Hair Clip Claws Tutorial Like Korea, China, Japan Dainty Clip #Shorts #Kbeauty #Douyin #Koreanbeauty

How do east asians always have this cute clip here? This will save your bad hair day like this this this and this i have like dozen of these clips. This is so famous among all the chinese girls. All you have to do is tie your hair, make a hole, and then you slowly pull through your hair and then arrange it. A little bit take the clip and then just grab your hair. That'S literally it it takes only like five seconds and i love it. So much

itz.moon_07: My hair length won't allow it beautiful hair style

Staa~ ☁️: That tulip hair clip is so cute

Haritha Venkat: This hairstyle is most likely to work on only short hair..i tried it but it's not working for me since I have long hair

creative ideas: Having a knee length hair I give up

Hoseok Is My Hope: thank you so much

BSP Gaming: I love you're videos plz post more hairstyle videos

jeon_Ruba: I just love ur videos I find u on Pinterest

Chisimdi pep: Step 1:Have long hair

Bakka: ❤❤❤

Rita: why did the music not stop during the short? oh,wait... the short has the same song I was listening to

Katherine Giron: Question why do you have a hair tie if you have a clip

Karissa Rhenia Putri: Pov : you have short hair

marcin nowakowski: What if you have long hair

🖤BLΛƆKPIИK💗: What if your hair is curly?

ce ce: The way you attribute the most common things to East Asians is both amusing and weird. Buns, ponytails, no makeup makeup looks, big eyes (ironic). What makes your channel all the more embarrassing is that sometimes people in your videos aren’t even East Asian.

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