How Do I Use This Hair Accessory?!?! #Shorts #Hairstyle

Please someone help me figure this out. I bought a pack of three of these hair Tools in Barbados and I don't know how to use them like you're laughing to myself, because I'm so confused some background information. It opens like this and that's it at first. I was like okay, a ponytail, but it doesn't disconnect. It only opens this wide like. How would I put this on my hair? Let your girl know, because I want to try this out.

SIMply Marie: That’s a banana clip! The ends should pop out out of place so that you can get your hair through there- After opening one side, you put it around your hair and then close it around the hair until the ends clip back together~

JJJ Love: Nah gurl, don't stress. It does disconnect. Those types of banana clips always do. You just have to find out which end is the hinge and which end is the mouth. Usually when you apply a little pressure and then pull apart, it opens up wide.

christine lint: Unclip one end and you use it to pull up the back of your hair like a ponytail. It’s called a banana clip we used to use them back in the 90s. Omg the nostalgia!

may: It clicks apart at 1 end. You keep the hinge at the bottom. Snap it closed at the top. Hold your hair like you would a pony tail. Then when it's cliped closed you pull it and fluff it to look at a faux Mohawk. It falls out of straight hair, they work best in curly hair.

Sofia🎄🎄: I have curly hair and I love banana clips!!! I also have the exact one but anyways, you open it on one side, pull your hair up into a ponytail and then you put the banana clip under it, wrap it around, and then clip it and there you go!! I am a huge fan of you btw!!

alinasvids: it unhooks on one of the ends and you just sandwich your hair between the two sides

Tashnah TV: Yes, it does open up... on both ends... and yes... ponytail. You open one end, hold your hair to make a ponytail, put it around your hair like a scrunchy or like you're putting a watch on your wrist and relatch the open end. By the way... they're sold at Walmart. Breathe... you can do it.

Chrissi Richards-Matthews: One of the ends do disconnect but you have to pull and then you use it like a hair claw, and to close it you just push it until it clicks

A D: We have had this clip since ages in India. I remember my Mum owning one when I was little. How is that she discovered it now. Anyway, one end pops out and you grab your hair in those ends and clip back on.

Teresa Williams: I still have mine from the 80's and I still use them.

Witteney: One side should definitely come apart, you need to look closer. That’s definitely how it works!

Blank Blank: We used them heaps in the late ‘80s.

Dre avalo: It should have an end that pops out to put your hair through but there's 2 ways to use it! I normally use it to put my hair up in a kinda high pony like thing. Just put your hair over one side when its open and then close it back up!

Candice M: It'll feel like you're gonna break it, but you won't lol. Do it girl!

Nerilend Jaz: It does unclip you can get bigger ones or use it for a half up half down style I use them all the time and i have 4b hair

Adri Void: My moms used that all my life, you can use it to help hold a bun

Christy Wilson: One of the side actually come off my me and my grandma and almost all my family have them that we use it a lot and one of the sides come off and then you could put it in your hair is a clip or in a bun or a ponytail, kind of almost everything that you want

Ruby Baca: This video just made me feel old , my mom used these in her hair and in mine when I was a child lol

doyoureadme?: Her: "it doesn't disconnect" absolutely everyone who lived through the 90's:

Laura Gray: One end actually opens so you can go up under the back of your hair and clip it on

China White: It's a banana clip. It does snap open. You have to snap it open, brush your hair back into a ponytail (put the ponytail holder/scrunched to hold your ponytail), then put the open banana clip around the ponytail, and clip shut. It's better to put the open end up and snap shut instead of down to snap, so you can see the two parts and how to snap them together, then remove the ponytail holder/scrunchie. Fluff your curls and go

Christie Ann: Both ends actually do disconnect. This was a staple of the eighties. I still have a couple of banana Combs. But I'm not sure if I have the energy to make a video to show how to do it right

Ms.Selfish: Pull your hair up in one and use that to hold your hair up it's like a hair tie (if that's what you americanas call it) it might be a struggle because they normaly have openings

Annabelle Tenney: Omg I love these things Basically you unclip the top and clip it back up in your hair

leaaaaah78890: It does disconnect on one end maybe, you have to pull harder. Then again maybe it doesn't depending on the brand. The ones I used could disconnect.

peachrings.: it's supposed to be sorta like a claw clip but your hair will have to be flatter for it to work because the poof won't let the clip close

Lumi: It works lake a hair clip It’s not really for your hair type What you normally would do is pull you hair back, twist and clamp

monicalouise79: No you do disconnect one end of it you scoop up your hair and close your hair inside of it and snap it back together

LetsBeClear: The hinges aren’t fixed, they will come apart. Open one side, slide the combs around your pony and reclip it

Puppylover123: One of the ends disconnect, and then you put it under all your hair, and then pull it up and then clamp it back together

Sophia Sims: Girl I would never buy those because I know it will not go through my curly hair!

