How To Pick A Lock With A Bobby Pin

Locked out? Or maybe you've always wondered how they do it in the movies? This quick video will give you some tips on how to pick a lock with just two bobby pins and a little patience.

0:00 Prepping the bobby pin

0:36 How the lock works

0:56 Finding the seized pin

1:38 Repeating the process and unlocking the lock

Video Transcript::

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To pick a lock with a bobby pin, first bend open a bobby pin until it makes a 90-degree angle and remove the rubber piece on the straight end. Make a slight bend at the tip of the straight end.. Now take a second bobby pin and bend the closed end to one side, so it forms a 90-degree angle. You’ll use this bobby pin as a lever. Insert the bent end of the lever into the lock and turn the lever to one side to apply tension. Next Insert the bent end of the pick into the lock above the lever., There are 5 pins inside of a standard lock, and each pin needs to be pressed up to the same point for the lock to open.. You can use the end of the pick to press the pins up, but you’ll need to start with the pin that’s seized. A seized, pin is a pin that’s harder to press up than the rest. To find the seized, pin start near the outside of the lock And press up on each pin one at a time inserting the pick further and further into the lock as you go., When you feel resistance, you’ve found a seized. Pin. Now move the pick up and down to force. The seized, pin up., Keep doing this until you hear an audible, click., Make sure you’re still applying pressure with the lever.. This pressure will cause the lock to turn slightly when the seized pin is pushed up. Next find another seized, pin the same way. You did before and repeat the process.. Every time a seized pin is freed, another pin will become seized, so there will always be a seized. Pin to press up. Continue pressing the seized pins up with the pick until you’ve lifted up every pin and the lock unlocks

nitko: Movies made us think you can just wiggle the bobby pin inside and voila "Open sesame"

Dayne: Dang, never knew my neighbors Sofa feels that comfortable!

Harry Gribble: loving the new bike

CZane: “A standard lock has five pins” *Camera pans to show the seven pins in this lock*

ℜ𝔬𝔪𝔞𝔫'𝔰 13: Thank you. Got locked out by my dog tried the rake and tension wrench. Wanted to understand individual picking this was a great explanation.

sans: This video is really useful I couldn't find the key to my diary so I managed to pick the lock using this tutorial

Julia Böhmer: Ok but this only works on a lock of a very very specific size. Most locks are too big or too small for a bobby pin

Gregor Heidemann: When the "rubber piece" is made out of metal.

cheese gaming: Short & easily comprehensible, great job!

Eleanor Grey: Promise I’m not a thief just a writer

Rumer :/: Bruh nobody’s gonna talk about how hard it is to get the round part off the Bobby pin ✋

el_Snakeo: Me searching this sounds sus but I just want something to show off to my friends

Yahya: I have been using this on my high school locker for like 2 months now. I cba buying a new key. Its really easy once you get the hang of it only takes me about 30 secs to a min to open my locker.

Jake Daccord: Cool next can you make a video on how to defend yourself in a court case for breaking and entering?

Magnum BadGuy: When the landlord doesn’t give you a letter box key

Nina Stroud: I have this child's diary I never used, and when the instructions said to put the lever in the lock and apply tension, I did it and the lock opened without using the non lever bobby pin.

THEATOMBOMB035: This is how one maxes out lockpicking in fallout...before fallout

Itz Summer_Chan: when the bobby pin for the lever bit is too big to fit in the lock. true sadness

Fanaticalplel: Having trouble removing rubber piece on straight end

Toren14: my parents started locking my electronics in a safe. jokes on them.

Iblastyou: Me: tries this in real life Everyone at the bank:

Viupcake: Thanks! Helped me get my bathroom open again.

B P: I like this It makes it easier to know how to

Christian Hall: I'm just trying to get my car keys I accidentally locked in my bathroom.

G3t racced: Thanks my hostage i mean guest was worried when I told him I lost the keys to the padlock but we got it sorted now

Srishti UwU: Lol I wish I saw this 1 year ago because at that time me and my family were returning to our home from my grandma's house and the house lock key just disappeared and we needed to cut the lock and guess what ✨ after entering the house I found the key in my mom's purse ✨ ( ps : I was wearing Bobby pins at that time and my big sister was also trying to unlock the lock from my pins )

Yuki: I never knew there were this many snacks inside our locked cupboard

Liliana Kelekolio: This a good thing to learn someone could break-in to ur house doing this

Noelle Bowen: i’ve been watching too much criminal minds i’m really over here learning how to do this incase i ever get kidnapped and i’m locked in a cage or sum

Richard Tresco: As soon as I got my lockbox open I 2as freaking out because I didn't think it would work! Ya learn something new everyday!

Colby: Where can I get a clear lock like this one.

TikTok life channel get on it: Thank you so much for teaching me

Bliqzyy: Man I didn’t know an 82 inch TV was so nice. I’ll tell my neighbors Hi for you guys.

Chr. B: what if the lock is too small for the Bobby pin

Min Suga Infires Man: It worked I got the safe open!!!!!

