New Daily Hairstyles Inspired By Genshin Impact Characters Layla, Kaveh, Ayaka'S New Skin, & M

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hello my darlings!! happy valentine's day! today i finally have a new daily hairstyles tutorial compilation inspired by genshin impact characters! i created 6 looks inspired by layla, kaveh, jeht, candace, and ayaka and lisa's new skins. i'm so excited that genshin has been releasing more skins lately, which means new content for me to cover! which look in this video is your favorite? #genshinimpact #hair

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Hello, my darlings a long time, no see with another hairstyle tutorial today, I'm going to show you guys, six new, daily hairstyles, inspired by gentian impact characters before we get started. Thank you so much as always to our lovely sponsor Anna Luisa, which is my favorite jewelry brand right now, they're doing an amazing buy one get 150 off sale in celebration of Valentine's Day. These are my personal picks that I'm wearing in this video that are so romantic and perfect for Valentine's Day or perfect for everyday looks if you just like something that feels a little bit more romantic. I'Ve been loving. My tiny dainty butterfly themed jewelry from Anna Louisa, and I'm really obsessed with this new pendant necklace that I got from them. Lately it's a little white rose pendant and it just feels so delicate and definitely super romantic amazing for the season, especially because spring is coming up soon. I love Anna Louisa because they offer high quality yet accessible, jewelry Staples and their designs are affordable and they have so many designs to choose from and they only start at 30 39. They also offer international shipping and, if you're in the US they offer free shipping and free returns, so make sure to check out the link in my description box below to catch the Valentine's Day. Sale or if you see this video after the sale has ended. I still have a discount code available in the description box, so you guys can still save money on your next on a Visa order for our first hairstyle, we are going to be covering the new cryo Queen Layla. This is going to be a really really really easy, like two minute hairstyle, for you guys so. First I'm separating a one inch section of hair to frame my face. Then I'm going to tie two low pigtails. Then I'm going to create a slit in the center of each pigtail, then taking the pigtail I'm going to invert it through the slit, twice foreign. Then I'm going to take my fingers to lightly loosen at the top to give it more volume and that's a super, quick and easy hack to create very voluminous low pigtails. I'M going to repeat the step on the other side and you guys can see how even just doing this stuff really dresses up a regular, boring pigtail and it's an amazing, daily hairstyle. So Layla has these super adorable blue drill, pigtails, and I just wanted to recreate a little bit of that volume and bring in a bit of that color. So I'm using these blue chiffon bows and clipping them over the elastic, because she has these like little like Star Shadow details on her hair, I have been dying to use this. This is like the bling tool that I've been seeing everywhere on Tick Tock. It basically has like little rhinestones with adhesive and then you just sort of like stamp them onto your hair, and it just adds the cutest little touch. Oh my freaking God, it's just so magical like look at this and that's it for this hairstyle for Layla. I honestly am so excited about how this turned out, because this literally took me two minutes and it looks like it was a very complicated hairstyle. The next hairstyle is going to be my interpretation of Cave's hairstyle. I don't know, do I want him. Do I need him, I don't know, I think his character. Design is ugly, but his face is so cute and his hair. You guys look at how disgusting this is, but I think that I'm gon na try to make it look. Wearable I'm starting off with one section at the top of my head and starting to braid downwards, with a French braid. Once I reach halfway down the bottom, I'm tying it off with an elastic temporarily and then from the back. I'M gathering my hair into a half updo and I'm tying that off Loosely with an elastic, then with the same method as Layla's pigtails, I'm creating a slit down the center and then I'm inverting, the ponytail twice foreign, I'm taking my fingertips and I'm lightly loosening the Hair and then I'm pulling in the pigtail tight, then I'm going to bring in the braid that we created beforehand and then tie this together with our little inverted pigtail. So Cafe has these like messy like little pins in the back, which I honestly hate. This is my interpretation of it, so instead of using these like ugly, like orange bobby pins like what is that um because he's a denture character, I wanted to use this really pretty um floral hairpin with a dangling element to it, and so I'm just going to Sort of like Loop, this through my hair, to cover the elastic and then for the front because he has an asymmetrical feather in the front again. What the is that I'm going to replace it with a cute floral Barrette, instead again because he's a gender character and that's it for this hairstyle definitely took a lot of creative liberties from this one. But I did integrate the idea that he has um sort of this like overlapping design in the back with a one-sided braid, and I feel like this is a much more elegant version of what Kevin has going on it's time to talk about my princess, ayega's new Skin so originally I talked so much about this new skin. On my Twitter, I was like you know what this is giving colonialism and I don't know if I am enjoying that, but the more that I was looking at these pictures to you know study for this video. I actually ended up falling in love with it, just because her hair is so cute and she's, so cute, and just oh, my God, I'm weak, so I'm gon na buy the skin anyway, so she's adorable and of course I had to recreate this hairstyle. So, first off so more sort of to like the center of the side of my head, I'm picking up a one inch section of hair and then I'm going to start braiding downwards in a Dutch braid. A really nice way to make sure that the hair Loops properly and holds its shape is that as you're braiding downwards, once you reach the nape of your neck, you want to sort of pull outwards and guide the hair outwards as you're braiding. It gives it sort of like a um like outwards shape and it