Can'T Stitch? And Feed-In Braids?? Trying Crochet Feed-In Method

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Burgundy Braid Extension;


Cantu Natural Hair Edge Stay Gel Hold;

Dark And Lovely Moisture Conditioner =

Disposable Drinking Straws=

Black Bobby Pins;

Hair Clips;

Hair band;

Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray;

Hair Clips;

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GingerTea: Well done your hairstyle 's are bomb let's agree on that

Domin Beauty: Als het begint ben je bang voor het resultaat, maar daarna ben jij blij omdat een icoon met zijn magische vingers gepasseerd. Ik hou van je Ivonne❤❤❤

Agoi Obunso: Great job so pretty

Kendra B Vlogs: It's the skills for me ❤❤

Ven-Ven Vybz: Sis I love you Give us more⚘️

Lorna parchment: Girl, you are bless have a blessed day

Fredrica Murray-Johnson: Creative indeed

life with shanae: Wow:0

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