5 Min How To Put You Hair In A Bun For Beginners

Have you got your first ballroom and latin competition coming up? Don't know how to do your hair?

This tutorial will show you how to put your hair into a neat and sturdy bun in 5 mins!

What you'll need:

hair brush

fine tooth brush/comb

strong hold hair gel

strong hold hair spray

bun pins

bobby pins

hair net

**tip** Greasy hair is easier to style! (and it's going to be covered in gel any way so no one will be the wiser!)


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Hi everyone welcome to amateur ballroom over the next year, we'll be doing a series of tutorials to help all you, beginner Boram and Latin dances, get ready for competition, we'll be looking at hair clothes and makeup, so stay tuned today, we'll be doing a hair tutorial for Girls, how to put your hair into an easy, simple bun that looks effective on the floor, and it only takes 5 minutes. Ok. First, ladies make sure you have greasy hair, it sounds gross, but it will be better in the long run. I already have a little bit of gel in my hair, so you can see it looks really greasy what you will need your new gel and you will need hairspray lots of gel and you want extra hold as well. You'Ll need your hair brush and also fine-tooth comb or a fine tooth brush. I prefer the fine tooth brush you'll also need hair net and hair pins bun pins. You might need some hair grips like this. If you've got lots of wispy bits, so first gel you want to slather your hair and gel before you start putting it into a bun. You do this because it will stop anyways with it see I put little bits here and most girls do those little bits. You don't want them on your face. This is also the ones underneath so make sure you put gel all around okay now use your comb. You want to brush it into a ponytail, use your hands to smooth it, and you want it in a low ponytail. Just above the nape of your neck, because this is where your bun is going to go right here. Okay now use your hairband to secure the ponytail in place. You want it nice and tight. Now use your fine-tooth comb or brush smooth it down. Don'T want any bumpy bits you they feel bad for it to come here and they'll be covered by the button. Now, especially if you've got short, hair backcomb it - you don't have to do it too much just to make your bun look really thick and full. Okay. Twist it slightly, and now we can wrap it around into a bun. Now these buns are different to ballet buns. We want quite a long one. Don'T worry whether your bun, that on to make it look neat now take a couple of your bun pins to secure it in place, want to put it in through a little bit of the ponytail, then we'll just scoop it to the hair. That'S flat to the side of your head: there, you go there's one number one. On the other side: okay, now get your bun net. Put it round the bum. You can find bun Nets, hair pins, all these hair accessories from those different shops, Tesco's body care. Primark does cheap hair pins as well. Okay, there's the bun net on now we get the rest of our pins I'll, make sure you tuck in any bits that are flying out, so you use a mirror now. Other farm pins take a little bit the bun up straight into the side of your head. You want to do this all around the top of the bun. You might want to use some hair pins to help secure it will tuck in any wispy bit. You want it nice and flat side of you to the back of your head check that your hair going flat. You can use your comb again, scrape it back. You can also get a friend to help you with these back fits or use two mirrors. Now I've got wispy bits at the bottom on my neck, so I'm going to get my hair spray spray. The back get some hairspray just to hold it in place. Okay, there you have it ready for decoration, crystals die Monte's pins, whichever you've got now they're. For you to decorate an all done in five minutes: okay, good luck; bye,

RK: Well presented! Thank you!

Kusum Lata: I am in ncc. There we have to make a bun like this. So this video was helpful for me. Thanks

Prita: Nice and neat bun. But what if I need to add volume, make a larger bun? Please advise.

glen alvin: Hey guys instead of greasy hair try not washing your hair the day before or just wash your hair and give it a go

humera Niaz: Good job girl Nice shared by everyone

Oliver B: I would like to request a French Twist hair tutorial please

Mohammad nayeem: It's very nice

Vaibhav Raut: It's very nice

Mahesh Jadhav: Hi can u make another similar video n send me the link?

Vaibhav Raut: Nice tight bun

Alisha khan: 01:54 Hey easy girl

Amol Samrit: Nice oil y hair brushing bun video

humera Niaz: By full confidence " a good nce job && helping girls/ ladies good job Be healthy , be beautiful as share again besVideos !, , ,

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