doesn't lay flat against the head, and this will help create the loop afterwards for the bottom of my hair, just to make it easier to tuck the ends in afterwards. I'M looping the hair and tying it off with an elastic. So I'm going to take my braid and I'm going to make sure that it's running flat so that it doesn't get all twisted up and then I'm holding it underneath itself and then I'm tying it off. With another elastic to hide it in place and that little Loop that we created at the end of the braid is going to help anchor this in place, then to decorate. She has these adorable little like white flowers clipped in her hair, and I just so happen to have the perfect accessory to replicate that. So I'm just going to clip them sort of in clusters, focusing on the top half of the hair and sort of like trailing down the braid itself. And, of course, you want to clip a couple extra around where the elastic is especially around the back, so that you can hide the elastic, then she has little blue butterflies around the side of her face, and I'm just you know creating that and clipping my little Butterflies in and I never thought about wearing butterflies like right at my eye level, and I think it's a really Charming look. I think I'm gon na wear this more often jet is one of my favorite character, designs, she's, so cute. I wish that a lot of the enemies um in sumado were playable because they look so cool. First, I'm going to be braiding my front pieces framing my face into a very tiny little braid and then I'm carrying it off with an elastic then from the back. I'M separating my hair straight down the middle with a rat tail comb. First, I'm going to sort of create a square of two inches of hair at the top of my head and I'm going to braid this into a three strand braid backwards. If you know the direction of which your hair is going to lay for the rest of your hairstyle, it really helps to start braiding in that direction, so I'm braiding backwards. With that in mind, knowing that I'm going to tie this up into a little ponytail, then I'm going to take another two inch section of hair right below that section and then I'm going to again braid backwards with a three stranded braid. Then I'm going to repeat this on the other side, I already think that this is such a cute hairstyle to wear. I especially like how it looks with my straight hair, but we're going to continue onwards. So first I'm moving my braids out of the way temporarily and then I'm tying my hair into two high pigtails. Then I'm incorporating the braids that we made and I'm tying that into my pigtails, I'm removing my little elastics and then I'm going to start doing bubble. Braids every two inches of hair you're going to take an elastic and cinch it right, underneath it and then you're going to pull the hair with your fingers and sort of create a little bubble. And then you're going to repeat this step as many times as you want to, but for jet she has three bubbles on each side. Lastly, I'm just going to brush out the hair at the end, because it got a little Tangled. I just use these blue little ribbons that matched the color of my dress and that's it for this hairstyle honestly such a creative look. I think that it looks really spunky and really cute, and I think that it would look really adorable on also curly hair. Alright. So speaking of new skins did we finish the event to get Lisa's new skin. I wish that I had my hair curled for this part, because it really helps to do these voluminous braided hairstyles with a bit of extra volume in your hair. But my hair was straight that day, so you know we are going to work with what we have so first, I'm taking about a three inch section of hair and I'm tying a low and loose tiny little pigtail. Then I'm going to split this in half and then I'm going to twist it a couple times like three to four times and then I'm going to leave a little loop at the center and then I'm going to bring the rest of my hair through this Loop And pull it tight, then, with my fingers, I'm going to lightly loosen up the Twisted hair at the top, and this is how you create a lot of volume, especially if you have like really like straight and long hair like me. That ends up looking really flat. A lot of the time um this is a really great way and a really great hack to quickly create volume for like just like a boring, regular braid and then with the rest of my hair. I'M just going to braid this into a regular three strand braid and then with my fingers, I'm lightly loosening the hair Lisa wears these adorable little purple roses in her hair, and I had these really cool like rosette shaped Golden Hair Claws, and so I'm just clipping These onto the bottom and she wears a little Beret, so that's optional! To complete this look and that's it for this hairstyle again, it's just a really easy hack to bring a lot more volume to like a daily hairstyle that can look kind of flat. For our last hairstyle, I was having a little bit of difficulty with this. I might want to come back to this one in the future, but for now I think I'm happy with what it turned out to be, because I think it's a very cute, like lazy hairstyle, and this one is inspired by Candace. I'M leaving out about two inches of hair right behind my ear and then I'm gathering the rest of my hair in the back and I'm twisting it into One Direction until it collapses in on itself onto a bun. And then I have this super cool hair piece that I got just for this hairstyle. It'S a moon, you guys, and I'm just going to slide this into the bun - to keep it in place then because she has a lot of accessories in the front. I'M just adding this little circle piece and that's it for this hairstyle. I think that I did the best that I could because Candace's hairstyle was kind of hard for me to replicate, because a lot of it has to do with her haircut um so yeah. I don't know if I have a better idea, maybe one day I would like come back to it and that's it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed this video as always. Thank you guys so much for watching. I love when genjin comes out with like new skins and new characters, so that I can make new hairstyles for them. Please let me know which one was your favorite one once again. Thank you. So much to Anna Louisa make sure to check out the link. In my description box below to catch their Valentine's Day, sale or use the discount code to save on your next order, thank you guys so much for watching, and I will see you guys again. Next week, foreign

