2 Kawaii Fairy Hair Styles Tutorial By Japanese Fashion Model Moco|Mokonokawaiihuearixi Heaarenzijia

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I design clothes and accessories. I also sometimes take part in fashion snaps.. This time. I would like to show you how to make cute hairstyles that go well with Fairy Fashion. First Create some half-twin-tails. Split. Your hair at the back. Take some upper strands then tie them into half-twin-tails. Split. The twin-tail into two parts. Then take a small comb and tease the hair back.. Next. Take the fluffy part that you teased backwards and wrap it round to create some bear. Ears. Fasten it with a pin and fix it into shape.. Next pick up the leftover, hair and curl it lightly into mixed curls. Separate the curls carefully, with your hands., Add some pink bows on top and you are finished, These are fluffy bear-like hair-buns., Making hair buns is actually quite difficult as it can come apart. Easily.. That is why I am hiding the hairpins I used with cute bows.. First take an iron and curl your hair gently into mixed curls.. Then split your hair at the back and create some half-twin tails., Pull your knot down a little., Then twist your hair over and pull it through.. I tie a ribbon over it.. Finally, I add some wing hairpins and my look is finished.. Today, I am wearing a fashion coordinate with items from my own brand called `` Lolita Syndrome''. My fashion point is this t-shirt that has `` Melancholy'' written on it in Kanji.. You can see a girl, bunny and a boy bunny on it.. This hooded jacket actually has heart-shaped pockets.. I designed it to be quite large, so girls can simply wear this oversize item. Wearing it. This way will look really cute. About the over-the-knee socks ... For this design. I took my inspiration from the anime hero whose face you can eat.. They have ``, Love'' and `` Bravery'' written on them and are really cute over-the-knee socks. I have done makeup and hair tutorials on this channel be sure to check them out This time. I will show you what you have in Fairy Fashion. ... HAVE. Can I start from `` this time'' again I make clothes and design. Hmmmm one more time: please. Design clothes and accessories. ...

Haito: Oh my stars this is perfect! I'm currently designing a sweet fairy character for my assignments and I'll use these hairstyles for inspiration! Thank you! Moco is super cute btw :>

Gloomy Mermaid: She's so cute! I really love the hair buns! !

Cheeseburgal•入•: Living for that first hairstyle, it's so cute. I'm going to try it tomorrow sooowoooop!

mino: oh snap, this is such a cute style overall! lovin' the hair as well as the fashion! i wanna have it all >w<

mew. ᡴꪫ: She is so beautiful! Great tutorial!!! I have a video request! ^_^/ I'm curious if sometime in the future, if you guys could do a Gyaru Nail tutorial like miss Harutam's nails! I love her nail art, and I can't find any on YouTube like hers! Maybe if you followed her into the salon?! Keep up the great work Kawaii Pateen! <333

Purin Chan: Omg she's so cute ;3♡ and I love her Eye Make up :3

Gloomy Roo: this channel is FABULOUS! i can't wait for more.

chelsiemalfoy: Both really adorable hair styles. I really want to try both, but then I realized I have short hair and probably can only make baby bear ears. lol

mooniespring: Where can I buy those socks? Moco is so cute! <3

Krisuu: Can you do hairstyles for short hair please?~~ Thank you ❤️

Parfait Sunday: That twisty technique was also done by Yuminaga wasn't it? ^_^ It's a technique I really like.

Xierin Chou: Yey !!! Moco moco >< i wanted more moco~ maybe a video about her fashion line? Ah.. I wanted to see how cathy looks with this hairstyle :p

Nope: She's so cute... Makes me want to grow my hair long

Ru: @KAWAII PATEEN Hey, KP! I was wondering if you could make someone do a Rin Kagamine Makeup tutorial! I'd love to see it on this channel, it'll make me really happy! ^^

Kayla C: I LOVE these fairy hairstyles but my hair is about chin-length and curly, so I can't do these :(

「KARASU」: Wow, she is so cute

artbybecka: Sooo kawaii! [cute]

Animelova54: Where can I buy her stuff, it's so cute and I love Fairy Style

videowave101🌟: So cute! ^_^

lihi snir: Kawaii!!!!!!. I like the outfit where can I buy it?

Anna Biblia: Moco very cute! :3

Strawberries: So cute !!!!!!

GwenStefani Lookalike little Hilton Family: love your rings :) and obviously your hair :) xo

Noemi J. V.: Kawaii! ~^w^~

Vellarie: Does anyone know what hair curler she's using? ^^

•CatVonBran•: Squuuiieee cute tutorial :D

Skylar chan: Kawaii <3

iKattima: Loved the hoodie. Can I buy it from somewhere?

Lysette Alpaca: Moco means booger in Spanish :3 hehe~ Nevertheless you're still adorable ~

Melissa Lira: Moco in spanish means mucus :)

Karyme Kawaii: Moco means booger in Spanish. :3

Nadia.: That moment when you know that "moco" means snot in spanish.

24 poodle: mocoちゃんかわいい!ヘアアレンジまねしよう!

Ramen Girl: Cute n.n

jklinevideos: Does Lolita Syndrome ship to the USA?

cey cey: I love this video but I miss Kimura U

always sleepy: where can I buy her clothing?

Puneet Tyagi: Cute

Monica Burchell: Moco means booger in Spanish.

Cheeseburgal•入•: Also does anyone else have trouble with the subtitles? They go off the screen for me so I can't read what it says. Maybe its just my phone, but maybe not?

Jenn Taylor: She kinda reminds me of Tommy Heavenly6

scrolling_xyz: Nioceee

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