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TorrinPaige's nautilus tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b86ZH0J...

JJJLongHair4u2c's nautilus bun: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZs5o6M...

How to do a nautilus bun, featuring my ebony hair - just a black abyss that shows NO details. This is why I normally don't do tutorials. Enjoy.

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My 0.64 seconds, so I've got a ton, a request that people wanted me to do a hair tutorial of the novelist bun for extremely long hair, and I keep directing them towards Torres page because I don't know how to make it tutorial much cleverer than hers, and Also, her hair is blonde, so you can see what she is doing a little bit better, but people still want me to make one. So I'm going to try and explain this differently um. So you guys get a little bit of variety and hopefully between Torrens video and mind. You can get the main idea. I think this phone is doable for armpit length to bra, strap, length, hair or longer, and the trickiest part of this entire hairstyle is just getting the loop started depending on how long or short your hair is or how thin or thick your hair is you're. Going to need a loop of a larger or smaller size, so if you have thin hair or short hair, you're, probably just going to need a finger and learn how to draw you in the air. If you have a longer hair than going to need more fingers or if you're like me, with probably classic length or longer you're, going to need to use your whole hand so to get the loop started, you're going to need to get this motion down. It'S kind of like talk to the hands so you're, starting with your palm facing back and your hand on the horizontal you're, just looping it down and back up again. So that your hand is now on the vertical and your palm is facing forward. So try that with me talk to the hand top do the end good. You got it good, so I've got a little bit of olive oil in my hair, just to make it a little bit more manageable and so grab your hair and bring it into a ponytail and if you're right-handed hold the ponytail. At your left hand, you want your dominant hand free now take the back of your dominant hand and put it right against your neck. So when you start this hairstyle, you don't actually want something like this. You want to switch that up, put your dominant hand closer to your neck and pull your long dominant hand down like that, and then you're going to do that. Talk to the hand motion see you talk to the hand, so I'm going to do that. One more time, your dominant hand is going right against that base of your skull. Maybe your neck and your palm is facing behind you and your fingers are basically on the horizontal. Then you loop your hand down and then back up, so that your hand is now facing your palm is facing in front of you and your fingers are now on the vertical. Now it's at this point that you need to experiment and figure out how big this loop needs to be. If you have very thin or short hair your loop, this probably going to be a little bit smaller, just a couple fingers if your hair is much longer or thicker than your loop is going to be bigger. So, basically, once you have the loop that you need then twist the length of your hair and wrap it up over and under over and under you just wrapping the length of your hair around the base of this loop. Then, once you get to the end here - and you know, I left hands-free take the loop, that's around your right hand open it up and wrap it around the base here and that's basically - and this is very secure on me - I have very grippy hair. So I don't need pens or anything I can have been with it, but if you need a little bit more security, you can always use a hair stick or some pans or screws or something. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I hope that kind of cleared up things for you actually, the longer your hair is then the more likely your hair is able to stay in this hairstyle without any clips or pins in it. So if you did enjoy them, click that like button, if you have any other requests or if you have questions about this hairstyle in the comments below I'll, be happy to answer you, and I will see you all in a couple days with the next video I

Brittany Behny: I was about to chop my thick, tailbone length hair because I couldn't find a way to keep it managed throughout the day. Then, on a girl's weekend with my sister, she found this video for me! I got it right on my first try and I hair stayed in place for a FULL day of shopping with 0 elastics, pins, or hairspray! Thank you for saving my hair!!

Bun Styles: this bun looks awesome and perfect that it needs no pins, elastics etc... LOVE IT

Éowyn: Girl you are a genius! Thank you so much for this <3 all the hair tutorials on the internet are always for short hair or long hair but meaning bra strap length and not below the waist length and this is honestly so helpful, it’s so hard to put very long thick hair in a bun that won’t fall apart and you just made my life a whole lot easier

TheMrLalalalala: Thank you so much for your tutorial ! You can't imagine how happy I am to finally find an easy way to make a proper bun. Classical tutorial aren't good for very long and thick hair, I'm glad your bun is so easy to do and fits so perfectly for that kind of hair. Thanks to you I now know what to do with my hair when I don't want to braid it haha ! Thank you very very much, good tutorial and you're really pretty <3

Taylor Catlin: thanks !! I never ever do my hair and it took me 15 minutes to do this! I have very long, thin, and silky smooth hair and this is easy!

