpopular opinion: I don't like curtain bangs

ΚJӨПΣƧ92: Not everyone has the same hair texture. Some of your subscribers might have Afro texture hair. So some of these cuts won’t work for them/us.

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