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Here are 7 hack for stage hair to make your life easier! Ballet performances require very secure hairstyles and headpieces, so here are my tips! We talk about bun secrets, how to securely pin in headpieces, secrets with fake hair, and more! I hope this makes any performances you are dancing in less stressful!

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I am a former soloist with the New York City Ballet. When I was a young student, I was always looking for insights into the ballet world and how to improve my dancing as well as beauty and lifestyle tips. Now that I am a professional, it is my turn to share.

On my channel I make ballet, beauty, and lifestyle videos for everyone of all ages. My goal is help dancers improve and achieve their dreams as well as open up the ballet world to non dancers. You will see many different kinds of how-to videos here including makeup, hair, ballet workouts and exercises, Q and A sessions, lifestyle advice, and DIY on this channel. I hope you find all of my videos helpful!



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Hi everybody today I am bringing you seven stage: hair hacks. I know a lot of you have Nutcracker coming up you've written to me about it. How do I pin my crowns on how do they stay? I have button problems, so I hope this video helps you so, let's get into it. So the first hack is something that you can do, so you don't have to use as much hair, gel or hairspray get eight water bottle, sprayer and fill it with water. And when you do your ponytail or whatever you need to slick your hair back with really wet your hair. So then you can get that slicked back look and without having to really get a lot of gel. Then you can put gel over it. Then you can hairspray it and it will stay yet. You'Ll actually help your hair and not damage it as much, and it's also much much easier to do. The second one is to get that perfect. High bun place make sure you flip your head over get the ponytail at the crown of your neck. It also helps you gather all that hair and then, when you flip up, you'll have a beautiful line as to where your bun is going to go, and you always want it to be on a diagonal from your chin to the crown of your head number. Three is 1/2. I mentioned in one of my ballet hack videos which I'll link here for you guys and that is to make sure you're using your bobby pins the correct way the rigid side goes down. So if you pin your bun, you pinhead pieces make sure you're pinning it in correctly. Otherwise, it's not going to stay. It'S just going to slide around so make sure. With your bobby pins, you use the rigid side down. Number four is a trick. I talked about a long time ago, and that is how to do a super easy French twist. Many people are doing it the wrong way. So what you want to do is create a ponytail at the base of your neck and instead of twisting the ends up, you want to twist the base of the ponytail up to the top of your head and then just fold the rest of the hair underneath It stays a lot better, it's much easier to pin and you still get that beautiful French twist look so one more time do a ponytail and then, instead of the ends going up, take the base of the ponytail lift and twist and tuck everything in as you Go - and you have a super easy French twist number 5 is don't be afraid to use fake hair. My hair is very, very thin when I do a bun, so I always use a fake hairpiece doesn't have to be expensive. You can get one at a beauty. Supply store and just stick it in as you do your bun, you can stick it at the ponytail and twist your real hair into it, or you can put it in as you do. Bun there's nothing wrong with it. I use it. Many many professionals use it. So you just just get a cheap piece of fake hair. Put in your bun and you'll have a much thicker and fuller bun number six is kind of going along the same theme. If you ever have to do, braids like Julia or whatever, don't be afraid to get some fake ones, this is what I use when I danced you late at the Kennedy Center. It is just a headband with some jewels that I stuck on it in a braid form and you can just shape it on your head. What I end up doing is putting these under my bun criss crossing them and then actually ended up. Looking like braids, which I will insert a photo here and nobody was the wiser and it was so much easier than trying to take the time to braid my hair so again, fake braids, everybody's. The last tip is how to easily pin in head pieces a lot of you ask me about this. If you have to pin a rose on or some sort of flower, have you know the costume people, or maybe your mom or even you can get some sort of netting and hot glue it or you know, stick it on the back of your flower. So you have something very easy to pin into your hair. You can also pin down the flower a little bit, but having this kind of netting on the backs of flowers or little head pieces is going to make your life so so much easier. So if I was to do a button, I would just stick this in and just pin the net and you can also pin down the flower again if you need to, but it makes it so much easier and it's much more secure with crowns. If you can have your mom or you or someone or the costume people put wiring on the top of your crown, this is how most crowns are for professionals and obviously you want to stick pins through the front, but this is how the crown sits on your Head, you pin this part of the crown and then it can stay on much much much easier. If you don't have that, you can still pin your crown and just put the pins through. Maybe this wiring part through the front as much as you can, but I highly recommend trying to get a crown with this kind of wiring. You can also put netting on your crown. I'Ve worn many crowns with netting, but this should really really help you and again it makes it super super secure. So that is it everybody, seven professional tricks that many people I know use I've used all of these. In my time. I really hope it makes it easier for you guys if you enjoyed this video, give it a thumbs up, and I will also do a stage makeup hacks video in the next couple weeks. You know I want to make Nutcracker a very stress, less and fun experience for you guys. So little tips can help you that's what I'm here for. If you miss my fall makeup, look is over there. You can click it to watch. I'M doing a Q & A soon you guys so make sure you leave me questions in the box below or on social media. I love you all so so much and I'll see you on Tuesday