Wyrd Wyf Lyf: it does disconnect on one end. in fact it usually does it from both. slide them in, match the ends, click click. or keep one end closed, bite the hair, click

Brooke: The ends should open and it might take a lot of strength to do so. But they do open so don’t think you broke it when you do it.

AnythingA: It’s a waterfall clip, you should be able to open one side then close it around your hair, it creates a cool layered look. ❤️❤️

Makayla_a1: I got those a long time ago and kinda figured it out I thought you would just unclip the side

Zoe: Just pull and it should pop out and then you take your hair put it in the lil prong's and then clip it! Hope that helps a little

Kadence Clement: The ends pop apart and when you put it in ur hair just pop it back together

꧁Slay Queen꧂: It clips open at one en though, advice from a curly head to another Don't use it my hair coiled around the teeth and got stuck

Elizabeth Lester: It's a banana clip, one end opens you have to pop out the little balls from the hole to open it. You flip your head down to front of your knees & you place the closed end at the base of your neck & use the 2 sides like combs to pull hair up & together, then you snap it closed. It works kinda like a mohawk

Natasia Drewniak: Oh yeah I forgot to mention you can also break those in half and snap it back together it's very simple

Pickles: My mom had one of these and i used to try and strum those like an instrument

Zainab Raza: hi i love ur videos quick question what hair masks do you use??

Damn Cheese: In Spain we have something similar that is called pinza peineta o pinza en forma de pez and my grandmother and mom used it. In fact I have my mom's because it literally disapeared and now is trendy again. You should by able to open one of the sides, put your hair through it like if it was a ponytail (the side that can be opened should be looking up) and then close it....

AliyahGrace 🥴😏: My grandma has like twelve of those

Emily Addison: One of the side should pop open to put around the entirety of your hairs. Also if you want to do your own research it’s called a banana clip, hope this helps

Skittlez gamin’: Has anyone ever told you that you you look like may calamawy? Love you girlll SLAYYYY!

AnBeRiNi☺️: We call it a banana clip here in jamaica. I haven’t seen those since childhood days wow

Makenzlie: I feel you I actually have 6 of them and I can’t find a way to use them❤❤❤

Selah O'Neal: It is a banana clip, it unclip at on of the ends, you flip your hair over, pull it up your hair and clip at the top

Jesus Christ: the top should pop out. look up a banana clip. it goes much wider once u find what side is the hinge and which is the clip

Pandette30: Unclip the end. It will disconnect and instead of using a rubber band you only use that

Kathy Socia: My grandma has it and if you take one of the tops and you pull them then it works

Sudha V: In Arranging orders split the hairs or arrange the hairs vertically like pony tail

Keyah Newman: Put ur hair in a slick back pony tail with a hair tye.Then put the pony tail through the banana clip. Secure it in place. Remove the hair tye from the pony tail and fluff out ur gorgeous curls. And there u go. Cantu makes a banana clip that is a little easier to use.

Shannon: GIRLLL it’s a banana clipppp!!! It actually can open and you can put it in your hair

Darcie Hine: Pop open one of the ends just pull it don’t worry if it’s stiff there usually are

Ashley Haynes: That's a clip from my childhood straight 90s right there

Alexa Murillo: It disconnects from one of the sides and then you have to connect it again it does actually disconnect my grandma has one I used to have one but I tried to open it from the opposite side one day and it broke

Murtaza and mahedi is my bff sanjana: Open it like that and it stays on and it worked on my hair

Katharina V.: Okay lets explain la plantino clip so you use it like a pony tail but without the lines and the headach. So to use it you just open and scoop up the hair and close its really easy some gather the hair and than open and clip but the scoop and close it easier i find it. To open them just hold the top and pop open it does open

•A Random Toad•: It does disconnect at one part, Your hair might be too thick for it though

Dominique Keys: It is called a banana clip at one end of them of the clip it on snaps you might have to tug it a little bit because it needs resistance so when you slide it and snap it to your hair you're curly hair don't pop it out of place so try both sides and just talk a little bit and you will see the magic happen

Lady Goodmen: It will open but you need the round ones. Those will break and tare your hair off.