Emmazing Grace: Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful for this tutorial- it has made my life so much easier as I have long thick hair that is extremely hard to wear in a bun

DeezyMonkey: Yay I'm excited that I finally got this down! Great for work! I have no fear of damaging my hair, since I always have to mess with it through out the day! This holds my hair great! Thank you. :)

Artsy Linna: Yasss! Thanks! My long hair has been a bother for me on hair styles because my hair is down to my thigh, it's often hard to find a hair tutorial on YouTube. Thank you for doing this!

Debbie McFadyen: This is so amazing! My hair is long and heavy so a bun usually falls out even with a lot of pins and bands... But it's holding without any pins or bands with this style even when I do the bun on top of my head!! Thanks for this great hair tip!!!

Ana Vasic: This is awesome! I hate hair ties, so this is perfect. Thank you so much Lucy <3

Brandi T: Finally, a simple bun that is strong enough to hold my hair up and a tutorial that is extremely simple to understand! My hair is down to my butt and I have been trying for a VERY long time to find a style of bun that actually works. This is so helpful!

Danielle Nikole: this was really helpful! my hair is down to my waist and I'm starting nursing school soon (our hair isn't allowed to touch our necks,) so I was searching for a quick and easy hairstyle and this is perfect. thanks so much!

Renee Hoff: Ohmygosh!!! THANK YOU for making this video!! It is the easiest hair tutorial I found for buns and it is so easy. It is very hard to keep my hair in a bun (my hair is about the same length as yours) and we are unable to use the same techniques as someone with shorter hair would. Thank you so much!!!

Roseleebud: I love how you are so proud of putting your hair up in seconds effortlessly without a hair tie, I had to rewatch a few times instead of watching the whole thing until now thanks!

Kimmy Lam: I tried this bun in a video, thanks so much for this video! I'm always looking for new ways to do my ankle length hair.

pjams: Thanks! Best bun I ever did on my daughter's hip-length hair!

Jessa Rittenhouse: This was awesome to watch! I've tried my whole life to grow out my hair, and it's only been in the past few years that I've managed to get it past my shoulders, but it doesn't seem like it will get much longer. It's also very fine, so it doesn't seem to want to hold - I'll probably have to use some pins. Still, it looks really awesome, and with a bit of practice, I think I'll be able to do this (albeit with a pin or two, or a hairstick). Thanks so much for this! Also, your hair is beautiful! I'm envious - wish I could grow mine that long!

R: Yess thank you this is awesome!! I have really long hair like yours and this is so quick and easy

Lacy J: This is awesome! Thank you for this tutorial!

thrls: Thank you! I have really thick, long, coarse hair and it's really difficult for me to get my hair up into a bun a lot of the time. This really helped! :)

My Little Domestic Church: Love this!! My hair is getting very long and I’m starting to look for new hairstyles!! Your hair is like #myhairgoals

thewalkingjodie: Literally the only bun that has ever worked for me lmao

aloysiuss: Thank you so much for this! I have very long hair and always wanted to find a way to put it up quickly without pins or clips.

CookieFavorites: I've watched a number of tutorials for the Nautilus bun, and yours is definitely the best: clear, succinct, and intelligent. For the first time, I'm actually able to make this bun! Thanks so much!

wrenchlix: I just discovered this bun for my waist length hair. it was the smaller loop I needed!! now it stays! thank you!!

Sabrina Piunti: You saved my life... I was so tired of using clips all the time so I started doing a bun at the top of my head to keep my long ass hair off my neck and face. Everyday my head would be so sore. I literally just did this and it's so comfy. Omg... I don't have an itchy scalp that's being tugged on by tight hair ties. I will sleep good tonight. Thx

Lisa Hart: Thank you so much!  I wear my long hair in braided pigtails, then buns like Princess Leia most of the time, and have some damage to my part, even being careful with elastics that have no metal pieces in them.  I was just able to successfully put my hair up in pigtail buns using just my hair after watching your video! 

Brenda Morales: By the way I LOVE this video because I've been trying to find out many techniques to put my hair up without any bands it clips and this is just PERFECT!Thanks SO MUCH!!!

