How To Make A Diy Hammered Wire Hair Barrette Or Shawl Pin By Denise Mathew

Hair " jewelry" seems to be the latest trend and since it's so easy to make your own wire barrettes I thought I would make a tutorial so everyone can enjoy the trend inexpensively. I suggest between a 12-14 gauge wire, anything less than that may be too flimsy. You can dress up the barrettes with beads or leave them plain. I used about 2 feet of 10 gauge wire for the round barrette, 1/2 foot of 22 gauge wire and a 10mm snowflake bead for a 2.5 inch in diameter barrette. I used 1.5 foot of 10 gauge wire for the scroll barrette that was about 2.5 inches in length both barrettes have a 4 inch long stick.

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Hello, this is nice Matthew. Today, I'm just going to do like a metal hair Brett working with a 10 gauge wire. It'S a little bit difficult to work with, so my suggestion would you would be to use either a 12 or 14 I've wrapped my pliers so that it's not going to damage because it will make marks on my wire. I don't so the first thing I'm going to do is I'm just going to roll in the top and you notice you cannotice it there's a bit of a effort to get it to to move. But that's what I do and now that that's rolled in I'm just going to use I'm just going to work right off the spool and I'm just going to use a round round container just to use it as a template. So I'm just going to wrap that around okay, you just wrap it around and then just keep going right around until you have about enough to make a curl that would be similar to that. So now you're just going to cut it and then, after that, just remove it use my pliers again to make another and the the design I'm making. Today it's going to be about a two and a half inch circle. So if you want a bigger one, you could use a bigger container and more wire. Now that that's done, I'm just going to bring this up and bring it into the center like this okay, and so I'm just keeping that circle. So that's what you would have so far and then after that, I'm just going to take my pliers and then just roll it in on the end. Okay, like that, and then you would have that alright and then, if there's two ways to do this, and I think the best way to do it is just to hammer it right now and then to attach it, because you can end up damaging the crystal you're. Going to attach I'm going to attach this little snowflake crystal, so it's better off to hammer it now that way the crystal stays intact and then you can attach the crystal. So I'm just going to hammer this out. What I'm going to do. First, is I'm going to flatten it with the flat side of my hammer, then I'm going to turn it around and use a ball peen, the part of my hammer just to texturize it, okay. So now that that's done, I'm going to add a small crystal to it. Now you can add any kind of a bead you want, or if you don't want to beat at all, you can just wire it together. The only reason why I'm wearing it together is that, if you're going to be putting in your hair, you don't want it to spread over with about a 22 gauge wire and I'm just going to take it, and I'm just going to attach it to the end. Right there and just wrap it about three times: okay, now that that's wrapped three times what I'm going to do, is I'm just going to put it underneath the loop right here, okay, this part and then just bring it up to the center, and then I'm just Going to start to thread it through and just put it around the top wire the beginning, you might notice that it's going to slip around a little bit, but that's okay, just it will eventually stabilize so just one and then just do another one like that. Okay and now that's what you would have and then you're going to go back under again, just like the same way and go to the lower one and then just do it around two times. You can do as much or as little as you like of this. I mean this is just really mainly a design part, that's what you would have and you can always push those together. You can use your pliers or your fingers and again I'm just going to go right under again and then go up to the top okay. So this will stabilize that circle a little bit more. I said, like I said it's quite stiff already, but it's just it's just that add a little stabilization so now that I do it one more time on the two top ones and then I'm just going to go right underneath and at this point I'm just going To add my bead okay, now I'm just adding this snowflake bead but, like you, can add whatever you like, whatever you want to use so now that that's on there, it's going to add that on and then I'm just going to wrap it around the bottom. A few times same way, and then what I can do is, I can just continue to wrap it a few more times and just until I have no more wire or if you have more, and you want to do it a little bit more, you could just Do a couple more wraps between the two, but I'm just going to leave it like that and then now, if you prefer to have the the snowflake higher, you could add it on the on the wire on the top. If you prefer. Okay, just finish: wrapping up and that's what you would have last thing you want to do is just take your wire and measure about four inches actually a little bit more than four inches, because I'm going to do a curl on it. So you're going to do your curl and then measure four inches, so I'm just going to do a little curl in the end, and this is going to be the stick that goes through okay and then just do a little bit of a bend. So it's almost like a little bit of a shepherd hooks now you can do it more if you like, like that, okay and then just measure down four inches, I'm going to eyeball it, but again you measure it if you prefer cut it now, always remember to File these ends, because if you notice it's quite sharp okay, i texturized it and it's it's wire hardened, so that it will be nice and stiff, and so now this would be something that you would just put right through and then you could put it in your Hair, okay and again, you can make it smaller or larger according to your preferences. So what I want to do is just a very simple one: I'm just going to take the same wire again, I'm just going to start to roll it in, and I'm just going to do a little bit of a longer scroll on this and basically you're. Just doing a bit of a scroll and it's a very simple design, so just do a rough scroll and then keep pulling and just cut your wire because you want to sort of to be about the same again. You can measure this and know exactly how much you want to do on each side and now I'm just going to go on the other side and I'm just going to start rolling in and again. This is just rough in the beginning and then eventually you're going to you're going to hammer it out and you're going to decide exactly how everything looks okay. So this is what you would have so far, thank God, okay and then just hammer it out, but you have it hammered out. You can still go back in still sort of adjusted accordingly. The one thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you have enough space here to put your stick through and I'll show you how that works in a minute. So this is what you would have so now you would have the stick, but what I've noticed is that to wear it in your hair. The nice thing to do with this is to you. You could wear this, maybe in a sweater, if you want to have it for like a shawl pin or something like that again, the other one can be used as a shawl pin or like I said, if you want to use it for your hair, you would Just bend it a little bit like this, you want to make a little bit of a curve because you're going to want it to go around sort of your hair, like that, and I find that if you bend it and then put your stick through, it's going To really be much easier to use and it's going to just stay in place butter. The other option you can do is to just have a premade circle and then just make one of these kind of sticks, and then you could just do something very, very simple. Like that, I would get a bigger circle. This is just what I have on hand and I do have a video on how to solder circles and so forth. So if you I'll put a link to that, so if you want to check that out, you can go ahead. So this concludes the tutorial. Hope you liked it. If you did please like share, subscribe and comment, we'll see you next time, thanks for coming bye. For now,

Rita Muller: Simple and beautiful Denise, thank you! Getting ready to make some for the holidays.

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BoulderDam Cottage: Hi Denise I just subscribed to your channel, this looks so fun. But since I am SO WAY NEW to this could you start with your supplies like any special hammer and is that a stainless piece that you are hammering on? Where would I get these basics?? I know silly questions but I would like to start a new HOBBY! lol like I need a new one haha! anyway I think you covered the size gauge of wires? I need a shopping list and if you have a fave place to order from vs Hob Lobby or Michael's that would be lovely! I am retired and can go into Vegas to shop but if you get your stuff online that would be even better! Thank you in advance and this is exactly what I wanted to make as I am crocheting ( mine are boho and hippie as I cannot follow a pattern to save myself, BUT I love the free form and I wanted something nice to hold up one side) so this will work perfectly! (shawl pin!!!! ) I never knew they existed until now!!!!! :) Also I sell out of a vintage store, have a booth and have made two shawls already, they are large with wooden beads and I have just found my ceramic beads I made WAY back in the day ( lololol 1968!!!) Thank you again for your great video! You explain very well to someone that is just starting out! Love it! Kat

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