jankoraven: Yes! Pre-Nutcracker hacks! This is my first year dancing with a pixie cut and I have two leads with tiara headpieces that I'm not sure how to get in my hair, but just adding the wiring myself sounds promising! Looking forward to the stage makeup hacks! :D

Clare Meteer: My Q&A question- 1) how are YOU doing? Is your thyroid completely better? Do you have any performances coming up? 2) do you still do savvy online private classes? 3) what are your performance rituals? 4) what are your favorite pre-performance meals??

Samantha Kaplan: Kathryn- Thank you so much! My first Nutcracker performance is in two weeks--on December 3rd, and my bun stays in SO much better now that I used these hacks for rehearsal today. So excited to keep developing my hair-doing skills. Ly

allisonharranmua *: quick tip, spray your Bobby pins with hairspray for extra grip. I swear by this.

Adancer: Love this! Thank you so much for your amazing videos!

Raquel Cano Cardona: Hi Katie! Loved this! You're such an inspiration for me and I was wondering if you could do a video on partering because I've been having problems while doing it. Sending you my love from Colombia xx

Amy: The first video of yours I ever saw was that French twist tutorial and I've been hooked ever sense. I don't even dance but I love ballet and your Beauty tutorials too. ❤️❤️

MrsZwei: Thank you very much for this hacks. I am a Irish Dancer and it's very difficult to secure the whig / Fake Hair. Last Time I had 50 bobypints on my head :D I would love to see a Stage Make up Hacks video :)) Greetings from Germany

Ballet Lover: Can you do a video about how to deal with periods when dancing?

Glitter and Sequins: Q&A How do you keep from cracking or braking toe nails while dancing, both on point and in foot thongs. I split the nail on my big toe in lyrical class a few week ago. It didn't hurt or bleed (I'm not even sure how I did it) and it's almost grown out. Is there anything I can do in the future to stop this from happening again? Also, how should you treat/dance with with a split or cracked nail, both on point and bare foot. Thank you so much for all of your videos and advice! It's been a big help! ;-)

nonexistent bean: My question: Do you have any advice on dealing with peers that brag about teachers liking them OR being "shady" aka rude to most people in class and don't even try in class? I'm wondering if it's an age thing or not since I'm two years older than the people I described... Thanks so much

gracy cronin: i love this it helped me so much thanks for all your videos!

Girl_with_the_red_lipstick: Thank you so much! I've learned so much with this...

Kimi Joy: These were sooo helpful. Thank you!!

Kaitlyn Igoe: Little tip for girls with long think hair for buns, If you use Big hair pins (the ones that are open ended) and it grabs so much more hair and stays so much better!

Mimi Gaudet: I'm loving these sit down videos!

Anna G.: Thanks very much! This will be really helpful as I prepare for the "Little Women" musical--we open in less than a week!

Bunhead Lady Melody: this was fun to watch and as well learning it too since I have really short thick Muppet fly away hair I find this very helpful. I love those crowns . I have a question about if professional ballerinas also have jobs in costume designing I was thinking of getting involved in that while still dancing in training?

MelanieLek: What the, you got your french twist done in literally seconds. OMG teach me senpai

hairstylesbygabby: Just a tip, you can actually use the bobby pins the other way to, when you do it that way it's easier to cross them because they lock together and stay in place and adding hairspray to the pins works very well to

Elise Isabella: hack number 5 had me SO shook. I have super thin hair and tiny buns so right after I watched this video I went and bought a fake hairpiece. thanks

Mackenzie: Please do a stage makeup hacks video and q and a video please! Both of those would be so helpful and I love watching your Q and As. Q and A question: How do you know if your pointe shoes are dead (for the first time )?

Bunhead Lady Melody: this was fun to watch and as well learning it too since I have really short thick Muppet fly away hair I find this very helpful. I love those crowns . I have a question about if professional ballerinas also have jobs in costume designing I was thinking of getting involved in that while still dancing in training?