JJJLongHair4u2c: Amazing! Mine holds for a while but falls out eventually since my hair is slippery. I made a tutorial of this in 2007.If I need it to hold longer I put a hair stick in.

Yuuri: I think you may have just changed my life! Buns usually refuse to stay with the sheer length and heft of my hair, and it's an absolute hassle to put all those pins in. This is so quick and simple! Thank you!

Xahvia Braun: Tried your style as I watched it. I've got really long fine straight hair and I put it up most of the time because it looks more business like. I'm impressed at how easy this was and it really holds with out any pins or even a stick. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm sure I'll be doing this often because it's actually comfortable.

Alan Sheridan: Thanks for making this video, I have waist-length hair and it's now in its first bun with your help. It started to slip out so I had to secure it, but for a first try that's fine with me!

AmbieWolfie: This was perfect thank you so much! I have long hair (a meter and 10 centimetres ahaha, down to the back of my calves) and this was so perfect!!!! Awesome video, perfect explanation! Thank you so much!!! :D :D :D 

Reagan Fleeher: This Is literally. The only bun that works on my hair! Thank you so much!

Dynamitella: You are an angel! I have been doing this for 6 months now, and everybody is always asking me how it's done. I've even taught my long-haired boyfriend how to tie it, so we both constantly have the same hairdo >.<

Cynthia Cabrol: Love it ! My hair is a bit too short though (waist length) so I have to grow it longer! For now, I can make the bun but it won't stay. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

Jazz Spiteri: Thank you so much!! I have really long hair, like yours actually!! And I've been wondering how to get my hair into a bun

Sierra Crisp: As a long hair gal I’m so glad you offered this. *forward I’m a blonde with fine very long hair*. Previously I just did a simple plait daily which continuously got in the way when I bent over for work. Most buns fell out with elastics and pins (I’m conservative with those as I don’t want them to eat up my hair). But Ive tried this several days and it set for hrs even with out pins or screws which is a godsend for me. It allows me to literally “throw my hair up” when I need it.

Angela McConnell: I watched this video years ago, and I still use this technique. It's made my life so much easier! I haven't bought a hair clip since, and the bun can hold through a 3-mile run. I had to go back and find this to thank you...so thank you! Hope all is well with you!

Shailaja Anand: Thank you Lucy. It is super easy because of your explanation and very nice , most other tutorials use Bobby pins , which makes my hair frizzy . So this one is really good for my hair❤

Eva A: Thank you so much I have hair almost as long as yours and I have been struggling to put it back for at least an hour now (as I never put it back) you just saved me!

Nicole M.: AAAHHH! I'm FINALLY able to do it!! I tried this so many times but your video along with Torrin's was the breakthrough for me xD Me and my hair are eternally grateful!

Elegance B: Awesome bun! I'll have to try this!

hecatesaga: I am so excited! My hair is finally long enough for this!!!

Annie Yu: oh my god this is so easy to do and so secure on my head... life-changing

Mrs. Hermit: Thank you for going over how to do the twist--that really helped me catch on!  Thanks!

lin: this is amazing! my hair is just as long as yours and none of the tutorials i have watched worked because my hair is too long and this is the only one that works !

Rituparna Poria: Hi, Thanks for this video, I have thin hair but I wont get the last bit every time...but you have showed it great!! I can now do it really well. it stays secure for a long time and perfect for summer or just anytime !!

LadySaphira: You have no idea how many hours of hair trouble you've saved me, thank you so much! (and no more blasted hair ties on slippery hair!)

CheshieD: Took me several tries but I finally kinda got it!!! And I thought my hair was long but yours is soooo long and beautiful

ToyaWartooth: An actual hair tutorial for LONG hair! It works! thank you! :)

vulpineempress: Oh my GOD - I owe you a huge debt of gratitude!! My daughter and I both have waist-length, straight, thin hair & we both recently decided we were tired of braids. I'm opposed to hair products of any kind (besides shampoo and conditioner, obviously) & aren't fans of overly complex, time-consuming styles. This video was so well explained that I did it right the first time & I literally squealed with joy at the sheer ease of it. My hair normally can't hold a knot, but this style WORKS. Thank you!

KK R: I know this is an old video but I just have to say thank you. I have knee length hair and need a break from clips to keep it up. This worked for me!

