Yesstyle Hair Haul-Review- Try On- Affordable Wigs And Hair Pieces

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Here are the list of the things that I got-

Long Full Wig - Striaght (Light Brown)

Hair Bun (Dark Brown)

Medium Full Wig - Wavy

Hair Fringe (Blackish Brown)












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DISCLAIMER: All of these items were sent for review as I've mentioned in the video. As usually, I don't feature any products that I don't genuinely like or use. So this is my honest opinion about it.

Hi everyone, so today I'm going to be doing a hair haul. I know this is kind of rare, because no one really does, I think, on YouTube a hairball, but I'm going to be doing a review, slash hole on the hair stuff that I got from yes style now. Yes, so it's actually a large fashion and beauty online shop that features brands of clothing, makeup, hair, stuff, etc from Japan, Korea and Hong Kong, and usually I do like um watching yes style polls from people, because you know they have really really close things on their Site as well for there, I actually got um, wigs and also hair pieces, which I'm gon na be explaining with you guys know. These are the things that I got just because I'm planning to put them and feature them in my upcoming videos, and also the ordering process, was very quick and very easy, and also I got the items really fast. So here are things I got. I got two wigs um, one hairpiece and yeah. This is another hairpiece right here, but it's kind of like a fringe. If you want a little bit of fringe - and also it's really awesome that they sent me a big cap just because I don't necessarily have a wig cap right here, so this is the first week that I got now the thing that I do like about this Wig is that the color is just beautiful. If I can dye my hair, any color I'd probably die my hair. This shade, and I really do like how this is tiled as well, so I'm just gon na show. You guys, I think, on how I put this on my head, also mind you all that the wig is very easy to apply just because um this fits my head perfectly, mostly with wigs I'd, have to measure up the circumference of my head first, you know just So that you'll fit, but this one I think it's a one size fits all. So this is what it looks like right now on my actually it's a new thing for me to see my hair. This short and in this shape, and it's kind of hard to find shades like this when it comes to wigs um, just the color and just the quality of the collar, and actually like how this is styled most wigs that I am working with. Sometimes it's very hard to kind of like just manipulate it on my hair or like style it, except if you know, if you cut it, but I'm not really great at you know, haircutting and already styled. Wig is a wonderful and it's a great option for me. Just in case, if you guys are like me and you don't know how to cut your wig or you know, if you don't want to miss out the way that you just bought um, it's best to buy and already styled wink just like this. Also, if you guys want to see the closure, that's what it looks like right there I can say for its price: the quality is actually pretty good, and this is the other rig, and it looks like this once again: the hair is beautiful and how its styled It'S also nice and you guys the color once again is amazing. I really do like this shade as well. It'S in a dark chocolate, color, it's very easy to calm and style and yeah, and it just flows like that. So go ahead and put this on my head, so y'all can see. So this is what the wig looks like. I actually do like the bottom layers just like that and when I saw this, my eyes were drawn to it and it actually looks the same. As of the picture that I was looking from, the girl who's wearing the wig. I really looks good, I mean even just the shining of the hair in just the texture underneath right here when my parents saw me they're, like oh my gosh, you look like you're in high school again. Also. What I really do like about this wig is that it actually has a body, so it's not just like flat, but not sticking on your face at all. So that's a great thing, so I also got a little fringe and it has a clip on the back. So what you do is you just clip it up right here, because it actually is kind of a little side fringe. You know I'm going to do. Is I'm just gon na insert this up? You just cover that with the hair right there and it looks like that right now. That'S what it looks like right there and you can also pick a shade to match your hair color. They have a variety of shades. You can choose from, and also what I like about them is that they have this really gorgeous range of ash blonde and different shades of brown color, so yeah. This is what the hair looks like and also the fringe. The last one. I have your tribute. It'S actually this hair piece right here, and this is a bunk and kind of like a messy bun that you can hook on top of your hair. Basically, you can ponytail your hair and then insert your hair inside right here. I actually got this for my future. Clients, especially if the hairstyle that they're requesting requires more hair, so this one is very, very convenient for me to use and to add on to their hair as a bun. So that would be it and also on the sides. They have several hair pieces like this, but in a ponytail version they have wigs and hair extensions and have never seen such a big marketplace for hair in that site. I find that they have varieties of sellers also. They have different shades. Not only this one, and also the thing I like as well is that that the wig actually looks like the same as of the picture, so just in case, if you guys are looking for places to where you can buy wigs that are affordable. Yet they still look good and you know less styling. I definitely suggest that you go yes style, I'm going to link them down below and also you guys. Let me inform you that they actually have a back-to-school sale. You get 80 % off of the of their fashion and accessory lasts an extra 10 % off with coupon code school 15. So I hope you guys like this video, and I will see you in my next one

