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Hey dolls,

This tutorial is quick and affordable. The style lasted me two - three weeks with proper care. The items I used are listed below:

Clips ins

Bobby pins

Kera Care wax stick

Pump it up Spray

Argon oil


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I don't know, hey y'all, so let's get right into it. First, I started off by pressing out my hair and just getting it as slick as possible, and then you see here I had already had my bangs parted and what I'm gon na go through and do now is slick. The edges a little bit more and I didn't really focus on the middle. I really just try to get this size, and I also want to mention that in the back I had three clip-ins and then in the front I put one um clip in in each vein, just to give it a fuller look check up on it. Ladies, so here I'm going in with the character wax stick and I'm just applying it to my edges, foreign slick them down really good and then I'll also go in with the edge brush and slip them down some more. I try not to get wax on the hairs and the baby hairs that I'm gon na leave out. So that's the hair that you see. That'S left out bedroom, baby hair, looking good, thank you, and then I go in with like a wide tooth comb and brush through the hair just to make sure I don't have any lumps in it. It was a hard time getting this bang in the parts to stay, but honestly it's going to be covered up anyway, so I didn't focus on it too much so yeah. I was just checking to make sure that the ponytail was at the height that I wanted. It to be, and then I'm gon na go in with my flutter and curl my hair and then I'm gon na pin curl it and start pinning it. How I want to so. I will tell you know you just have to play with it and see how you want to pin it or see where you want to place the pin curls it for me. I normally start in the front and then go to the back on one side and then start in the front again and then go to the back again, and I also like made sure that I left out, like my little FlyAway hairs as well. Hey relax your mind so yeah. I just do this process all throughout my ponytail. I will tell y'all like if you got braces, don't be sticking them bobby pins in your teeth. I just knew one of my rubber bands was gon na pop, but yeah. So we curl with the flatter roll it up and then just start playing with it and place it and then for me I stick the bobby, pin kind of like where it's like the thickest or kind of like in the middle of the pink curl. I just pin the Bobby paint there. Maybe here yay set me honest foreign. Thank you, foreign curls aren't going to fall, uh right then, and there so yeah just keep placing until it's pinned to your liking. And what you see me doing here is going in with either character or Spritz and kind of just trying to spray it at the top. So it won't be so many like flower ways, but I try not to spray too much because again, I want mine to look soft, and this is the finishing touch. Sometimes, if I want my bun to be a little bit higher I'll, do more pins towards the middle at the top and then I'll go in and just frame my bangs to my face, get into it. Okay and I'm Gon na Keep playing with these flyaways. Until I get it right foreign, so if you're still here, thank you so much for watching, Remember to like comment and subscribe to my channel.

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