Shiny Penny : Thank you! its nothing special since my family has had this style down pat for... but it was helpful being able to replay this video and take it step by step

april taylor: I am amazed at this tutorial, I have knee length hair that hasnt been touched with scissors in 34 years. I also have degeneration in both shoulders, I was able to do this hairstyle quickly and didnt have to keep my arms up to where they hurt, you are a life saver, and I have a new hair style!!!!! thank you so much

Sara Wolfram: Thank you!! Got it on my first try! I have coarse red hair that’s fairly thin esp toward the bottom of it, it’s down to my knees (I’m 5’6”). I always do the same dang bun and secure it with a clip or I braid it, and I’m tired of the same bloody two things. I also have a medical condition that significantly limits how long my hands can be above my head (thoracic outlet syndrome- arms literally have no blood flow above a certain level) so whatever I do above my head has to be quick.... this bun wont work without something to secure it on me but one single little hair stick does the trick! I haven’t used my hair sticks in YEARS, soo very happy to have a use for them again! And some dang variety in my bun options. I esp like how it doesn’t make my hair super tight against my scalp, which my regular standard bun does as my hair as gotten longer and heavier, so much more comfortable.. now to figure out how to manage all these stupid sticking straight up half curly hairs (most of my hair is more straight or just slightly wavy), that have appeared on top after this surge of hair growth i had awhile back.. Thank you!!!

Pia Suzan: Omg thank you! imma try this out now I swear my hair is long & I can't do any buns that stay on my head longer than a minute but thanks thanks thanks

IzzyKawaiichi: Holy crap! My hair has never even held clips very well but I tried this and I'm amazed it didn't fall out right away! I even tried moving my head around and it stayed put! Thank you so much!

JoAnn: Thanks so much! My hair is about as long as yours, but its straight so kinda slippery. Gonna do that for my next dance! <3

ramya d: This fit so perfectly to my hair.... without d need of band It stood so stiff....thx a lot u made my work very easier!!

Brittany Thomas: How did I never google this before. This solves all my "cooking after showering but forgot my elastic upstairs" problems. LOVE IT

deim ante: THANKS YOU SO SO MUCH! ❤ My Indian friend once tried to show me how to do this but i always failed and now that I've seen this video i know how

nekodameow: I am pretty sure you just performed magic, and thus have shown me how to as well. You are amazing and the way you explained it was PERFECT and totally made sense!! You rock

Cerisefleurs: Omg yay. I have super long hair but never learned how to do a bun without a hair tie, until i saw this video!! Thank youu.

PositivelyVictorian: Thank you for this. I have been trying to cut back on the use of pins in my hair because I think they might be responsible for some damage. And I never wear my hair down. So I created another tool free hair bun. But I know it isn't good to wear your hair in the same style everyday so this hair do will create a nice variety.

Andrea Schwind: Holy crap! My hair is bra-strap length and this worked! This is amazing!

Marleen G.: Never seen the Nautilus explained so well! Thank you! :-)

Nicole X: I have really long hair down past my backside an i watched this video an tried it, got it the first time! now i have a whole new way to do my hair other then just a braid! lol. Thanks for posting because it was clear an to the point an oh so easy! :)

Petra Šľachtová: Omg! It actually works on me! I don´t have much hair to wrap around because I need big loop (my hair is quite thick) so it´s not super secure, but for those times when I need to get my hair out of my face (during a test or when it´s too hot) this will be PERFECT! Thanks a lot :)

Liza -: This changed my life, I have been using this trick everyday for more than a year already. Thanks a lot!

Rebecca Bryant: Worked great! You're a wonderful teacher.

Liza -: This is so useful! You're lovely :)

littleblondemop: My hair is classic length too and I have done something similar, but I'm going to play with how you did this. I like both of our hair - great video!

BassTx: I'm a guy with long and thick hair and this is awesome. Gonna wear this bun all day to see how it holds up.

Elizabeth Freville: New subbie here for you! My hair is just below my buttocks and I never knew how to do this Nautilus Bun! Thank you so much for sharing how to do this luv! You're a doll! Oh, btw, I'm a grandmother with really long hair, which was always my wish to have long grandma hair. LOL! ;) ♥

Susan bailey: A Vietnamese friend taught me how are do this fourty years ago and I still wear my hair like this in my sixties. I have fine hair and it works well for me. People think long hair is a lot of work but I can say it really isn't. Thanks for sharing things tip. It was a hair saver shipping me.

