Diy 12 Japanese / Kimono Hello Kitty Hair Clip He Fu Ji Di Fa Jia Tutorial By Smiley Ha Ha Craft

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我很樂意為大家分享 做手作的過程。

Smiley的手作包括有頭飾、襟花、 耳環..... 由兒童至少女及新娘飾品很多元化。


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Smiley Hadmade

Smiley Makeup & Bridal Accessories

Welcome to the Smiley Handmade channel, I am happy to share the process of making my handmades.

Smiley handmades are very diverse which are suitable for kids, ladies and even brides, like headdress, ribbon bow and flowers, eardress.

I hope everyone can make a delicate handmade jewelry for themselves or the dearest ones.

Welcome to visit facebook page “Smiley Hadmade” or “Smiley Makeup & Bridal Accessories”

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陳妍卉: 請問holle kitty頭仔幾公分

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