VegeoreTint: Wow! I didnt know my neighbor had a flat screen TV. (So jealous)

Tony Stark: heard my neighbor has the newest flat screen tv. its time for me to check it out and im sure its gonna look good in my house.

Nina Stroud: Am having trouble bending the second bobby pin. Could someone help?

Pimpin Isaiah: imagine wikiHow making a relevant video i thought it was gonna be some brute force video on smashing in a door

yahirae: Haha thanks my neighbor got a shipment of louis vuitton clothes. High fashion yessir

Julia Böhmer: Idk what i exspected but betty cooper made this seem too easy

Rawr Editz official: jeez just searched this with my new phone and i wanna say totally worked

Shadow Muffin09: I’m just here because I want my dad to be proud of me for learning..

Sekou Dawkins: I did this and now I can get into the snack cabinet whenever I want

Miss peachy!: It’s 12:00 am and I wanna try this because like if I’m locked in a room I will know how to unlock a door

Playbxy: I was playing Minecraft and made some good redstone stuff where you use a lever to open a secret door but there’s a bunch of levers and then I kinda just ended up here

smasher: thanks i have some new things thanks for the help <3

Snipes Vr: I need this in case my bike lock key gets lost

Kayla McCoy: My mom locked the guest room so I'm trying to open

Branson Sharp: None of my bobby pins are small enough to fit inside a lock ☹️

lucecita19: I was watching Riverdale, then I came here..

GetummrecordsTGE: The previous home owners installed locks on the bedroom doors I’m just noticing as I’m am currently locked out

marineee: I just bent a bobby pin and stuck the bent part into the lock and unlocked it perfectly well um

Jarrod Pony: Thanks, now I can make my review on this Lamborghini.

OutOf Manners: I lock my keys in my bedroom atleast 3 times a year.

Background_Ad: I just wanna unlock the damn gate so I can do my chores before a ass whoopin

Abeeha Bariş!: I gotta try it ....and NOT fail again. * grumbles*

Lorenzo Chavarria: I’m having trouble bending the Bobby pin‍♂️.....

Lukas Malek: I cant remove the rubber piece, any help?

venus: i’m literally trying to unlock my mothers door so i can shower. she locks it so i can’t get to the sharp objects and pills

Alex: I'm just trying to unlock my old diary to see what younger me had to write

Kakyoin's Simp: great video guys

Kitsume’s doodles: I didn’t want to get locked out of my house again

Andrea M: I locked all my keys inside my bedroom hope this works

Ace Playezz It: Oh boy. Now its time to be rich

K1nok0Eryn 👑🎗: I was using this to try to get into a book with a lock on it, and l got into it but now the lock is broken ;^;

fwoop: I’m watching this because I lost the key to one of the cupboards in my house ‍♀️

Lorelai GMurp: Not robbing a bank just want back into my room my mother locked me out of.

Dan Condon: Reminds me of Fallout.

Sephielle Gaming: Congrats you teach robbers how to sneak into other houses

𝓚𝓪𝓽𝔂 🌸: Now I can finally get my snacks that my parents have hidden away.

basiicaxsh: The title of the video should be ‘How to break into someone’s house’ Or ‘How to go to jail’

Asdfghjkl: Bruh it actually worked wtf

Raethel Ela: I feel like a robber after I open my room

Noah Macleod: Easy when using a drilled out lock lol

Allison S: I legit chipped my tooth doing this

JoKeR SeC: it's so simple

Sb: im just tryna break into my middle school for the 8th grade prank before we get shipped off to high school

Paris: I was playing Skyrim, now I’m here

Candy Chocolate chip cookies: I am trying to save my puppy but it’s not working cause we only have 1 bobby-pin

Grace tabuso: When you play alot of lockpicking games

Kenneld BoFungus: I lost my key so guess ima break into my own room

Nootmare: I can’t get the rubber end off my bobbypin _^_.

JustQais: Damn never thought It would be this easy to get rich.

Admins Camp: Hey... I am locked... In a public bathroom... I hope this helps me...

Rachel Wu: dang, this is super hard

米ghost米: the end of my bobby pin wont even fit in the whole so i could bend it :/

The Big: i hope this unlocks my bedroom door ☝️

Caterpillar_1967: Day 12 of trying to become a thief: how to pick a lock!

All seasons sports: You are amazing

David Muren: Thanks for the PC wikihow

SuperSky: I would probably just push randomly on the pins until it opened because I’m pretty lazy

Qaasim Middleton: Locked myself out my damn room ...

Norma Gutierrez: I got locked out of my house room so here I am……

baro entertainment: ok now Let me grab my mask this can be a sign

makeupbyella: Thanks now I know how to break Into my flatmates flat yay

Maddy Mrtz: Anyone else locked inside their house cuz they left there keys in the car? Just me huh.

Ahmad Faiq: Look easy but very hard to do

Lenny Joe: I need a hangout spot, this is my solution!

Among Us Sus: Thx. Now I can sneak into the adoption center. *Snack time.*

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