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How do East Asia, through this effortless haircut, hairstyle like this this this and this? Let me show you try to use a seamless hair tie and then you basically just tie your hair together, and then you make a loop pull your hair through it upside down, and then you fold it and clip it together with a haircut claw super easy, and I love this look so much

hana: People with short/thick hair: Girl

Lofimusic: Girl ..they have professional hair stylists

MAKNAE ULZZANG: The whole point of hair clips is so we don’t use hair ties and those that say you can’t get it because you’re hair is long, you can you just need a big enough clip and to twist the hair around itself

Ayushi AK: Me being south Asian [ Indian ] doing this hairstyle every day with just a hairband not knowing its famous in east Asia

Rebekah Kang: I did it, and it is super cute!!!

p i c t u r e g i r l: thank you for all these vids!!!! i love you channel!!! it helps so much!! please continue to do well!!

Bubble Gam: Wow thanks for teaching us lots of Korean tricks.

Kavya Thapa: Man really i literally made this hairstyle everyday without this loop and anything just a claw clip is all u needed

QueenFisher: Hi ... ur soo inspiring because I can learn more from you and thank you for the videos which u r making for us ..... Love from India Bangalore

Katiecupcakes: The fact that I do my hair like that whenever I shower because I don't want my hair to get wet

Sky Schurig: Y'all didn't know? I always do that whenever I wear that style

•4𝙽𝙽1𝙴シ︎•: I'm east Asia and i love these hairstyles i didn't know these existed before since i live in Denmark rn

0.38xkg: My hair are too long to do this hairstyle sadly but it looks so good

ananya ♡: when the thin rubber band can't hold your thick hairs and breaks

Little_bunny UWU: Me going into a salon " I NEED THIS HAIRSTYLE AND NOW!" The stylist" YES miss" Now I look like a kpop idol lmao

ニーナ: Step 1 :have short and straight hair

sarcasamsam: Bro I don’t think that hair tie can hold anything togetherIt looks like it’ll break the second it touches my hair

Ms Jeon_Areum💜: I really like this hairstyle but if i do it it will just fall off and if i manage to lame is stay it will look weird af because i have frizzy thick hair Edit- my hair is too long for the hairstyle


Paris ♡: Believe it or not one of my friends actually got mocked for this hairstyle when we were in 9th grade lol some girls pointed, started historically laughing and called her a “chicken” so it’s ironic how this “new” hairstyle is literally called chicken and is so trendy atm

Craziness Kingom: Oh damn **intensely stares at my long af hair**

JAZZZZZ & CREAM: HER: East asian have this hairstyle. Proceeds to show jennifer Anniston's photo

Izzy💗Midzy: My girl be revealing every single east Asian secrets thanks for that tho ❤

Chiara Tufariello: Me: crying in curly hair

lianaiyasbestie: me having long thick curly hair:

𝑽.𝑨.𝑵.𝑻.𝑬🦋: “Girls with short hair: we dont even have to try it!

Idek_07: My curly hair could never

Teja: And me with curly hair :

Rishita Behera: Me with very very short hair:

Jasleen PLAYWAY school RAYYA: So good I love it but I have heavy long hair …

Jelly kitty: "Super easy..... " Me :"And have straight hair"

just a nobody: POV: you have extra long hair and it looks like a normal ponytail.

Practically A Person: Did this really need a tutorial? Just twirl your hair and clip the middle of it, no hair tie needed.

Tasin Shikder: Girl u have very smooth and beautiful hair and super cute face

STEFANIE ALYSSA TAWAYAN Moe: me trying to find the seamless hairtie:

Rosie Smith: what do you mean fold it???

ELINA : I am 941st likes and the 5th commenter❤ I like ur videos a lot and u also taught me a lot of things that I didn’t knew it. Thank u soooo much ❤

Sabira Papry: Me crying in the corner having very long hair (Almost touch my knees)

Im Sapa: I do the same, but different result

kajal Sharma: Now tell we how to get the rubberband out of my hair.. it is stucked in my hair

CreMe~BoBa: Is it just me or anyone have tried this hairstyle before watching this tutorial and looked like a potato with a teacher bun well I did

Mahi Singh: You are so beautiful l always wait for your videos love ❤️ your hairstyle they are very simple easy beautiful love you

LIZ: Me having short hairs!