Tara Cloake: You disconnect the side with the ball then you close it when it is your hair

Bama Gal 76: It's a banana clip opens on both ends. Wet your hair use gel and brush it out, flip your head over and place the clip at the base of your neck, then slowly comb up the hair on both sides once you get all your hair up clip it BUT do not pull your hair hard or the clip will come lose. Use some hair spray to finish it off.

Sarah Muntean: The 90s called. They want their clip back lol I miss these

Tracie Scott: It's a banana clip from the 80's. They were all the rage!

Bradlee: You sent it with the curve going around your head and put your hair through it give you that very early 2000’s look

Mari Schroedinger: Some silver spray paint and you'll have Geordi's visor

Game Grid: Put your hair up with a scrunchy then place that over it and make sure the teth parts stich into your hair that's how to use it

Sunny Khan: Its a vertical clip. It pop opens on one side and u can make a pony and put hair between the teeth and close it.....but keep it vertical.

Natasha Miller: I have not wore one of these since the early 90s. They unclip at the ends.

Adriana T: omg I feel so old there were so popular when I was a kid! Also hate to break it to you but it’s a curly haired person’s nightmare

Lily’s beauties: Pull really hard on the end and then you can put it back together

Jay Jay😍: My mom bought one and she dosent know how to use it either

Renee Santiago: its a BANANA CLIP from the 80's! One end will open and you place it directly over the nape of your neck with the closed end against your neck nape. Then widen it out and collect up all your hair within those combs and then fasten it at the top once you've scooped up all your hair.

KYLIE JENNER: He will think you’re breaking out but you’re really not

vote blue: In the 1980's, we wore those all the time. One end pops open. Bend over,then snug that thing up from your neck into your hair. You want it close to the scalp

euphxria: Literally me when I was nine trying to figure out claw clips-

p g: it's a banana clip's open on one end ...might be a little tight cuz it's new ...find the hinge and open it with other side

moonlight: It is for strat har and pot it on the end of your hair and roll up and you have a bun

average joe: It disconnects. One of those ends is a ball that unlqtches from a socket. I know because I used to find those around the house as a kid and play with them.

Margie 🫣: I have them to I’ve looked up tutorials for them AND I STILL CANT CUGURE IT OUT

samayra and siddhi: You can make a bun of this ❤

TheGud29: Omg did you find out. I bought on Amazon, though they are called banana clip, but it has no opening!!! Such a mystery. Also google is listening to everything I buy

Allison Lee: Tbh I think those are mostly for straight hair but you could look up a curly or natural style for banana clips tho.

Sara: Maybe you can use it as a claw clip

Corina ortiz: It opens from one end I use them a lot

Angelique Pino-sanoja: Major throwback...haven't seen those since I was a kid.

Avy1 Experience: That is a banana clip and you can unclip it at the ends and clip them back together and you’re supposed to use it for ponytails and this clip was also from the 80s

Mallory Stroud: On one of the ends it should pop out of place I had a few like that

jay•sin•ë•uh: Awwww I remember these !

Grace: You were in Barbados!!! Yay that was where I grew up! I haven’t been there recently though

Monica S: We have banana clips in Japan too. But I think that one is too small for your gorgeous hair. I don’t have half as much hair as you and I broke one of those!

Dexter & Morgan: You walk over to your trash can, open the trash can, throw them away and never look back. That’s how you use these ❤ You’re welcome

Nella Bella: Pop that baby open …. They are difficult to open and that’s what helps hold it in place when clicked back together

Parker Benton: use it like a claw clip

Lilly Fay: You open one of the ends .. then close it after you collect uour hair with it

otterlover: That, madam, is for when you go on a date with a new guy who you aren't quite sure about and pepper spray just doesn't quite do the job

More of A Gil: I LOVED these Banana clips!

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