New Comp Hair Tutorial - Slick Back Low Bun

New competition hair tutorial


- Gel

- Comb

- Hair elastic

- Lots of bun pins

- Bun builder (only if your child's hair is too thin to make it on its own)

- Hairnet

Dance Sensation Inc

Starting off with a middle part straight from the nose all the way up back to the ears, then you add the gel lots and lots of gel a little bit more. Their hair should look waxed by the time you're done with all this job after this comb. All of the hair down towards their ears and then back do not just brush it straight back, because then they will look like eggs. Try and get rid of every single bump using a comb is going to get rid of the bumps more than a brush. If you need more gel while you're going, please apply what we do, we squeeze it my hand, please no my hand, I'm just getting it ready for you. Okay, oh okay, that's good! Every little flyaway needs to be gelled back, including underneath the ponytail as well. You apply hair elastic, alright, so there's the ponytail from there we're gon na start with the bun, depending on the thickness of the hair. Riley has enough hair that she does not need a bun builder, but if you are going to use the bun builder, this is the biggest bun builder you should use, do not use any bigger than this, and if your child's hair is even too thin for this, You can use the mini bun builder as well. There'S a smaller bun builder than this. You can use a smaller one, but do not use the bigger one. Okay, starting from here the hardest part of this hairstyle, the bun start twisting your child's head should be down a little bit start twisting as you twist the same way that you're twisting go in that same direction from when you start twisting around the ponytail. As you push it, as you go around push, the bun towards their head make sure they're pushing their head back button. Pins are not bobby pins, they're different things, no bobby pins should be used while making a bun. Depending on your child's hair. You should be using long ones or the thick, the long ones or the short ones, depending on how much hair they have as you go around you keep twisting and pinning at the same time, don't try and do it all at once, because it's not going to Be a nice shape if that's what you do, keep pushing towards their head and twisting bunning pinning all the rate around the bun. The best hair pins to use are the thick ones because they don't bend when you're trying to do the bun, there's thin ones and thick ones. Once you know you bun is a good shape. You can take your hairnet with no holes in it and go around the same way that you spun your bun and you just keep putting that hair net around as many times as you can and if you can't get it around a full time. Take the rest of it and just put it under the butt once the hair net is in, you take more pins. The pins only go around here. There should be no pins going in like this. Okay, only connecting to the bun and their hair, and you secure the bun in you - should be using at least 15 to 20 pins in a bun five to ten is not going to cut it. Just keep pinning all the way around until that bun is not going to go anywhere and there you have it right. Put your head up, get Frank's side in hey! Good luck!

Jessica Perez-DeLeon: Great Video ❤ Helps me out for my daughters competitions❤ Thank You❤

something ?: use hair ties on textured hair, use pins on non textured hair

elena Sal: OMG! I have to do a low bun. Im an expert on hair styles. But I have a child with extremely slow growing hair, its not all one length yet . Her hair in a bun is the size of a ping pong ball. We arent allowed to use a donut bun helper, which she doesn't have enough hair to cover anyways. But bobby pins stick out the other side when I have tried. Any ideas???

avery fleming: What about if you don't have a hair net for medium length hair??

JC Studios: Do you have any recommendations for hair gel?

Joelle Camacho: Wow very commanding

jonah hamilton: Chloe just casually posing in the background

Naveen Karthik: Awesome centre partition

Josef verunek: Could I ask if I could come and have this nice hairstyle done? I'm a boy and I have long hair

Lake Carpenter: Can you put a video on that’s clearer

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