Heart Space Buns!! #Hairhack #Hairtutorial #Hairtips #Shorthairstyles #Hairtrends

I'M so obsessed with these heart space buns for Valentine's Day, so I'm going to show you guys how to do them. Just start by taking a section of hair going from your cheekbone up and tie it off into a ponytail with a clear elastic, then just create the same ponytail. On the other side, now you're going to take your ponytail and split it in half on the top half you're going to add another clear hair tie just a little bit above. The first hair tie now split the new ponytail you just created in half and then you're gon na wrap it around to meet the ends together in the middle and bobby, pin them in place to create this little heart. Just repeat on the other side, and now you are all ready for Valentine's Day:

Kami: Oooooo my mom to make me some for Valentines

Angel Hunt: Me Too I love it

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