Rosanna Greene: Hi thank you for your DIY videos! I've been watching them on and on especially those DIY for hair treatment. I learned a lot from you through your videos. I'm beginning to use coconut oil here in Florida because my hair is badly damaged already. I find your videos very, very helpful. I'm very happy that finally I can follow the steps here because you are a Fil. and I am feeling more safe and sure doing these DIY videos with you. :*) Btw para kang tga Iloilo :*) I'm from Iloilo City. Thank you and God bless you and your family. :)

Rosanna Greene: Hi thank you for your DIY videos! I've been watching them on and on especially those DIY for hair treatment. I learned a lot from you through your videos. I'm beginning to use coconut oil here in Florida because my hair is badly damaged already. I find your videos very, very helpful. I'm very happy that finally I can follow the steps here because you are a Fil. and I am feeling more safe and sure doing these DIY videos with you. :*) Btw para kang tga Iloilo :*) I'm from Iloilo City. Thank you and God bless you and your family. :)

ispankdads: Oh my goodness. That first wig looks absolutely beautiful on you!!!

Anuj Soni: Wow!!! Thanks for sharing it here!!! Was looking for some wigs for my upcoming play!!! Much love from Australia!!! You are amazing Karen!!!

Sara S: The first wig looked amazing and it brought more glow to your complexion the second one looked pretty and youthful I too have long hair and sometimes I want to venture out with out the consequences so a wig seems great.

Laura Austin: I love the way the first wig looks on you!! The colour and style suits you.

beautyklove: Guys, if you are looking for places or sites to where you can buy affordable wigs or hair pieces then they are good place to hunt. I'm actually liking this Hair haul rather than my usual makeup hauls before. Haha...

nunu kha: Omg. Short hair looks amazing on you !!!!! :O

mewlianne: That first wig looked stunning on you!

Amber Lunar: I almost died when u put that fringe on! It looks sooo nice!

xlolitaninja: The first wig couldnt suit you more!! That colouuuuur looks gorg on you.

Lina B: So beautiful! You cant even tell your wearing an actual wig! :D Love You Karen<3

Olivia Wonka: Brown hair suits you so much!

Tatiana Mendes: You look gorgeous with short hair love the first wig

Ami Mia: These wigs look amazing! Can you post a link to the exact wigs? C:

Ms. Skywalker: The wigs look really good on you. They're really pretty too. I like how they are styled. Cool video. :)

Gemma Tweddell: Hey, the wigs really suit you, especially the darker one. It was really fun seeing you try on different wigs :) Would you ever cut you hair shorter? xx

Nina Naushad: You look amazing in shorter hair!

Katt: Hi! I really enjoyed ur video and the brown wig looks great on you! :) I also have a question....well I'm also buying a wig from yes style too and its my first time... I'm wondering if each wig comes along with a wig cap? becuz if it doesn't then I'll also buy one separately. I'm asking becuz u said they sent u one that's why.

wiseforagirl67: You look great!!!! ❤️

NiLovesStationery: You look awesome with the side fringe!!!

Cheska Suson: The 2nd wig looks great on you

Tay: :0  before I saw the title on the video I was like "omg she got shorter haircut 0_0" you would look good with short hair but ofc your long hair looks amazing :)

Chloe Tran: i love u and ur vids it helps my hair and friends

LInk04871: I really like the fringe :)

r3ma1n: You look good with all the looks!

CAVEMAAN76: Keren those wigs look really nice on thumbnail cool review

xobaileeox: the last wig with the bangs, but as the color of the first wig would be gorgeous on ya!~♡

siyeonsberry🍓: how long did the yesstyle wigs take to come?