Iris Koelewijn: Love your channel so much!!❤️

theatreandbeautylover24: Q and A question: How are you doing in terms of all your thyroid stuff? I hope you are doing well!!

Alex Allred: Q&A I've only been doing ballet sense I was twelve and am now fourteen, and I was wondering if there is any chance in being excepted into SAB summer course? I've been on pointe for about a year now. Thank you so much.

Sara Felker: I have very very thick hair and my buns always look too big, what should I do?

rosy air: Notification squad for life! Also, completely irrelevant but I JUST GOT MY FIRST PAIR OF POINTE SHOES I'M SO HAPPY OH MY GOOOOOD!!! My teacher even told us that we will have a small part in pointe shoes in our upcoming Christmas performance!

PinkStar Dust: Ever since I finished dance moms I wanted to know how exactly is it possible to sew a headpiece onto a person's head? Like I've always wondered how they did it, does anyone know?! If so can you please explain it to me

Marcia Rupp: this just saved my life !!!thank you

meowool: Oh my gosh the french twist thing makes so much sense now!

Naomi Frediani: Q & A How long did it take you to get to pointe? I'm 12 and I was wondering if it would be much longer before I am dancing on pointe

Johanna Kleine: i'm dancing the clara in the nutcracker today 0_o, the video was soooo helpful ; ***

Agnes Marie: Have you ever used a turn board? I just got one and I really like it.

Ivana Stogsdill: i tried the French twist and it looked awful

Edward Joel: Wow, I can't believe you have to do your own hair and makeup for performances. I always assumed there was a MUAH behind the scenes.

kipklop: that twist hack tho :DD thank you! watching this before my performance in 2 days. also maybe its just me but you talk kinda fast it sounded like you were on fast forward hahaha

Hannah s: Loved this video so helpful for it reading coming up yass

Ciara1211: Any tips for French twists with Long hair?

Nicolette Fernandes: The French twist trick doesn't work with really thick hair. Any other tips?

Morgan Spivey: love you and this video!!!

Hannah Caitens: Hi Kathryn ! What was your favourite role to dance and why ? X

Natasha Rambacchus: thank you for your hair hacks love you

Terpsi Vasilopoulou: Great tips!!! Loved the crowns in the background!! Q & A How did you learn so many things about makeup? Do you have any recommendations like books etc for people who want to learn more about makeup?

Ilse Smith: hi! I have really long Hair and i need to get a small short curl. this is because I have to wear a french twist but have to have a few curls for the first scene. do you know how to curl your hair really tight? like any curling tips?

theatreandbeautylover24: Q and A question: What is your favorite version of nutcracker and why?

Dancer21: Did you ever dance any of the leads in serenade? Thanks!!

darinacammay1: Hi! I have to wear hair falls as a party woman in the nutcracker… I have very short and thin hair of my own, so there is nothing to cinch the dang net around. Anything I tried, it just comes down with weight of the falls

letdreamscometrue: MAKEUP HACKS NEXT PLEASE!!!!

Chanell G: Any plans for a how-to video for wiring a crown?

Nicolette: Hi Kathryn would it be impossible to know where you tend to buy those beautiful Crystal earrings?

Miss M: For the Q&A: I'm writing a play that centers around an amateur production of Nutcracker and I don't know how "amateur" ballet auditions would work. Also, how would non-dancers get to go ballet auditions because I'm starting to think it's not like auditioning for musicals and plays (what I'm used to) where you just go and read the scripts and show your stuff. Do you have to be in a ballet school to do ballets? Sorry this is lengthy, but I want this play to be as accurate as possible.

Cristina C.M.: Can you give us a tour of your new home?

emily schwellenbach: Love your Juliette look

dylon rowe: what about fully circle crowns? i have to wear one for nutcracker and im freaking out because i have short hair and a heavy crown..

Angelica Diaz: would like a video update of your hair/Thyroid. am going thru the same issue with hypothyroid and my hair falling out and my hair thinning. your last video help me when I felt like I was loosing hope due to not knowing what else could be wrong and change of medication/doctors looking for info on someone going thru the same situation.

Twinkler: Cool video!

Dancing For My Savior: SO timely!

The Trio: My hair is the opposite very very thick and very long

Melanie Recker: Crown collection video? :D <3

Wallis Shepard: Do you have any tips for dancing with hair down?

firewordsparkler: That netting trick is a godsend.

Boo: my hair is so thick anyway XD

Shelley Roper: Thx my Nutcracker is tomorrow

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