How To Secure A Tikka! #Tipsandtricks #Maangtikka #Neetujosh #Bridaltips #Hairtricks

Guys today I'll be showing you how to properly secure a dick, I take a long three inch u-pin and push it into the crown of the hair I'll. Take my finger, find the U pin and Cross, Pin it with two bobby pins once that is fully secure. I go to the front part of the Tikka and I tape it down with some double sided tape. You can also use eyelash glue for this part. It just depends on how secure you want it. I just didn't want glue on the sticker and then adjust it to your liking and we are all done.

Crystallion Syndrome : I seriously need to buy this It's the most beautiful hair accessory

Khushi Kothari: It's called MAANG TEEKA

Chetan chakravarthy: Thank you! This was really helpfull!

Desi Mom In Saudi Arabia: I'm watching the amazing makeup hat's off girl you rock

Kowsi: You can use glue drop to settle the tikka on forehead

Batool jan: How come you didn’t show us this make up look

C K: How are all your brides sooo pretty!!!

Capsi_Stories😉: Paneer tikka

Mannat kaur: Which kajal do you use ?

Nishtha Sagar: It's teeka why you're saying tikka ️️

k.hooda23: Are you in India or other nation?

Anushika Rathore: Where is your parlour

madhuri joshy: please change absolutely disgusting eye lashes!

Kuhu Zoey: U do same makeup in every video..

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