Paola Suarez: loved the second !!! :)

paulina white: None of the wigs i bought from yesstyle had clips so that you can secure your wig...the adjustable thing doesn't seem to do much at can you make for sure it's stays in place?

allyson: the first wig looks gooddddd on you

Annie Jaijaroen: Can you pleaseeeeeeeee tell me the prices of your wig!? and you are so beautiful! Thank you!

Cheska Suson: hair goals

Kaycee Wilson: Loved the short hair

Karen Lopez: how long dose shipping take

dengbeng02: How long did those get shipped to the Philippines?

Sunya Bae Bae: First time I bought their wigs....i became sweaty while wearing them

Inna: Can the wigs fall of easily? Can someone see the scalp and easily see that it's a wig?

Sahar mansar: waw you look younger with the short wig ! super cute !!!

navneet kaur: could you please upload a video for getting straight hair naturally...

Simsim Ahmed: i love your hair

pyingly: It really like the first wig!! What is it called?

Inday Brendz Vlog: you look Nice with shorter hair too Keren...need to check out this site...I want to have pixie Wig...'coz I dont wanna cut my hair that short..Salamat!

Norma Ruiz: gotta say that you're hair is beautiful but where did you buy your dress ?

Shelby Pastelby: You look just like your sister in that wig! Haha

Kristy Ramirez: The dark wig isnt available anymore... :(

justine niña: Hi! in your DIY revlon lipstick, where did you get your shea butter?? or for alternatives whst can I use??

jgh: Since these wigs look sooo good on you, can I have your hair? =]

Mouna Tam: Could u do get ready with me videos .....

Sue M: Wow with the lighter wig you really look like your sister.

Madelaine Pagtakhan: with the first wig, you kinda resemble lilymaymac :)

christinalissima: cut your hair right now :D The shorter hair looks amazing :) :) :)

BigBang2324: can u do a frenchbraid with the wig?

Delillah Jasmine: So what type of hair is it? It looks like style able synthetic?? But I can't tell!

hypsens88: Can you show us the back? Doesn't your massive bun bulge through the wig and show? You have long and thick hair like me and in my experience, it's hard to smooth down a giant bun under a wig so it doesn't show the bulge. Also, the wig can't hold the bun underneath, it wouldn't fit. Your video was helpful but I'd like to know more, like showing all sides including the back and the top parting add well as the quality of the hair. Can you heat style it? How do you keep it clean? Thanks

hannaH: When you had the lighter wig on you looked like michelle phan

Harley Street Revitalisation: i want your hair <3

Olivier Aubeeluck: omg you look so pretty with short hair please cut your hair i don't want a little bit but i love short hair too cute:p

KiranK: Could u please make a video on how to trim layered hair? I have layered hair and I don't know how to trim them. Please make a video

DJNayoung: Beautiful tail @ 1:39

wellthatspretty: I thought you weren't supposed to brush synthetic wigs? I'm still new to this wig stuff

Yulisa Bautista: Oh btw I like your cat head band

عمر اسلمي: جميل جدا

عمر اسلمي: جميل جدا

Casket Of Glitter: Omg don't u luk just too adorable in all of them? Need to check out their website, and did u say future clients?? Like r u goin to open up a salon or something?

Carmen minmin:

Nour han: I want a recipe for quickly lengthening hair because my hair is very short and I do not understand your language in the video and use translation software to type so that I needed this recipe quickly because two months after my marriage and my hair is too short to wait your answer thanks

Twenty øne 1975 Martinez: just noticed you kinda look like Maine Mendoza!

Ghaida Lahham: I need translated to video in Arabic please

Kagome: U look younger with shorter hair

huh?: you look like a disney princess

lll ll: جميله):

Yulisa Bautista: My hair is thin help me plz what can I do ?

Мария Мур: why do you need wigs?

Dania Syarifah: WOOOOWWWWW HAI :D

neha khan: Is that real hair ir what?

Cléa Aubeeluck: i wanna want you to cut your hair short because your so pretty because i don't seem youre are going to stay pretty with long hair i'm not telling you to cut your hair but i want to see you with so cute

Paloma Heredia: FIRSSSSSTTT

Barbie Lomi: Hello... please I need ya help

Daniella Bacchus: Hi

beautifulhue27: Um, you're not the first person to do a hair haul. The African American hair guru's have been doing hair hauls for years. Please give credit where it's do. And if you invest in real human hair, you would get more variety.

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