Diy 287 Japanese Fabric Bow Hair Clip He Feng Bu Hu Die Jie Fa Jia Tutorial By Smiley Ha Ha Craft

Hello Dear :

Welcome to the " Smiley Ha Ha Craft " Handmade channel, I am happy to share the process of making my handmade.

Smiley Ha Ha Craft are very diverse which are suitable for kids, ladies and even bridal, like headdress, ribbon bow and flowers, ear dress.

I hope everyone can make a delicate handmade jewelry for themselves or the dearest ones.

It would be great to have your like and subscribe to my channel.

歡迎各位收看Smiley Ha Ha Craft 頻道 :

我很樂意為大家分享 做手作的過程。

Smiley的手作包括有頭飾、襟花、 耳環..... 由兒童至少女及新娘飾品很多元化。


親愛的您喜歡Smiley的話; 請給我一個like及訂閱我的頻道

You you

H De La: Like 15 you have a talent! Very beautiful design

DIY Aiwan: 好漂亮的頭飾,感謝分享精美製作13

杨梅一家在法国的日常: 哇,感谢分享,蝴蝶夹真好看,栩栩如生的工艺品

clay lucy: So lovely . like12 ❤️

老梁時刻Leung Time 欢迎订阅: 很漂亮的蝴蝶结

小鹿Beauty: 好漂亮啊 我喜歡這個

Tanya T Vlog: 工序还少哟,成品发夹好漂亮,心灵手巧

一生三世Texas Housewife: 真是漂亮极了! 好想拿走

Kiyee Kiyee: 老師,加油!

Sapphire Zonan食心食意: 日式风的蝴蝶结。。好看

Kin wing Chu: Good

Ten Brothers: 顏色非常漂亮

小德夏天Spring: very nice dear good day

Chef Dario: Like

小德夏天Spring: nice dear full watched again haha

Aygül'ün Mutfağı:

Cheng Keng Woe: you at my place soon . Thank you and have a nice day thanks for sharing . . like +1 . love the video so much . I have upload a new video 。hope will meet

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