colorlessguard: omgg i absolutely love Jeht’s hairstyle on you!! and the tip for adding more volume with Lisa’s hairstyle is such a game changer! i can’t wait to try some of these out myself

natalie hutmacher: you are literally a god you even turned kaveh’s hair into a elegant hairstyle!

sorom: the MOMENT i saw the new ayaka skin with her different hairstyle i immediately thought of mei doing a recreation! it’s so cute!!

helena stark: I am literally growing out my hair just so I can do your hairstyles. When I found your channel I had literally shaved my head a day before

Samantha Keo: It's always hard for me to cut my hair short whenever these videos pop up

nothingtoseehere: love all of these!! so gorgeous <3 if you do more in future, can you do a style inspired by baizhou?

WackyChu: amazing hairstyles mei! they’re really great.

ZielonookaOptymistka: Omg, literally bought the moon hair pin and been trying to figure out how to keep it in place. Unfortunatelly it keeps falling out and I am trying to find a way to make it work!

wolfii: these keep getting better <33

nothingtoseehere: "kaveh's hair—look at how disgusting it is" lmao dead

ada: Oh my gosh they all look so pretty Unfortunately I am blessed with thick hair and this will probably not work TvT

Miyu: I’m early can’t wait to watch the vid and recreate themは❤ happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Official_Ganyu: I love laylas

Vanesa Rochelly Gutierrez Castillo: Buen trabajo

Herbal Empress: so cute!

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