Muskaan Bhatia: thanx a lot for this video. its been months since i am trying to learn how to make a hair bun but this video really helped me to learn

Alli Huggins: You angel. This is great. This holds my hair more securely than like six hair ties and Bobby pins.

kome: My hair is about hip length, but on the thinner side. I used two fingers and that worked perfectly. Thank you for this tutorial. I'd completely forgotten about this bun! Got it down on the first try. I normally stick to a Cinnamon Bun and just put a hair tie around it, but this is even better! Thanks!

Lilly Germain: I had wondered for years how my mother did it. Her bun would last all day no matter what she did. I could never figure it out since she did it so fast and she didn't know how to explain it. Even with four feet of hair. This helped so much. Thank you! I can finally put my hair in a bun without hair sticks. I can tell I still need to practice to get it right for my thinner hair but first try and it's staying even if it feels a bit loose. Thank you again.

theswimmingfox: I have very fine, calf-length hair and this tutorial is absolutely fantastic!!!  It worked like a dream!!  Now, when I can't find my hairstick and I don't want to use a spoon or pen, I can just use this technique!! Thank you so much!!! 

Hannah: This is literally going to change my life?? My hair is thigh length, and I've never been able to do buns easily since my hair was never thick or short enough to not look like a weird muffin or a cylinder

Sea Biscuit: Oh my god! I already watched this channel a few times for corsets and stuff (I binge watch Karolina Zebrowska, Bernadette Banner and such, I'm sucker for vintage fashions) I've been trying – and failing – to put my hair up in a bun that either doesn't fall out or look too untidy. I clicked on this because it looked useful and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I'd wound up on this channel again! Thank you very much for the lovely bun tutorial, my dear. I'll be sure to try it as soon as possible :D Edit: my weak little shoulders hurt now hahaha

Neha Rika: this was exactly what I wanted to know.....u made it so easy for me....

Arawis Archenlandzka: My hair needs elastic and some bobby pins but in fact it doesn't matter at all! I would like to thank you for sharing with us the amazing "talk to the hand" method :D It is simple and easy to remember :D By using it I can create nice buns at the top of my head as well. It makes my life so beautiful! :D

Marie-Claire Lebel: I remember finding this video a few years ago and trying this bun with no success at all. But as I kept growing my hair (it just recently reached my fingertips), I decided to try it again this morning because I was too lazy to go find a stick or a clip to hold my bun. And this time it held perfectly, even when I ran to catch the bus!

♥forU: my hair is much shorter but it worked perfectly :) thank u !

JaviFairground: My hair is almost armpit length, so I was able to manage the loop and the rest of the technique, but I can imagine how much better it works with longer hair! Just anohter reason to keep saving it. :-)

Purgal: Holy Cow that was magical!! I always thought my hair was too short for this. I guess not!!

rd8able: This worked for me first time, thanks!

hollydolly3208: I finally got it!! Thank you!

mena955: very informative! Thank you :)

Nesja89: genius! I just did it in front of the computer!:) i have hair till the end of my back (I used to have loner than my butts, then i cut it totally short and they are long again, but not that long) and I used 3 fingers instead of the whole hand. It worked during the first trial:) thank you!

Sakuya: I am so glad to see your video of long hair tutorial, it helps me a lot as my hair is very long as well, it is a pity I didn't find your video earlier, because I have difficulty to deal with my daily hair style, thanks a lot. ฅ՞•ﻌ•՞ฅ

Priyanka Reddy: I love your hair. Its so perfect!

Desire Love: thank you so much. My hair is not long. Its just regular, but anyways it still works. Thank you for not making it so complicated! # like other women/girls

StarlingofAzerath: this just makes me look forward to having long hair again.

MsLoverPower: 5th time's a charm, LOL :D Finally made it. Thank you for the tutorial!

SL No: So hard to find hair tutorials with hair that actually looks like mine lol. Thank you so much for this tutorial.

uma maheswari: Very superb Mam its very useful for me.. I tried it.. Thank you

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