Rabeeza Kashif: Can we do this we long hairs too?

Khushi singh: Hii love ur hairstyle vdoss

halfmoon: “How do East Asian do this-“ proceeds to show Jennifer Anniston doing a hairstyle that was popular in the 2000s. Everyone is on a y2k high right now but the hair style was not created by them

jinyellow: Woah the rubber band did not snap. My THICC hair can NEVER! And the clamp that can hold my hair does not exist.

𝕙𝗍𝗍ⲣ𝑠.𝕙ʏ𝗎ո𝚓ᵢո𝑠𝕙𝖺ᵢ𝚛ᵇ𝖺ոᏧ: What if your hair is too long

EmMAWOoDs: My curly hair cant stand this

Esther Lee: *Me with super long hair* _(:з」∠)_ Looks like a dog’s tail wagging

Vivi la Thug: Me with my very long hair

Asha Khatun: But I have so long hair so it's doesn't work on me

zahra alhasani: Only works on straight hair tho

김태형V Kim Tae V: I have thick hair and long hairbtw i did it

YourSmiles Brati: My Indian mom: why don't you wanna have thick hair? You'll look so pretty ❤️ The MAIN reason why I don't want thick hair:

Seoiibin: *cries in thick hair* Like I can't do anything with it cause it breaks hairpins , rubber bands , everything

Cheng 23: where to buy that tie?

yona: Y’all call this the chicken hairstyle? Edit: It kinda does look like a chicken

PeachyBangtan: They don't do it by their own.. They have professional hair stylists...

Era Anjum: U forgot to mention that girls must also have layered Haircut

🤍Michelle🤍: I have the same hair clip I bought it from Shien the same color

𝑬𝒍𝒐𝒓𝒂: But i have long thick wavey hair

Alina Khan: When you have long hair ☠️

𝘓𝘪𝘹: what about with people with long thick hair cuz my hair is kinda slippery

Asma Ahmadi: You are so cute ❤adorable

salma ulima: Me with short and curly hair ....

・:*:cloud:*:・ : It didn't work out right cuz of my long hair

Cheetah Girl: step 1: have pretty hair like her step 2 : be as pretty as her ( im ur huge fan)

Lee Nanjiba: Mainwhile me with my 4 feet hair

LIN !: My hair is too thick

just chill: But it need straight hair

music world:hijabi edition🧕: ppl with long hair being like its not that easy 0-0

Viva Kim: Bruhhh my hair are 5 times longer than you!

shreya: Moral of the story: you need straight hairs

A goblin with internet: Cries in long thin hair

…yeah: Me who has thick and wavy hair:

HOBISWATER: How do east Asians have - *proceeds to show Jennifer Aniston *

Ximena Meza: I don’t have straight hair or short tho…

lexia: people with longer hair: ...

Esther Rani: Me Asian with curly hair

행복 지수 103%: These are for long hair what about short hair girls?

Jimishi lost his jams🍯: People who have long hair

Victoria Chang: my long 2 feet hair and I am Chinese

coffedify: Hate the thing when she says *east* asian Like other asian doing the same thing They are like "are you kidding me "

Papri Roy: How to east Asian gets flawess amplits?

…wow…: Your hair is short my hair is super long it looks like I did a pony tail

Dunja's draw: Phobie and Rachel are from Asia

_unic0rnx_: Girls with long hair

Nafisa Usha: People with hip length hair

Inder Pal Singh: dum me reading shameless hairtie

Angela Woodliff: Sorry I have. Been doing this for years

snigdha: Bro Jennifer is not east Asian

Yúki Kaji: Says east Asians, and proceeds to show jeneffer Aniston

iris: ah yes because east asia is only china korea and japan lol

kirsten: yuqi


Sebastian: Jenifer aniston is not asian XD

Martina Asta: Jennifer Aniston is obviously east Asian

Jessica Jessi: My long hair no not today

Sravani Battula: Why did Rachel come into picture

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